Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special (Anamanaguchi, Nordloef)

So the Gamewave Podcast are keeping to their schedule of one show every two weeks and have just released a corker of a show! It features interviews with Anamanaguchi, Nordloef, Comptroller and Ultrasyd, as well as some choice chiptune cuts. There's also lots of recap from the huge SuperByte Festival 2013, which took place in Manchester last weekend. SuperByte Festival 2013 poster

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Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special by Joe E. Allen on Mixcloud

(And this is the old video Pete from Anamanaguchi mentions in the interview)

George & Jonathan - The Best Music album release

I wish I would have found the time to mention this track earlier, as it seems that everyone knows about the amazingness of it now. Of course, I am talking about the debut album from the duo George & Jonathan. The two have combined and collaborated to create the funkiest album so far this year with The Best Music.

The album kicks off with the space swirling Intro (Party Every Night). Things only get crazier from there, with the blaring pomp and stuttering steps of Toy Factory, or the wonky dance club vibe in Sludge Mansion. The stand out track of this collection for me though would have to be the amazing Business Trip. Kicking off with a ridiculously funky bass line, and building into a dirty jazz funk piece that boasts a great range, and some heavy bass that you don't often hear on chiptune albums.

The Best Music, to put it simply, is 13 tracks of incredibly danceable, head bobbing chiptune funk. Like I said, this album is the talk of the chip town, but if you have not given this amazing album a listen yet, hurry over to the groups website and download it now!

Anamanaguchi release new singles + live in Los Angeles - August 25-26, 2010

It's summer, and you know what that means. Tours, and plenty of them! I am glad to say that the first group crashing through the west coast is New York chip rockers Anamanaguchi, with two stops in Los Angeles.

The first one kicks off at The Bandshell in Los Angeles (details through here on facebook) on August 25th. They'll be performing with Speculator and Cloud City Sound Symphony from 6-8. Oh yeah, and this is an absolutely free outdoor show as well. So no excuses!

If you sadly do have the misfortune of not catching them at The Bandshell. All is not lost, you can head down to Meltdown Comics and catch Anamanaguchi doing a set the night of August 26th at 8PM. This show is Ten bucks at the door, but still worth it for fans of the band who missed them the night before, or just demand to see them twice.

Finally, for those who do not reside in the Los Angeles region, you are not left out either, as Anamanaguchi have been hard at work this summer releasing a single every two weeks along with a B-Side track for free download on their website. As of this post they are up to six songs in total, along with three separate animated album covers by various artists as well (the latest of which is at the top of this post). There are likely more tracks and amazing artwork to come soon as well, so be sure to keep checking out their single release page for more.

PAX 2009 DVD with Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi and more, available now

For those who, like me, have not had the chance to attend PAX in person, or those who are attending the brand new East coast iteration (like me also) and want to do the proper research before diving in. Good news. Penny Arcade brings us an insanely sized six disc behemoth of PAX 2009. The package is available for $39.99 over at the proper PA merch page, and recorded fully and lovingly by the folks behind REFORMAT THE PLANET and other VG inspired music endeavors, 2 Player Productions.

The album not only covers the several days and tons of events at PAX, but also includes plenty of behind the scenes footage. Not to mention more 2 Player Productions produced material like the pilot episodes of Penny Arcade: The Series, and two fully made documentaries Omegathon 2009 and The PAX Experience. Most importantly to folks who read this site I imagine though, is the amazing recordings of the nightly concerts by incredible performers such as Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi, and more!

Check out a preview of the footage from the DVD below.

Penny Arcade:The Series launches

As some of you may know, 2 Player Productions was on board at the recently passed Penny Arcade Expo doing plenty of filming, and just this past Monday we are beginning to see the fruits of their labor with Penny Arcade:The Series.

Not only this, but 2 Player Productions, in line with their other amazing videos, have seen fit to include plenty of chiptune and vg inspired artists into the documentary. You can watch the two part pilot over at to learn more about what goes into creating Penny Arcade and the annual PAX convention. Also be on the look out for musical spots from PAX mainstays like Anamanaguchi and MC Frontalot, not to mention chiptune greats like Alex Mauer, Random, Cheap Dinosaurs, and Neil Voss. If you are a Penny Arcade fan like me it is well worth watching, and afterwards check out some great music from these artists!

