Gamewave Podcast release heavy metal special episode with Norrin_Radd interview

Anomaly front cover Chiptune podcast, the Gamewave Podcast have just released Episode 70: Metal Special. This show features music from the heaviest chiptune artists around including Rainbowdragoneyes, NESMETAL, HORSE the band and Next Life, and there's an exclusive interview with Norrin_Radd, who talks about the making of his chiptune death metal masterpiece, Anomaly. We also hear from Heosphoros (host of the Heossentials radio show) as he brings us his Top 3 Chip Metal Tracks. On top of that there's banter about the new Pokémon games, the Earthbound series and Danimal Cannon's TED talk, adding up to a 2-hour long episode!

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You can also hear the full, unabridged interview with Norrin_Radd here:

Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special (Anamanaguchi, Nordloef)

So the Gamewave Podcast are keeping to their schedule of one show every two weeks and have just released a corker of a show! It features interviews with Anamanaguchi, Nordloef, Comptroller and Ultrasyd, as well as some choice chiptune cuts. There's also lots of recap from the huge SuperByte Festival 2013, which took place in Manchester last weekend. SuperByte Festival 2013 poster

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Gamewave Podcast Episode 65: Interview Special by Joe E. Allen on Mixcloud

(And this is the old video Pete from Anamanaguchi mentions in the interview)

SuperByte 2012

event flyer SuperByte 2012 is set to be the UK's biggest chiptune festival and in its inaugural year is taking place on September 1st at Antwerp Mansion in Manchester.

As well as a full day of chiptune acts, there'll be console gaming, film screenings and an after party to finish with. Tickets are £10 and more information can be found on the official website or Facebook event page.

The guys behind SuperByte 2012 have also put together a podcast to preview the event, and it's available in the Gamewave Podcast feed, or over at the Gamewave Podcast website as Episode 56!

Here's the lineup:

DUBMOOD (Marseilles, France) HENRY HOMESWEET (London, UK) SUPERPOWERLESS (Leeds, UK) CHIPZEL (Strabane, Northern Ireland) DEADBEATBLAST (Toronto, Canada) HARLEYLIKESMUSIC (Sheffield, UK) B-TYPE (Sunderland, UK) _ENSNARE_ (Leamington, UK) FRAGILE CHAOS (Edinburgh, UK) X CRITICAL STRIKE X (Middlesbrough, UK) SKIN WALKER (Manchester, UK)

Gamewave Podcast focuses on Blip Festival 2011

Check out a new episode of the Gamewave Podcast!

Episode 51 of the Gamewave Podcast is special for a couple of reasons. First because it's presented by Chad Williams, creator of The New Adventures of Captain S (something Mike and Joe first talked about on Episode 26), and second because Chad talks about his experience at the Blip Festival 2011, which took place in May. Chad plays some live tracks from the event, and we also hear from cTrix and Inverse Phase who were both present. Check out this great episode, and then take a listen to Chad's regular podcast, JumpMen Podcast - a show about video games, movies, and everything AWESOME!

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New episodes of chiptune podcasts

If you're looking for some fresh new chiptune beats to fill your iPod with, the Gamewave Podcast and STFUAJPGM both recently released new episodes. Check out Episode 50 of the Gamewave Podcast featuring music from seal of quality, Anamanaguchi, PaleDeth, Rob Howard, Joshua Morse, JayTresh, Spamtron, Sleeper Hold, ??? and Elfonso. Then check out Episode 12: Full Circle from STFUAJPGM featuring tracks from Rico Zerone, Futurnari, MisfitChris, Disasterpeace, Prof. Sakamoto and JMR. There's also art from Squirrelsquid, video from 4mat and words from the curator, Steve Jenkins.

Mike and Joe return for Episode 49 of the Gamewave Podcast

Joe and Mike make a triumphant return - it's like they've never been away. Despite being on separate continents the guys have got together and recorded a brand new episode choc-full of blazing VG-inspired music from George & Jonathan, Teleidofusion, Bit_Rat, Norrin_Radd, Cheapshot, Coova and little-scale, Project Dolphin and Machinae Supremacy. Send us some emails and requests to play on the next show. We're not sure exactly when the next show will be, but tell everyone you know, because the Gamewave Podcast is back!

Gamewave Podcast logo

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New Gamewave Podcast episode/mixtape

It's been six months since our last episode, but the Gamewave Podcast is pleased to bring you another guest hosted episode from Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs. This mixtape features over 40 minutes of top-drawer tracks from artists including trash80, Linde, Jay Tholen and Spiny Norman, perfect for your chiptune-themed gym workout or for listening to whilst relaxing on the beach this summer.

And there's also some good news regarding the long-term future of the Gamewave Podcast. Now that Joe has finished his degree he's planning to head out to Japan this summer to start work there. However, having met up with members of Spheres of Chaos recently, the guys are plotting to begin recording episodes again over Skype soon. Look out for new shows from this autumn/fall.

