Thoughts about the end of the 3DS, and the Nintendo DS line of handhelds

Thoughts about the end of the 3DS, and the Nintendo DS line of handhelds

It's finally the end of the DS/3DS era. Somehow it was fantastic but people still talk about the Game Boy. Remember the three pillars of Nintendo, Home Console, GBA, AND DS? There is an alternate reality where the DS bombed, Nintendo frantically shifts back to a new GBA, and all the while PSP sales just launch into space. No, the PSP could never do that. What a piece of junk.

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Theophany returns to Termina in 'Time's End II: Majora's Mask Remixed'

Theophany returns with a sequel to one of his most popular albums. Time's End II rearranges ten more memorable themes from the Nintendo 64 classic Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask. It's been nearly four years since the original Time's End was released, and folks like I are still more than excited for more remixes from perhaps the most misunderstood game in the Zelda franchise.

Time’s End II is the follow up to Theophany’s original remix album of Majora’s Mask, released in 2012. Building on the apocalyptic themes of Majora’s Mask, the new album explores Link’s journey through Woodfall and the southern swamps of Termina. The first album focused on Link’s struggle during the 3-day cycle while Disc 2 builds toward the first major turning of the game. It harkens back to the players’ feelings of hope as Link discovers a way to stop the moon from falling. This free album is a tribute to Majora’s Mask and a thank you to fans who have patiently supported Theophany since the release of Disc 1.
— Materia Collective

Debut album by ACMenes, 'Meet The Light' a Jazz rock tribute to Kid Icarus

It's been five years since the phenomenal and one of a kind game Kid Icarus Uprising came out on the Nintendo 3DS. That means in only fifteen years, another veteran developer will dust this IP off the shelf and give it another grandiose reboot.

That is a long way off, but fan and fighter of Pit, ACMenes keeps light alive in this hard rocking four track EP dedicated to the Kid Icarus games. Through four tracks, we hear a variety of styles from key themes in the series, starting off hard with a rearrangement of Dark Pit. This is one of my personal favorite themes from Kid Icarus Uprising since it was featured in the stage I played most repeatedly. A heavy attack of guitar, drums, and horns create the perfect background music for an intense battle with your greatest rival. Though Dark Pit is my favorite track in the game, I think my favorite track on this album has to go to Hades. This laid back jazz rendition of another favorite theme from KI:U has a smooth tone perfect for the king of the underworld to snap his fingers to. 

The intensity picks up again in the slow but aggressive Destroyed Skyworld, but descends into some somber tones before driving the song home. Like the best rock albums, the final track is a wistful ballad titled 'Home.' The album closes on a soft note, and left me with a lot of nostalgia for my favorite 3DS game, Kid Icarus Uprising. Maybe I'll even pick up my dusty old GCN controller and put in a few rounds of Smash as my personal main, Palutena.

“Meet The Light” is a 4-track EP of music from the Kid Icarus series, remixed in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the series.

For more information on the album and the guest artists, please download the album (it’s free!) and see the liner notes.
— ACMenes

genoboost talks about the Nintendo Switch

Talking about the Nintendo Switch after the console's announcement trailer from October 20th. Predictions, and trailer analysis. Figured it would be a good time to repost this before even more Switch news comes to us via Nintendo.

Fight On! a heavy metal tribute to Killer Instinct from ThePlasmas


This game came with an arranged soundtrack album when it was released in the US. of course kids in the US had no idea what an 'arranged VGM album" was at the time. It was the games soundtrack, but not what you heard on the SNES, but highly produced and polished remakes.

ThePlasmas takes this well known soundtrack, and adds that signature layer of piledriving metal. The result is an intense battery of sounds that makes you want to punch, kick, laser eye, and turn into cheetah at anyone near you. I rocked out to most of the album before I even knew it. ThePlasmas has a great knack for keeping things moving, which is the perfect vibe for a night of epic fights to the death.


Recorded at Plasma’s Home (Mauricio Plasma)
Killer Instinct & Killer Instinct Gold Tribute Album (SNES / Arcade - KI2)
Music Originally by: Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate.
— ThePlasmas

Experimentation, the latest collection of beats, flips, and remixes by BeatmakerKelz

Another wonderful album of BeatmakerKelz beats and flips. BmK always takes things in a weird direction, in the best possible way. I'm lucky so many great gaming themes enter his remixing crosshairs or else I would have never heard any of these dope beats. Besides tackling games like Banjo Kazooie and a strange but wonderful fusion of hip hop and Yoshi, we also get remixes of assorted movies and pop music hits. It's well worth a listen to hear the clever flips and experimental remixes.

Listen to a chiptune remix of battle music from Mother 3

Keep the beat 

I said more MRsonic699 was coming, and here it is. A remix of the wonderful Mother 3 soundtrack originally composed by Shogo Sakai. So how about that Mother 3 release? I need the full set on my Wii U, Nintendo!

Quickie cover of the Back Beat Battle song from the fantastic game Mother 3. It’s not legitimate, goes over technical limitations, more of an experiment. :v

Quickie cover of the Back Beat Battle song from the fantastic game Mother 3. It’s not legitimate, goes over technical limitations, more of an experiment. :v
— MRsonic699

Galactodactyl - Cracked Bats and Mr. Baseball Caps EP

A dreamy tribute to the musical stylings that flow from the SPC-700 soundchip of the Super NES. Galactodactyl (a name I love saying buy hate spelling) pays honor to games like Earthbound and Super Metroid in the 2012 Cracked Bats and Mr. Baseball Caps EP. Rich sounds inspired by classic games.

Asis Galvin - Super Smash Bros Remixed OST

Asis Galvin lights it up again. This time, the very familiar music from Smash Bros Brawl gets the treatment in Galvin's 2012 Super Smash Bros Remixed OST. Fighting anthems are morphed into hot hip hop beats (which you can still definitely fight to). I know I'm hitting mute and tossing this album on next time the GCN controllers come out for some Brawl.