Also for more info, check out the interview with 2PP at GameSetWatch or simply refer to this comic.

8 Bit Operators - Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, Vol. 1 Beatles tribute release

As I wrote about last month, 8 Bit Operators have announced their years in the making tribute to the one and only The Beatles. Well at last the album is finally out and available to download! If you head over to right now you will be taken to the Band Camp page where you can download the full album for $10. The album includes a cavalcade of phenomenal artists bringing their own chipped out interpretations of both famous and more obscure Beatles tunes.

Well worth a download and most definitely worth a listen, this album follows in the steps of other great recent releases like Kind of Bloop and Weezer - The 8-Bit Album. Check out the full collection of tracks and artists below!

01. 8-Bit Operators "Tomorrow Never Knows Megamix" 04:50
02. 8 Bit Weapon with ComputeHer "Eleanor Rigby" 02:13
03. glomag "h3lt3r_sk3lt3r" 03:16
04. Bacalao "Blackbird" 02:39
05. Burnkit2600 "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" 02:56
06. Saskrotch "Paperback Writer" 02:09
07. Psilodump "All You Need Is Love" 02:44
08. minusbaby "Flying [El Barrio Mix]" 07:02
09. Anamanaguchi "I Will" 01:00
10. The Depreciation Guild "Because" 03:43
11. Aonami "Back in the U.S.S.R." 02:16
12. Bubblyfish "Piggies" 02:01
13. poke-1,170 "When I'm 64" 01:54
14. GOTO80 "Come Together" 04:00
15. Sloopygoop "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 01:54
16. Herbert Weixelbaum "Sie liebt dich" 02:18

8-Bit Operators announce all star chiptune Beatles tribute: Wanna Hld Yr Handheld

We just heard the efforts of the incredible roster of musicians who recreated the world changing sounds of Miles Davis with Kind of Bloop. We heard a huge roster of chiptuners pay tribute to the mainstream nerdiness of Weezer on Weezer: The 8 Bit Album, and here we are again. This time we return with folks that are no strangers to the land of rearranging and covering classic tunes.

The 8 Bit Operators, who are comprised of a stable of impressive musicians including Bud Melvin, 8 Bit Weapon, and Anamanaguchi to name just a few. Well these folks who have once brought us the chipped out sounds of Kraftwerk are now hard at work once again for another grand undertaking. This time we are talking about another globe changing band, of course, I speak of paying tribute to The Beatles in 8 bit form with the upcoming Wanna Hld Yr Handheld chiptune compilation.

A tough endeavor to say the least, but these folks have been working on this project for well around two years according to their website, and it definitely shows. As of 09/09/09 Astralworks and the 8-bit Operators have decided to grace us with nine preview tracks of the upcoming project via the Wanna Hld Yr Handheld myspace page. Also be sure to keep an eye on the Official website because, on 10/09/09, in celebration of John Lennon's birthday we will be treated to the announcement of the albums full list of tracks and artists!

Press release and preview track listing below.

Almost 2 full years in the making, the 8-Bit Operators "WANNA HLD YR HANDHELD" Beatles Tribute focuses on the glorious avante-garde/ electronic side of the fab 4, with over 20 of the biggest international names in 8-bit chiptune music, all utilizing re-tooled classic GameBoys, Ataris, Apple II, Commodore 64 and Nintendo Entertainment Systems! The upcoming release will include tracks from 8-Bit Weapon w ComputeHer, Bacalao, Anamanaguchi, Bud Melvin, Burnkit 2600, Depreciation Guild, Glomag, Herbert Weixelbaum, Neotericz w Naku, Bubblyfish, Poke-1,170, Shrimps w Robert J Smith, gwEm & Counter Reset, goto80, Receptors, Psilodump, Cheap Dinosaurs, Saskrotch, Minusbaby, Rabato and Aonami!

