Obsolete presents 8 Bit Weapon, ComputeHer, Bubblegum Octopus, and Yatagarasu August 6th in Los Angeles

A new month means a brand new Obsolete! This Saturday, head down to piXel [+] freQuency for a star studded night of chiptunes. LA's finest, 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer are joined by elite out of towners, Bubblegum Octopus and Yatagarasu. All this will be bookended by the beats of DJ Mike Haggar.

Doors open at 8:30, and tunes will be bumping all night long, costing a recession friendly price of $5 at the door. For directions and more information, head over to the official site obsolete.fm.

Tron Tribute EP - 8 Bit Weapon

Tron Tribute
A new EP has just been released by the great 8 Bit Weapon (and ComputeHer, of course) featuring 5 tracks all in homage of the classic 1982 science fiction film "Tron". You get to hear Wendy Carlos's scores redone in a 8bit remix version that still carrys the intense, nostalgic, climatic feeling.  The 5 tracks feature three different mixes called Tron Scherzo and two mixes of the Theme + Ending.  Each mix are named after the characters from the movie.  My personal favorites go out to Sark's Revenge Mix and Flynn's Fare.

The Tracks are...

1) Tron Scherzo(Sark's Revenge Mix)

2) Tron Theme & Ending (Flynn's Fare)

3) Tron Scherzo (Solar Sailor Mix)

4) Tron Them & Ending (Yori's Game)

5) Tron Scherzo (Clu's Game Boy Mix)

With the help of a Commodore 64, Nintendo NES, Nintendo Game Boy, Apple II, and Atari 2600, you are now able to hear the quirky remixes and get pumped for the new Tron: Legacy film which will be released on Dec. 17th.  Download this now and get sucked into a system of 8bit signals that will trigger nothing but the feeling of content all around you.

(Also: Don't forget! They are still doing their Disko Apocolapse Tour and fundraiser! Check it out and donate some cash to help these two out! MCP...that stands for "More Chiptune Music!" right??)

8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer announce Disko Apocalypse Tour

Just today, Los Angeles based chiptune artists 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer have announced their new multi-month cross country tour. Known as the Disko Apocalypse tour and kicking off this Saturday the 24th in Los Angeles, California at the next UGTL event. From their homebase the duo will be spreading across America to perform in Nevada, New York, Oregon, and more.

Of course as many a chiptune musician, cross country tours are not exactly a trivial matter. To this end 8bw and ComputeHer have created the Disko Apocalypse Tour Kickstarter Fundraiser. To help close the gap on their final tour expenses, they have started taking donations, which at the right levels can get folks exclusive MP3's, T-Shirts, and even copies of their upcoming albums.

Current announced tour dates are after the break, but to keep in the know with the most recent tour additions and updates keep an eye on ComputeHer and 8 Bit Weapon's respective websites. TOUR DATES AND LOCATIONS:

April 24 : Street Fighter 4 Tournament Rec Center Studio 1161 Logan St Los Angeles, CA 90026 Happy hour from 2pm to 5pm! 18+ to enter / 21+ to drink

May 22: Pulsewave Pulsewave / The Tank 354 West 45th Street (Between 8th & 9th Avenue) New York, NY Open mic 8pm; show 9pm

June 3 : 8 Bit SF DNA Lounge 375 11th Street San Francisco

July XX: TBA Check Back for Update

July 31: Classic Gaming Expo Classic Gaming Expo The Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas, NV

August 1: Classic Gaming Expo Classic Gaming Expo The Tropicana Hotel Las Vegas, NV

September XX: TBA Check Back for Update

October : Ground Kontrol Ground Kontrol Portland, OR

Christmas Regifting: 8 Bit Jesus, An Overclocked Christmas, 8bits of Christmas and more.

So to put it bluntly, there is no new music here, hence the "regifting." Let us revel in the holiday spirit though, and call these albums something of a tradition. Also, if anyone is feeling in an especially gift giving mood...well you see that contact link over there.

We kick things off with one of my personal favorites from a good pal. Let us all get reacquainted with Doctor Octoroc and his album 8-Bit Jesus.

Doctor Octoroc - 8-Bit Jesus

Available through the album page on doctoroctoroc.com, 8 Bit Jesus is Doctor Octoroc's first foray into chiptunes, and the results are quite amazing. With over a dozen christmas inspired chiptunes. Personal favorites of mine are Have Yourself a Final Little Fantasy and Little Drummer Nemo, the latter of which you can get in the free nine song album sampler

Next up we can't forget the classic compilation from well known label 8bitpeoples.

