Adventures of Lolo series turns 26 years old

HAL's classic trilogy celebrates over a quarter century of brain-twisting puzzles.

It's been a long time since Lolo and his girlfriend Lala found themselves as the stars of a video game, but old school NES fans could never forget room after room of challenging puzzles while those upbeat 2A03 chip sounds cheered us onward.

A few facts about the Adventures of Lolo series

  • The original Adventures of Lolo is actually a compilation of puzzles from HAL's puzzle series Eggerland
  • Due to the reused puzzles, Adventures of Lolo was never released in Japan, so when AoL2 and 3 were released in Japan, they were known as AoL and AoL2 respectively
  • The Japanese releases in the Adventures of Lolo series featured more difficult puzzles than the US versions.
  • According to Adventures of Lolo for Game Boy, series protagonists Lolo and Lala have had a child, Lulu.
  • The final game in the series was released in 1990, although the last time Lolo and Lala appeared in a game was HAL's 1996 SNES game Kirby Superstar. 

Take a moment and pay tribute to one of the classics that made the NES era so special by listening to former HAL composer Hideki Kanazashi's full Adventures of Lolo 3 soundtrack, in stereo.

Did you ever play the Adventures of Lolo series? Do you think Nintendo should dig this series out of the closet?

MC Larny - Project Nightmare: Pink Monday album release

MC Larny with a Monday you can look forward to. Electorized, glitched, and dubbed  is how Kirby gets on Pink Monday. MC Larny brings crashing drums and heavy mixes to the table in his most recent Project Nightmare release.

Expect me to talk quite a bit about MC Larny, since he has an unbelievable wealth of albums. I have begun to check them out, and all great so far. All great.