Pterodactyl Squad chiptune compilation 'Weezer - The Second 8-bit Album'

There isn't a lot to explain here. Weezer is one of the finest pop rock bands of the 90s, and chiptunes are wonderful. Listen to over a dozen different chiptune composers rearrange more classic Weezer tracks. These tracks are the perfect way to wind into the Autumn months.

It's been seven years since the original so we thought it was time for an update - here's our second tribute to those nerds in Weezer! Featuring all sorts of songs, from the band's biggest hits to obscure rarities, recreated using sound chips from old school video game consoles.

Thanks to Rivers Cuomo/Weezer (and The Rentals and Scott Murphy).


Listen to SUBCON 33: Pokemon Sun/Moon starters

The only podcast dedicated to video games & hip hop. 

Talking Pokemon Sun/Moon starters. Tons of new names and new music from Broken Pixels, 2D6, Marquice Turner, (T-T)b, Mega Ran, Tribe One, and 2 Mello!

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Good Talk, new chiptune rock album by (T-T)b

The latest from amazing and unpronouncable chiptune rockers (T-T)b. Download 11 tracks of soaring bitpop anthems. If you want to go full retro by purchasing it in cassette/T-shirt form, that is also an option. 

Sometimes I forget how influential chiptunes have been for myself and this blog. I would start a chiptune podcast, but I think that market is taken. Expect me to sneak a few of these tracks into SUBCON though.

(T-T)b is:
Joey - guitar, programming, vocals
Jake - bass
Nick - drums

Recorded by Carson Lewis in Boston, MA
Mixed & Mastered by Rob Duffy (
Art by FEEBLEE (
Produced by Jason Rosa
Released by Play it Loud!
— (T-T)b

Chump, the latest chiptune rock single from (T-T)b

I'm playing catch up with music from last year thanks to my RPG based hiatus over the winter. Some 'New' music I'm glad to share is the latest from, say it with me, (T-T)b. Just rolls off the tongue. The latest is the free to download single 'Chump' and look at that lovable artwork for the single!

(T-T)b release chiptune punk rock single 'Cruise'

First track from upcoming Pizza Planet EP, out January 6th on Pterodactyl Squad.

Listen to the stellar new track from Boston based chiptune punk rockers (T-T)b, and please don't ask me how to pronounce that. I am now sincerely looking forward to this release, as I have had quite the craving for some upbeat yet spacey chip rock compositions to get down to. of course, the chiptune solo breakdown that closes out the track solidifies this track in my mind. I want to equate this tune with some classic space beats from Comptroller,  due to the catchy yet complex arrangements. The interplay between the NES and other instruments is also so seamless I forget I'm hearing a mix of live and synth instruments. 

This track, along with (T_T)b's Pizza Planet EP come out January 6th for free download via Pteradactyl Squad.