Also, keep any emails coming in to the usual address. Despite the show being on hiatus at various points over the last couple of years, the emails we receive from fans have shown us there's demand for the show and are one of the reasons we've decided to start recording again. We'd especially like to have some artist/track requests.

Check out Gamewave Podcast Episode 48, or subscribe at

New Gamewave Podcast episode

The listeners asked for it, so I sat down yesterday and recorded my first episode of the Gamewave Podcast in about a year and a half!  I usually record a Christmas Special around this time of year, but there's so much great new music that I decided to just play non-festive tunes from arcadecoma., lpower, Spheres of Chaos, Jay Tholen, Machinae Supremacy, C-jeff, IAYD, Henry Homesweet, Fighter X and The J. Arthur Keenes Band.

Gamewave Podcast

Game Music 4 All even gets a mention.  Head over to or subscribe to the feed at to listen!

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 12/14 – 12/20

Up above here we have awesome Gameboy artwork by 8bitcollective member MassiveUntilMorning, with his simply titled but well done DMGpaintjob. Speaking of artwork, our resident artist Nyno added an epic Earthbound inspired Krakken to the background, if you had not noticed yet. Well besides that, this week saw a few big things, one is the return of Joe Allen to the Gamewave Podcast, another was our very own first ever GM4A Records release of Challenge! by Comptroller. Be sure to check out both of those, not to mention all the other big news this past week below.



REMIXES Latest OCReMix releases

Other singles and releases

VIDEO The video this week is of course from the recently passed Blip Festival 2009. Well perusing for some recaps of the event I came across little-scale's blog and found some footage of the amazing J. Arthur Keenes Band performing pieces from their latest Pause release Pamplemousse.

Remember to leave a comment with awesome articles, songs, videos, art, etc. for next weeks round up as well!

New episode of the Gamewave Podcast

After almost a year of radio silence, the Gamewave Podcast returns! Episode 46 is guest hosted by Steve Jenkins of Crystal Labs and STFUAJPGM and features some killer music, including chiptunes from Spamtron, Disasterpeace, Little-scale and Virt. If, like Steve, you'd like to host your own episode and become a very minor internet celebrity, please do get in touch at contact at gamewavepodcast dot com.

As usual, you can subscribe to the feed at or download the episodes directly from And if you don't know what the Gamewave Podcast is, you're missing out, so go now. Now. We'll wait.

New episode of STFUAJPGM

Chiptune podcast STFUAJPGM have just released their 5th episode, this one curated by yours truly, Joe Allen of the Gamewave Podcast.

As usual, each episode combines a mixtape of chiptune music, art, video and text, all centered around a particular theme. The theme for Episode 5 was Space, and we chose music from x|k, RushJet1, Skip, SLiVeR, Sabrepulse and Phlogiston. Check out the page for Episode 5 here, or download the ZIP here.

New M-.-n release on 8bitpeoples

Check out 8BP090, Disco Dust by M-.-n. The EP is a collection of older unreleased tracks (I remember playing one on the Gamewave Podcast aaages ago), but they all feature M-.-n's trademark dirty chiptune sound.

Dormant for too long in M-.-n's secret vault were some of his finest discodirt anthems. Once the prize possession of a happy few, they are now unleashed, ready to contaminate the world. Enjoy.

As usual, this EP is available to download for free!

This post is brought to you by the number 7

Like most other people I normally skip this kinda stuff, but since Anthony tagged me on a blog I write for I think it would be rude not to rise to the challenge. I will have to bend the rules slightly though, as I can't think of 7 other nerdy blogs to link to after Z. and Anthony's tags. But I'm not gonna let that stop you learning 7 juicy facts about your second favourite GM4A writer!

  1. Most people will probably know all of this first fact, but to start off: I'm pretty involved with the video game music scene.  I play drums in Spheres of Chaos, host the Gamewave Podcast AND run a netlabel called Pterodactyl Squad, as well as writing on here.  Beat that!
  2. Despite the fact that I'm British, I currently reside on an artificial island in Kobe, Japan.  I'm doing a study year abroad as part of my Japanese degree, so I'm gonna be here until August.  I'm not yet sure whether I'll be coming back after my degree is over.  Probably not.
  3. When I was born my parents didn't give me a middle name, so I got to choose it when I was baptised.  I chose 'Elliott', like the name of the boy in E.T., 'cos I love that movie.  My full name is Joseph Elliott Allen.
  4. I have a fairly large traditional Japanese-style tattoo which is based on a famous piece of art called the The Great Wave off Kanagawa.  Where?  You'll have to guess...
  5. I'm really interested in the various decades of the 20th century and the pop culture that accompanied each one.  The fashions, the music, the TV shows, the cars, and how they all changed is constantly fascinating to me.  Currently, my favourite decades are the 1950s and the 1980s.
  6. I need copious amounts of sleep to function, and the amount I need seems to be increasing with age.  I'm slightly worried.
  7. My bedroom back in the UK is painted in the colour scheme of the NES.  Grey walls, red skirting boards and black carpet.  And my bed is a giant NES cart.  (Part of this fact is untrue) 

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Gamewave Podcast Episode 45, guest hosted by Letters vs Numbers team

Check out Episode 45 of the Gamewave Podcast, guest hosted by Anthony and MisterB of Letter vs Numbers!