The collection of 8 tracks which comprise The 8bits of Christmas include tracks from seminal artists like Nullsleep, Bitshifter, GOTO80, and several more. Well worth a download any time of the year in fact!

Finally we have a classic from the OverClocked Remix community.

Their tribute to the season is An OverClocked Christmas. This is ten tracks of ReMixed christmas tunes as only the OCR community can do it. Another great album worth checking out, and as with all OCR projects, completely free to download.

I would also like to point folks to the recently released 8 Bit Weapon/ComputeHer Christmas album It's a Chiptune Holiday. Or if you just want to relax with some great winter themed songs, head over to Slightly Dark's album list and scroll down to "S" to find all seven SlightlyDark Christmas Mix volumes, or check out the amazing Sea of Ice compilation released at the end of last winter on Pause.

Kick off the holidays with 8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer - It's a Chiptune Holiday! EP release

8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer - It's a Chiptune Holiday!

Kicking off the holidays with a brand new EP is the Los Angeles based chiptune duo of 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer. Together they present a brand new EP of very classy holiday classics dipped in chiptune goodness. It's a Chiptune Holiday! is eight songs that you would be unafraid of busting out at your next Christmas party. The album is available via both 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer's sites for $9.95 (including shipping) and the album is "hand crafted out of a rare authentic frosty light grey colored 5.25" floppy diskette".

Kicking off with the nostalgic sounding (and my favorite track from the album) Ave Maria (Well-Tempered Clavier) which contains somber bleeps and bloops amidst a flourish of sounds. Then we get the robotic God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen which starts off basic enough, but kicks into one drum filled sing along that would feel at home in any 8 bit racer. We also hear from songs like Greensleeves, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls and then some.

We can't forget another favorite of mine from the album, the surprisingly funky Jingle Bells (One Horse Open Sleigh). With it's robotic tunes, laser like effects and head bobbing rhythm, this is definitely worth giving a listen to. Also, unlike other albums focusing all on Christmas, in this collection we get a fun quick footed rendition of Hanukkah (Festival of Lights).

8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer certainly show off a myriad of styles in these remixes, with a good few of them easily getting stuck in my head. So remember to check out their respective websites and grab the album! The ears of the people putting up with that same old Christmas carols CD your friend bought in a bargain bin 4 years ago will thank you.

8 Bit Operators - Wanna Hld Yr Handheld, Vol. 1 Beatles tribute release

As I wrote about last month, 8 Bit Operators have announced their years in the making tribute to the one and only The Beatles. Well at last the album is finally out and available to download! If you head over to 8bitops.com right now you will be taken to the Band Camp page where you can download the full album for $10. The album includes a cavalcade of phenomenal artists bringing their own chipped out interpretations of both famous and more obscure Beatles tunes.

Well worth a download and most definitely worth a listen, this album follows in the steps of other great recent releases like Kind of Bloop and Weezer - The 8-Bit Album. Check out the full collection of tracks and artists below!

01. 8-Bit Operators "Tomorrow Never Knows Megamix" 04:50
02. 8 Bit Weapon with ComputeHer "Eleanor Rigby" 02:13
03. glomag "h3lt3r_sk3lt3r" 03:16
04. Bacalao "Blackbird" 02:39
05. Burnkit2600 "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" 02:56
06. Saskrotch "Paperback Writer" 02:09
07. Psilodump "All You Need Is Love" 02:44
08. minusbaby "Flying [El Barrio Mix]" 07:02
09. Anamanaguchi "I Will" 01:00
10. The Depreciation Guild "Because" 03:43
11. Aonami "Back in the U.S.S.R." 02:16
12. Bubblyfish "Piggies" 02:01
13. poke-1,170 "When I'm 64" 01:54
14. GOTO80 "Come Together" 04:00
15. Sloopygoop "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" 01:54
16. Herbert Weixelbaum "Sie liebt dich" 02:18

Announcing the Game Music 4 All 3rd Anniversary Compilation: Third Form

After a long delay I am happy to announce that the long awaited Game Music 4 All third anniversary album is currently wrapping up! The album is a collection of brand new and exclusive tracks from some of the finest in video game inspired music. From VG Rock to remixes, from nerdcore hip hop to chiptunes and more, we cover all the bases of video game inspired music.

