Video game inspired heavy metal album 'Sleeping With Wolves' from guitarist Husky by the Geek


Debut original album by Youtube one-man VG cover band

This album is a surprise hit for me. I'm digging around for hip hop as I tend to do lately, when I stumble upon one mighty stallion of a metal album from incredible guitarist and musician Husky by the Geek. Eleven video game covers drenched in sweet sweaty guitar riffs and double pedal drums.

Or so I thought.

When I first came across this album, I noticed that this album is tagged as 'covers' and 'video game music' yet I don't recognize any songs on the album. Am I losing my touch?

Nope! Turns out this is an album of completely original tunes, and they are amazing. Husky by the Geek tears it up over eleven tracks of amazing video game inspired metal instrumentals. I would definitely play any game that had this music in it. I want to hear some chiptune covers of this album and that'll create some kind of time distortion I'm sure of it.

If you are in need of your VGM fix, check out all of HG's videogame cover music videos on his youtube page. The album is available now via Loudr and Bandcamp for $9. Stream the full album below.