From "OK, so it's been a little quiet on the Gamewave Podcast front lately, and here's why: Joe has just relocated to Kobe, Japan until next summer as part of a study-year abroad, and it doesn't look like he'll be recording any new episodes any time soon. Fortunately though, the guys over at the Letters vs Numbers podcast recorded an awesome guest host episode a while back, and we've finally got around to uploading it to the feed. Anthony and MisterB play music from Bud Melvin, alex mauer, Chromelodeon and Square Wail amongst others, so download now and get your Gamewave Podcast fix!

And as Anthony mentions, to fill the imminent void in the Gamewave Podcast schedule, if you'd like to record your own guest host episode or submit some relevant content, get in touch at the usual address!"

Gamewave Podcast post Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008 video

The Gamewave Podcast has just posted some video footage from the Chiptune Alliance Tour 2008.

Now in its second year, the Chiptune Alliance Tour recently hit the road, bringing some of the world's finest chiptune artists to the attention of UK fans. We filmed some footage on the night and have uploaded some of the best bits to the podcast feed (go to the Episodes page for direct links to the video). The video comes in two parts, but download both to witness live sets from Sabrepulse, Random, Spheres of Chaos, Firebrand Boy and syphus!

Also, be on the lookout for a special guest host episode of the Gamewave Podcast from the team behind the Letters vs Numbers podcast!

And check out this Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Chemical Plant Zone cover by Spheres of Chaos from the same show (this song soon to be featured on GM4A's Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Tribute compilation).

Gamewave Podcast Episode 44/Chiptune Alliance Tour update

Gamewave Podcast Episode 44 is now online! This week Andy and Joe play some awesome music from The Depreciation Guild, Sabrepulse and Firebrand Boy, as well as many others. They also talk about the new chiptune documentary Reformat the Planet, wrasslin' and the Chiptune Alliance Tour.

Talking of the Chiptune Alliance, a new date has just been confirmed for any Londoners up for a chiptune rave on the 29th at the Camden Barfly. The lineup for that show is Sabrepulse, Henry Homesweet, Random, Firebrand Boy and syphus.

World's first podcast recorded on a Talkboy?

We just released episode 43 of the Gamewave Podcast, and we tried something a little different this time - we recorded it using a Talkboy; I'm pretty sure that's the first time it's ever been done before.

The audio quality isn't actually that bad, but don't worry, we didn't record the music using the Talkboy - that would have been silly! And we did play some rad music this week: Je deviens dj en 3 jours, temp sound solutions, alex mauer, Pixelh8, Spheres of Chaos, Spamtron, NESMETAL, Starship Amazing, Dudymas, Skip and Virt. There's also a return of the 'Website of the Week' feature! Don't miss this show!

Head on over to or subscribe to the feed at

Gamewave Podcast Episode 42

It's been a while since our last show, but we return with an episode guest hosted by Je deviens dj en 3 jours! There's some awesome chiptune action from artists including Goto80, Receptors, Dubmood and Je deviens dj en 3 jours himself, as well as French accents, so make sure you check this one OUT!

Gamewave Podcast Feed

Gamewave Podcast Website

Remember to get in touch at the usual address if you'd like to guest host an episode yourself.

Letters VS Numbers episode 001: "Mistakes Will Be Made"

DOWNLOAD THIS WEEK'S PODCAST or Subscribe to our podcast AT THIS FEED!

I want to announce Mister B and I's new endeavor! A podcast dedicated to a diverse array of Video Game Inspired Music and Nerdcore!

This week is our inaugaral podcast! Episode 001. That's right, all those zero's mean we plan on doing over one hundred podcasts someday! Anyway, this week's podcast is one and a half hours, although the planned goal is 1 hour for future shows. We also plan on busting out more songs more often.

Anyway, in this episode, we discuss Voodoo invoking rappers, scandals that will make you drop your tea cup in horror, Mister B's girl advice, and even why I hate Scott McCloud. Not to mention all that wonderful Nerd music that our podcast is built around!

Tracks played this week.
Dan Plus Add - Wikiversity [EXCLUSIVE]
8 Bit Instrumental - Vacation in Miranda's Beach? (Ending Theme)
Emergency Pizza Party - Bottle Breakin
The Adventures of Duane and Brand0 - Duck Hunt
Stunt Junkies - Sperm Donor
Jay Tholen - Drift Downstream

Websites mentioned this week.

Send podcast feedback, praise, suggestions, etc to lettersvsnumberspodcast AT gmail DOT com


Gamewave Podcast Episode 41

Episode 41 of the Gamewave Podcast features music this week from The Depreciation Guild, The Twilight Division, Desert Planet, Lawrence Power, seal of quality, Electro Static Discharge, arcadecoma. and Shnabubula. Ch-Check It Out!


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