Third Form will feature over an hour of music from the many talented musicians who have supported GM4A over the past three years. Just a small sample of those are Player Two, Super Barrio Bros, Temp Sound Solutions, I Fight Dragons, 8 Bit Weapon and Elfonso! That is simply a handful of tons of talented musicians. More will be revealed soon, but for now, get ready for the upcoming launch, and enjoy some of that preliminary teaser art above from the great Doctor Octoroc. We hope to reveal more soon as the album gets closer to release!

8-bit Weapon - Chip On Your Shoulder remix contest

Los Angeles based chiptune duo 8 Bit Weapon are at it again! Right on the heels of their OCReMix contest, they are now working with Sony for another such contest, This time to remix a song off their newest release, the Electric High EP. Head over to the official remix page or read below for the contest info straight from Seth and Michelle of 8bW.

Sony has launched a remix contest over at their Acid Planet site! The contest is to find the best remix of our tune "Chip On Your Shoulder" off our new "Electric High EP". You can download a zip file of the songs chiptune loops/sound fx and an Acid project file format here:


If you dont have any software or even any gear to make the remix, NO PROBLEM! Sony has provided a FREE copy of ACID for PC computers on the remix site for you to use. Mac users can download the loop zip file and use the loops to make a remix as well in programs like Garage band, etc. However Mac users wont be able to use the acid project file.

There are NO restrictions on how the remix is made! You can use all chip related devices, modern softsynths, or anything else that tickles your fancy. Also, you do not have to use ACID software to enter! You can make your remix any way you like. :)

The Grand Prize winner will receive: A Commodore 64, 1541 drive, cables, a Prophet 64 Cart, ACID Pro software, Five Standard Collection Libraries, as well as a copy of our "Electric High EP" & an 8bw T-shirt!

Contest End Date: Thursday, August 13, 2009

OCReMix and 8-bit Weapon Reset Generation remixing contest

Recently OCReMix and 8-bit Weapon contacted me with news of a remix contest for folks in the VG Remix and Arrangement community! Check out the full thread about the contest at this OCR thread or read the info below from 8-bit Weapon themselves.

We're teaming up with Overclocked Remix AND Nokia to hook up the artist who can do the best job of remixing and interpreting our Reset Generation Soundtrack! The Reset Generation soundtrack was composed using primarily a Commodore 64 and a Nintendo NES. There are 21 Tracks to remix and there are midi files available for each track!

Besides getting their ReMix posted to OCR as our first N-Gage mix, we have delivered an amazing phone hookup courtesy of Nokia.

WHAT CAN I WIN?!? (Winning collaborators will be responsible for divvying up their prizes)

1st place!

* The Nokia N81 phone (a US$399 value) w/ 8GB memory and Reset Generation installed!
* An 8 Bit Weapon t-shirt, to show your chiptune love!
* A signed limited edition of 8 Bit Weapon's latest EP, Electric High, in a real 5.25" floppy disk!
* Your choice of an OCR t-shirt along with a pair of OCR stickers, so you can fly the colors!
* Your choice of 1 more prize out of the OCR prize pool below!

* Cakewalk SONAR 7 Producer Edition (NFR)
* Sony ACID Pro 6 (NFR)
* Sony Sound Forge 9 (NFR)
* Novation V-Station Virtual Instrument
* SONiVOX Playa Hip-Hop Virtual Instrument
* A bundle of loops by M-Audio
* Project Gotham Racing (Microsoft, Xbox 360)
* Unreal Anthology (Midway, Windows)

2nd place!

* An 8 Bit Weapon t-shirt, to show your chiptune love!
* A signed limited edition of 8 Bit Weapon's latest EP, Electric High, in a real 5.25" floppy disk!
* Your choice of an OCR t-shirt along with a pair of OCR stickers, so you can fly the colors!
* A limited physical edition of OC ReMix's Final Fantasy VII album, Voices of the Lifestream!

3rd place!

* An 8 Bit Weapon t-shirt, to show your chiptune love!
* A signed limited edition of 8 Bit Weapon's latest EP, Electric High, in a real 5.25" floppy disk!
* Your choice of an OCR t-shirt along with a pair of OCR stickers, so you can fly the colors!

If you want to win a badass free Nokia N81 phone, the limited edition of 8 Bit Weapon's latest album signed, some fashionable gear and MOAR, you've gotta get crackin' on your ReMix! Let's get it on!

