George & Jonathan - The Best Music album release

I wish I would have found the time to mention this track earlier, as it seems that everyone knows about the amazingness of it now. Of course, I am talking about the debut album from the duo George & Jonathan. The two have combined and collaborated to create the funkiest album so far this year with The Best Music.

The album kicks off with the space swirling Intro (Party Every Night). Things only get crazier from there, with the blaring pomp and stuttering steps of Toy Factory, or the wonky dance club vibe in Sludge Mansion. The stand out track of this collection for me though would have to be the amazing Business Trip. Kicking off with a ridiculously funky bass line, and building into a dirty jazz funk piece that boasts a great range, and some heavy bass that you don't often hear on chiptune albums.

The Best Music, to put it simply, is 13 tracks of incredibly danceable, head bobbing chiptune funk. Like I said, this album is the talk of the chip town, but if you have not given this amazing album a listen yet, hurry over to the groups website and download it now!