Here's the 1st batch of 9 tracks:
1.8-Bit Operators - Tommorrow Never Knows(Bacalao Megamix w Burnkit 2600,Glomag,Herbert Weixelbaum,Neotericz w Naku,Psilodump,Receptors and Shrimps w Robert J Smith)
2.Anamanaguchi - I Will
3.Glomag - h3lt3r_sk3lt3r
4.8-Bit Weapon w ComputeHer - Eleanor Rigby
5. Bacalao - Blackbird
6. Burnkit 2600 - Being For The Benefit of Mr Kite
7. The Depreciation Guild - Because
8. Bubblyfish - Piggies
9. Poke-1,170 - When I'm 64

8bitpeoples 100th album - Blip Festival 2008 compilation release

It seems like just recently superstar netlabel 8bitpeoples was celebrating their momentous 50th album release, but lo and behold here we are at release 100! To celebrate this huge event, 8bitpeoples, with production from 2 Player Productions of REFORMAT THE PLANET fame have worked together to bring us the live double disc set Blip Festival 2008 compilation. 32 live tracks from artists all in attendance last year at the seminal Blip Festival which takes place in New York every year. The album is available for the price f $15 for the amazingly well done physical copy. You can also purchase it as well as hear it in it's entirety over at

This is another huge milestone not just for 8bitpeoples, but for the fans and chiptune community at large as well. These days it is just amazing step after step with chiptunes and I couldn't be more excited! Here is the official word from the 8bitpeoples site concerning the album, including full tracklisting and artists!

Official Blip Festival 2008 live performance double-CD compilation. Produced by 2 Player Productions, and featuring one track from each of the festival's 32 musical performers. Professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered; the phenomenon of live chipmusic has never before been so pristinely captured.

From the liner notes:
"For a scene and a subculture not known to put a great emphasis on the physicality of an album or an EP, a scene which thrives and prides itself on the free exchange of digital music, this is the right record to make tangible. Milestones should be marked by monuments, and this is the second time 8bitpeoples have done so: with the 2xCD 8BP50 CD after the first Blip Festival, and now with this; 8BP100 — so you can see just how far it's all come. Now take this artifact in your hands, press play on your system, inspect the pretty parcel it came in until you've unlocked its every secret, then turn up the volume, close your eyes, and picture yourself there."
- Nathaniel Adams

Disc 01:
1. noteNdo: Spelling Numbers (Live)
2. Graffiti Monsters: Letter B (Live)
3. IAYD: Acute Monocular Beam (Live)
4. zabutom: Endroll (Live)
5. Tonylight: Happy End (Live)
6. M-.-n: Mangash (Live)
7. Sidabitball: Kids On Acid (Live)
8. Unicorn Dream Attack: 4l0n3 (Live)
9. Animal Style: 2 of 9 (Live)
10. Low-Gain: Summer Fun (Live)
11. Cheap Dinosaurs: Hot Plate (Live)
12. Role Model: Pop5 (Live)
13. glomag: 4shame (Live)
14. Bit Shifter: Easy Prey (Live)
15. minusbaby: Minha Caipirinha É Ótima (Very, Very) (Live)
16. Meneo: Fica La Figa (Live)

Disc 02:
1. Jellica: Man Two (Waves Of Fear) (Live)
2. Mr. Spastic: FXLP (Live)
3. Bubblyfish: Metaphysical Dreams (Live)
4. Sulumi: Sweetly (Live)
5. Cow'p: Stush Boy (Live)
6. Nullsleep: Limit Break (Live)
7. STu: Singing Robot / mYMelody (Live)
8. Dubmood: Saturé Nights Part.1 (Live)
9. Starscream: Andrew Jackson (Live)
10. Lissajou: Blibdoolpoolp (Excerpt) (Live)
11. Syphus: Pennies / Fuelship (Live)
12. nordloef: The Ugliest Boy In The Class (Timebomb) (Live)
13. Ikuma: Jealous (Live)
14. Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis (Live)
15. USK: Boot Up (Live)
16. Trash80: Missing You (Live)

Weezer - The 8 bit Album compilation release

For most folks growing up with the NES, SNES, gameboy, and other classic consoles of the current chiptune era, another staple in our lives was good old 90's rock. One such band was the ever amazing and often nerdy Weezer. In this vein, Pterodactyl Squad has organized, and finally released Weezer - The 8 bit Album compilation which as the title states, is an album "created using original videogame hardware running home-brew software, and vary radically in style, from minimal 'one man and his Game Boy' compositions to 8-bit inspired full band performances.". The album is 14 covers by no less than the finest in chiptune music today. I along with many others have been really looking forward to this tribute album, and very excited to have it released. The album is great even if you aren't familiar with every Weezer song on the album, or if you don't recognize the chippy artists paying tribute to them! As with all Pterodactyl Squad releases the album is free to download, so head to right now and check it out!

