Materia Collective presents the SPIRA collection, two albums of 100 tracks dedicated to Final Fantasy x

Materia Collective presents the SPIRA collection, two albums of 100 tracks dedicated to Final Fantasy x

Sorry it took me so long to review this album, but I had to listen to it first! I grew a beard in that time. Okay, sorry. This is a legitimately grandiose album that is well worth sitting down and listening through 100 incredible and loving tributes to the PS2 classic Final Fantasy X.

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The Dank EP, a Donkey Kong based EDM compilation from Tiny Waves

The Dank EP, a Donkey Kong based EDM compilation from Tiny Waves

This awesome little album took me by surprise. I call it little, even though it's 14 tracks filled with Donkey Kong Country inspired EDM. Then again, they called it an EP, and called it the Dank EP. The music is great though. Many familiar names on this compilation, including RoBKTA, Glenntai, RoboRob, and more. That RoBKTA track bumps so hard I even had to play it on an episode of the SUBCON podcast. Can't go wrong with Donkey Kong. The fact that it rhymes, proves it's true.

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Pterodactyl Squad chiptune compilation 'Weezer - The Second 8-bit Album'

There isn't a lot to explain here. Weezer is one of the finest pop rock bands of the 90s, and chiptunes are wonderful. Listen to over a dozen different chiptune composers rearrange more classic Weezer tracks. These tracks are the perfect way to wind into the Autumn months.

It's been seven years since the original so we thought it was time for an update - here's our second tribute to those nerds in Weezer! Featuring all sorts of songs, from the band's biggest hits to obscure rarities, recreated using sound chips from old school video game consoles.

Thanks to Rivers Cuomo/Weezer (and The Rentals and Scott Murphy).


The AUDMONSTERS present eclectic chiptune compilation Nega Zone

Check out the eclectic chiptune sounds of Nega Zone from the many shapes, sizes, and sounds of AUDMONSTERS. From intense orchestral escapes to lo-fi glitchery, this album features a huge variety of intriguing sounds. twelve songs by twelve artists!

AUDMONSTERS artists band together for this, their third compilation album! Inspired by video game music, these tracks will take you on a pixellated journey through the world of the CRT...

Check out the outer space themed chiptune compilation 'Retrograde: New Adventures in Chiptune' from I Thought You Were A Marxist Records

There are some intense outer space jams on this album! Just the way I like my chiptunes, not from this planet. If humans finally make it to mars, they got to take this eclectic collection chiptune tracks with them.

18 months ago we commenced Operation Fuck the Moon. After impregnating Luna with our 8-bit chunks, we left for a pack of heart containers and never came back. Now we have settled on Mercury and are enjoying the metaphysical inconsistencies that are a result of our new planet’s state of retrograde, and impart it in our art. Here is a collection of musical amalgams; our new adventures in chiptune.
released May 29, 2016

Compiled, partially mastered, and art made by Andrew Robbins

Conquer Monster:
Neon Death Cat:
Doctor Robotic:
Seppuku Theatre:
Unexpected Bowtie:
Ozark Soundscape:
— I Thought You Were A Marxist Records

Nophi Recordings - 99 Problems (But a Chip Ain't One) chiptune compilation

An epic collection of chiptunery across the board. This time, Nophi gather chiptuners to bust out some original tunes in their 2012 compilation 99 Problems (But a Chip Ain't One). Gritty to pop, straight chip to chip infused, this compilation covers a swath of styles for those 2A03 loving, Game Boy rocking, FM soundchip banging chiptune fans out there.

We’ve always had a dangerous love affair with video games. Nophi’s first logo was actually a riff on the Atari logo, and we’ve been borrowing from video game culture ever sinse. It’s safe to say that Nophi would not exist — at least not in the same capacity — without influence from the gaming world.

Last year, we entered our name into the chiptune/vg music hat with a compilation of classic chiptune covers known as Eightest Bits. The project was so much fun, that we just had to have another go at it in 2012. This time, however, the compositions would need to be originals!

We certainly wanted to pay respect to the “hardcore” chiptuners, but also highlight composers who employ elements of chipmusic alongside broader instrumentation. Therefore, we opted not to limit the tracks on this compilation by the equipment used to create it. What we ended up with was an excellent cross-section of compositions ranging from Gameboy bangers, to slickly-produced “crossover” tunes.

We seriously can’t thank the artists who participated in this project enough, and we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do, because we feel it’s right up there with the most awesome things we’ve ever done!
— Nophi Music Collective

TURNTNES chiptune compilation via HEXAWE

10 little piggies. 

HEXAWE pays tribute to ten years of littlegptracker with a compilation/competition of composers.

For TEN (10, 0x0A, niner plus one, etc) years, our beloved pig has provided its users and their audiences with wave twisting ear bombs that blow out shoulders and butts. Pulled pork.

To celebrate, we had one of our world famous competitions (comps, compos, fistfights). Once again, we used the sounds of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, tape eater, blow inducer) like we did so many years ago (See drunk NES funkk).

We used a sample pack recorded by Doomcloud straight out his NES stuffed with a MIDINES. Contestants also were able to use up to 500k of their “own” vocal samples.

Intense IDM remixes of classic boss themes in Beat The Boss: Remixes, available free from Atavistic Spasm Records

Chiptune techno electronic IDM boss battle

12 artists remix, reinterpret and cover their favourite video game Boss Battle themes! We hope you’ll enjoy!
Thanks to all the artists for volunteering these wonderful tracks, and thanks to all the original composers of these pieces for sharing your talents with the world and ultimately inspiring us all!
This is meant to be a free album so please enter ‘$0’ after clicking ‘Buy Now’.
— Atavistic Spasm Records