The latest album of chiptune rock, 'Who Loves the Sun' by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

The one of a kind eclecticism of The J. Arthur Keenes Band is on full display again on the long awaited full length album  Who Loves the Sun. I can not get enough of this song filled, utterly catchy folk rock style. There are so many things going on in your average J. Arthur Keenes track that I can gladly dissect them. The music feels so natural that I can' help but feel like I've spent more time analyzing TJAKB music longer than it took the Band to write. 

I've been covering The J. Arthur Keenes Band since the debut EP Pamplemousse and have excitedly listened to any new tracks from TJAKB ever since. This is the groups first full album in a few years and I'm glad it is here and it exists. There is something very particular about The J. Arthur Keenes Band, and it makes me feel very good to listen to in some odd, old timey way.

All things and all stuff by Dan McLay. Except art by Magdalena Eustis and committee, I believe. Thanks everyone.
— The J. Arthur Keenes Band