IWADON release set for July 23, 2010

Had you begun to believe we had forgotten about our hard work over at iwadon.com. Little did you know that things are still going strong behind the scenes in preperation for the now official release date of July 23rd.

Why July 23rd? Well that just happens to be Hiroyuki Iwatsuki's birthday, so we find that there is no better a time to unleash this immense breadth of music on the world. Not only will we have all the music that has been up on the IWADON site for the last few months, but we will also have completely brand new unheard tracks from several more artists as well. Check out the list below to check out some of these amazing musicians new to the collection.

Stephen Malcolm-Howell

Nate Trier

Nathan Hanners


Temp Sound Solutions

Not only will the album see release on July 23rd, but also planned for this occasion is an android application for the google based smart phones. Hope you folks are as excited as us for the release of this incredible collection of material from dozens of talented musicians!