Check out the full tracklist below!

1. Island In The Sun (Belmont's Revisal) - videogame orchestra
2. Holiday - Anamanaguchi
3. El Scorcho - Tugboat
4. The World Has Turned And Left Me Here - Bit Shifter
5. You Won't Get With Me Tonight - PDF Format
6. Hash Pipe - seal of quality
7. In The Garage - OxygenStar
8. You Gave Your Love To Me Softly - :(
9. We Are All On Drugs - Rabato
10. Jamie - Unicorn Dream Attack
11. Come To My Pod - Mahamajama
12. Why Bother? - I Fight Dragons
13. Buddy Holly - nordloef
14. I Do - arcadecoma.

Weezer - The 8-bit Album announced

For fans of the band, or 8-bit music, or both, a tribute album to Weezer has just been announced, featuring many of the leading musicians of the 8-bit scene.

The compilation is set to be released on Pterodactyl Squad, and will feature contributions from 14 different artists, including Bit Shifter, Anamanaguchi, arcadecoma., I Fight Dragons, PDF Format, seal of quality and Videogame Orchestra.

Head on over to the official blog to view the artwork for the compilation, drawn by David Mauro and modelled on Weezer's iconic 'Blue Album' cover. You can also preview PDF Format's cover of You Won't Get With Me Tonight, which will be featured on the compilation.

Stayed tuned to the official blog for more updates, and look out for the compilation to be released on Pterodactyl Squad during the coming weeks.

Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis guest review by Zen Albatross

It has been some time since we have had a guest article and I am glad to be breaking that long cold silence with a great guest review by the ever talented Zen Albatross. He graces us with his review of Anamanaguchi's brand new album Dawn Metropolis. Enough from me though, read the review below!

Anyone that has even a passing familiarity with Chip Music probably knows Anamanaguchi. Ever since the NES-infused foursome busted their way into the spotlight of New York City’s chip music scene several years back, Anamanaguchi has quickly become one of the unofficial ambassadors of chiptune music around the world. The young ensemble of NYU’ers have continuously proven themselves to be one of the most effective fusions of Pop Rock and 8-bit electronic music to date. Their new album, Dawn Metropolis doesn’t stray very far from the original formula that launched the band’s popularity, but anyone who has heard Anamanaguchi knows that this is (for the most part) a good thing.

When you listen to Anamanaguchi, it goes without saying that your primary objective should be “rocking the fuck out.” With this attitude in mind, it’s difficult to not have a good time with Dawn Metropolis. Power pop melodies & harmonies played by guitars and Nintendos effortlessly rocket through outer space, engaging in a frantic and unrelenting high-speed pursuit. The album starts out with ‘Blackout City’ which immediately kicks things into gear with driving 8-bit pop melodies and upbeat power chords – Familiar territory for those fond of the group’s pop stylings, and undoubtedly a strong first impression for new listeners. ‘Jetpack Blues’ and the album’s title track, ‘Dawn Metropolis’ truly showcase the band’s songwriting ability as NES and guitar melodically orbit around each other, occasionally joining together to sing in unison. It’s truly a sonic spectacle, and a fun one at that, but listeners who strive for something more might find their interests waning after this point.

It’s interesting to note that ‘Guchi’s greatest strengths are perhaps at the same time their greatest weaknesses. Like the pop rock influences from which they draw their unique sound, the song structures eventually become somewhat predictable, and the similar upbeat key signatures in ‘Danger Mountain’ and ‘Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph’ can be trying on the patience of those that are expecting more in terms of variety. These tracks can still be merited for their catchy melodies and hooks, but are nevertheless tiresome after the first half of the album. However, those seeking more diversity will be pleased with the confronting and dramatic sound of ‘Overarrow’ which contains some gorgeously-written minor sections that sound as if they are engaged in battle with the other elements of the tune. Eventually, it satisfyingly gives way to a triumphant melodic counter-attack that sets things right once more. Perhaps the most markedly different tune on Dawn Metropolis (and my personal favorite) is the closing track, ‘Mermaid’. Starting as a slow, contemplative march through a seemingly endless battlefield, it eventually builds to a moment of theatric epiphany, closely followed by a groovy dance section that is equal parts brooding and foot-tappingly catchy. The album ends with thunderous, dark power chords and harsh, discordant squarewaves and noise – An unsettling but nevertheless brilliantly orchestrated outro that prophecises ill tidings for a pixelated world with an uncertain future.

