TURNTNES chiptune compilation via HEXAWE

10 little piggies. 

HEXAWE pays tribute to ten years of littlegptracker with a compilation/competition of composers.

For TEN (10, 0x0A, niner plus one, etc) years, our beloved pig has provided its users and their audiences with wave twisting ear bombs that blow out shoulders and butts. Pulled pork.

To celebrate, we had one of our world famous competitions (comps, compos, fistfights). Once again, we used the sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, tape eater, blow inducer) like we did so many years ago (See drunk NES funkk).

We used a sample pack recorded by Doomcloud straight out his NES stuffed with a MIDINES. Contestants also were able to use up to 500k of their “own” vocal samples.