Adventures of Lolo series turns 26 years old

HAL's classic trilogy celebrates over a quarter century of brain-twisting puzzles.

It's been a long time since Lolo and his girlfriend Lala found themselves as the stars of a video game, but old school NES fans could never forget room after room of challenging puzzles while those upbeat 2A03 chip sounds cheered us onward.

A few facts about the Adventures of Lolo series

  • The original Adventures of Lolo is actually a compilation of puzzles from HAL's puzzle series Eggerland
  • Due to the reused puzzles, Adventures of Lolo was never released in Japan, so when AoL2 and 3 were released in Japan, they were known as AoL and AoL2 respectively
  • The Japanese releases in the Adventures of Lolo series featured more difficult puzzles than the US versions.
  • According to Adventures of Lolo for Game Boy, series protagonists Lolo and Lala have had a child, Lulu.
  • The final game in the series was released in 1990, although the last time Lolo and Lala appeared in a game was HAL's 1996 SNES game Kirby Superstar. 

Take a moment and pay tribute to one of the classics that made the NES era so special by listening to former HAL composer Hideki Kanazashi's full Adventures of Lolo 3 soundtrack, in stereo.

Did you ever play the Adventures of Lolo series? Do you think Nintendo should dig this series out of the closet?