Debut of PEACHMIX 001: GRIMECRAFT video game and anime inspired beats and remixes


Check out the first of at least two Peachmix albums, and perhaps hundreds judging by the file name of PEACHMIX001: GRIMECRAFT. This one comes our way via one member of Peachboiz, Grimecraft. It's tough for me to explain this album, as I haven't written about something much like this before. One part chiptunes, another part anime, with an injection of pop and hip hop and we end up with a stellar tour of one man's love of art, media, and music.

It's clear Grimecraft should star in his very own harem anime. Although, this is merely the first of the series, and if the Peachboiz soundcloud is anything to go by, there will be quite a few challengers for the mighty Grimecraft to contend with.