8 Bit Weapon Electric High EP (limited edition) and 8BW's Sony Loops Library release

Recently 8 Bit Weapon released their newest effort, the Electric High EP, in limited edition and hand numbered 5.25" Floppy Disk. The six song EP is full of awesome sounds made from all the great classic systems including the Commodore 64, Atari 2600, NES, Gameboy, and then some! You can check out some of the tracks as well at 8 Bit Weapon's myspace page. The album is available for $9.95 at 8 Bit weapon's official site store. Check out the track listing below.

1. Closer (Bitpop Mix)
2. Kiss My Bits (ComputeHer Mashup Mix)
3. Chip on your Shoulder
4. FUNDAnalogue
5. Chiptune Attack 2600 AD
6. Macro Disko (Minimal Mix)

On top of the new release, 8 Bit Weapon has also been hard at work creating an amazing sample library for use by all up and coming chiptuners and folks who just enjoy playing with those classic console sounds.

Sony Creative Software has released our loop and sample library called, "8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey" today! The library contains real sounds from each of the following computers/consoles: Apple II, Commodore 64, NES, Gameboy, and the Atari 2600. Each system library has everything from drums, bass and synth to special effects. Both Michelle (aka ComputeHer) and I have featured song demos built into the collection to boot!

The sound library works with ACID, Ableton Live, Cubase, Garage Band, Logic, Soundtrack, and more!

Users who purchase the "Green" Downloadable version of the Sony loop library will get the full MP3 release of our "Electric High EP" plus an exclusive track "Break Beat Bonanza" as an added bonus!

Click the link to see Sony's official page: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/8bitweapon