A Snowstorm in the Middle of Summer - arcadecoma's new "...In The Snow EP"

White Hot Summer

How could this album come out now!? I'm not sure, but I'm glad it did. The ice packed sentiments of every tune offer some auricular respite from the endless desert heat. (Did I mention I live in the desert? Sure they dress it up like the suburbs but don't let that fool you.)

I heard of arcadecoma just around the time I was discovering chiptunes in general, so him and a few other PteSquad faithful will always hold a special, glitchy place in my heart. Game Boy Tree adventures is a standard of chiptunes in my book, and was one of the first albums I ever blogged about (and amazingly that .gif image is still working after about 4-5 site redesigns). arcadecoma's now classic track Mega Man Is My Hero still gets plenty of rotation in my playlists.

Enough about the past though, because arcadecoma has finally risen from his ahem, arcade coma, and dropped a brand new, winter themed EP. Though billed as a horror concept album, this has got to be the most upbeat dance party of a horror story I have ever heard.  Even ominously titled tracks such as "Don't Go (Out The Window)" are majestically upbeat. 

Like other arcadecoma albums, it is all too short. Feeling more like a passing moment rather than a full album. And like other arcadecoma albums, that means I will be giving this one many repeat listenings.

arcadecoma. return at long last with a winter-themed horror concept EP. When extreme weather hits Scotland, Will Furphy is delighted to be forced indoors - he now has all the time he needs to play the coolest games of his youth and escape the world. But when vicious white creatures emerge from the snow, Will finds he isn’t having quite as much fun as he expected. This is the story of the snow day that snowballed into the snow year from hell...
— Pterodactyl Squad