If you’ve never heard Anamanaguchi before, this album serves as a fine introduction to New York City’s profusely talented hometown heroes of Chip-Rock. Veteran listeners expecting more of what they love about the band will be generously rewarded. The pop formula works, and this album is solid proof, but those who find themselves growing weary of the upbeat, highly melodic structures that form the majority of the album’s sound may be left high and dry to an extent. Overall, Dawn Metropolis is still an entertaining romp for anyone with a penchant for the musical union of melodic chiptunes, wailing guitars and ridiculously catchy power-pop oeuvres.

Listen to the album for free and view more awesome videos by visiting the band's slick new website at


Thanks again to Zen Albatross for reviewing the album and contributing to GM4A. Be sure to check out his site!

Anamanaguchi offer Dawn Metropolis preview CDs and t-shirts

If you just can't wait until March 3rd to hear Dawn Metropolis and you have a space in your wardrobe that needs filling, have Anamanaguchi got a deal for you!

The band are selling a limited run of preview CDs to tide fans over until Dawn Metropolis is available, each disc featuring 3 new Anamanaguchi tracks. You can buy the CD along with a t-shirt with the Dawn Metropolis skyline design for $20, or just the CD or shirt for $5 and $18 respectively.

Head on over to to purchase what I believe is the band's first physical CD release (someone correct me if I'm wrong). You'll no doubt be able to sell these on eBay for a prepostorous amount in years to come!

Also, the band have started blogging at

Anamanaguchi post Dawn Metropolis update

Pete, from popular chiptune rock band, Anamanaguchi recently posted an update on the band's MySpace blog in the form of a massive image file. The update points out that Anamanaguchi's new album, Dawn Metropolis will be released on March 3rd, and will be available on CD, vinyl and as a DRM-free web release (I assume MP3). Although there is no content online yet, keep your eyes on for more information.

Nobuooo 9.08 Update

Jeriaska of Nobuooo has recently returned from PAX, and with him he brought home Nobuooo 9.08 Update, all with news and interviews from PAX 08! This update includes interviews with Sega about both Yakuza 2 and Valkyria Chronicles, Penny Arcade Adventures by PA and Hothead games. Also interviews with Anamanaguchi and the creators of REFORMAT THE PLANET and MC Frontalot and creator of Nerdcore Rising. Definitely a very interesting episode covering both vg music and the fans surrounding it.

Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008!

The Chiptune Alliance Tour is an annual event which seeks to bring the biggest international talent within the chiptune community to the shores of the UK!

September 2007 saw amazing performances from USK, Maru, Calis, Sabrepulse, Random, Syphus, Little Penguin and Flanboy.

August 2008 will showcase the talents of Anamanaguchi, Random, Sabrepulse, Firebrand Boy, Syphus, Henry Homesweet, We Are The Future, Spheres of Chaos and Unicorn Kid. Be sure to check the artists for each night as the line-up will vary throughout the tour.









As you can see, a couple of dates still need venues, so if you can help out, get in touch with Sabrepulse.

For more info, visit

Gamewave Podcast Episode 33

Episode 33 of the Gamewave Podcast is now online, featuring rad music from Super Multifaros, Anamanaguchi, Chris Porter, Jay Tholen and Phlogiston.

On the show Joe mentions that the podcast urgently requires help regarding audio file hosting. If anyone can help out in any way please do get in touch with Joe at contact at gamewavepodcast dot com. The continuity of the Gamewave Podcast may depend on you!

Gamewave Megacast #1

The Gamewave Podcast and VGM Megacast have joined forces to bring the internet the Gamewave Megacast #1! This show is a must-listen for all fans of video game music, combining the "best in original video game style music" with "only the most awesome video game covers". Join Joe, Mike, Tim and Tony as they discuss UK and American culture and play music from artists such as Anamanaguchi, The Advantage, Ozma, Metroid Metal, Spheres of Chaos and Year 200X. Check out the VGM Megacast site and feed or