You have from now until the middle of July to complete as many entries as you want. But once we hit 11:59PM EST on Friday, July 10th, 2009, we're done accepting contest entries! All contest entries need to be emailed to admin@ocremix.org, subject "Nokia & 8 Bit Weapon!" Be sure to mention who was involved & what songs are being ReMixed!

Official Remix Contest Page:

So what are you waiting for? There isn't much time left!

8 Bit Weapon Electric High EP (limited edition) and 8BW's Sony Loops Library release

Recently 8 Bit Weapon released their newest effort, the Electric High EP, in limited edition and hand numbered 5.25" Floppy Disk. The six song EP is full of awesome sounds made from all the great classic systems including the Commodore 64, Atari 2600, NES, Gameboy, and then some! You can check out some of the tracks as well at 8 Bit Weapon's myspace page. The album is available for $9.95 at 8 Bit weapon's official site store. Check out the track listing below.

1. Closer (Bitpop Mix)
2. Kiss My Bits (ComputeHer Mashup Mix)
3. Chip on your Shoulder
4. FUNDAnalogue
5. Chiptune Attack 2600 AD
6. Macro Disko (Minimal Mix)

On top of the new release, 8 Bit Weapon has also been hard at work creating an amazing sample library for use by all up and coming chiptuners and folks who just enjoy playing with those classic console sounds.

Sony Creative Software has released our loop and sample library called, "8 Bit Weapon: A Chiptune Odyssey" today! The library contains real sounds from each of the following computers/consoles: Apple II, Commodore 64, NES, Gameboy, and the Atari 2600. Each system library has everything from drums, bass and synth to special effects. Both Michelle (aka ComputeHer) and I have featured song demos built into the collection to boot!

The sound library works with ACID, Ableton Live, Cubase, Garage Band, Logic, Soundtrack, and more!

Users who purchase the "Green" Downloadable version of the Sony loop library will get the full MP3 release of our "Electric High EP" plus an exclusive track "Break Beat Bonanza" as an added bonus!

Click the link to see Sony's official page: http://www.sonycreativesoftware.com/8bitweapon

8 Bit Weapon - Confidential 2.0 album release

amazing west coast chiptunist 8-Bit Weapon (the first chiptune artist I ever saw live by the way) has released a new album entitled Confidential 2.0. The album is available through this link as a $5 digital download or $10 for a limited edition copy for the collectors out there. I'll let 8BW take the helm now to explain all about this album!

Greetings Program!

After 5 years in the making, 8 Bit Weapon's Commodore 64 Remix album "Confidential 2.0" is now available with 5 bonus songs and all tracks completely remastered!

"8-Bit Weapon's trademark SID 'n Drums is here, for those who wish remixes had more of that powerful SID sound, and less faffing about. Seth Sternberger is an experienced live performer who's done Las Vegas and London, and is currently being marketed by Nokia: normally his sound is more eclectically 8-bit, but here he's targeted his favourite SIDs and put his imprint on them, to great effect. Highlights of the album include the trippy "Acidgroove", and the epic Times of Lore main theme which apparently took two weeks just mastering!" -Chris Abbott, C64audio.com

Track Listing:
1. Times of Lore Intro (Remix)
2. Neuromancer Ending (Warhol Edit)
3. M.U.L.E. (Bitblaster Mix)
4. Inspector Gadget (GOGO Mix) *
5. Crazy Comets (Orbital Decay Mix)
6. Chimera (Miles Mix)
7. Spy vs Spy II (Drunk n' Basement Mix)
8. Bards Tale II - Sanctuary Score (Ybarras Mystic Mix)
9. Defender of the Crown (Royalty Remix)
10. Movie Monsters Game (Disco Terror Mix)
11. I.G.U.S.T.R.A. *
12. Commodore C64 (Bit Blitz Mix)
13. Boulder Dash (Dubby Dirt Mix) *
14. Acidgroove (Orchestral Mix)
15. Arkanoid (Bonham Beat Mix) *
16. Mars Saga (MrJetlands Slow Jam Mix)
17. Defender of the Crown (On the Romance Tip) *
18. Times of Lore Title (Epic Hendrix Mix)

* Previously Unreleased
Get your copy here:


-- Seth

Micropalooza '08 - Ground Kontrol

Nerdapalooza isn't the only awesome nerdy music festival with 'palooza' in its title you know! Micropalooza is taking place over the 7th and 8th of August this year at the Ground Kontrol arcade/bar in Portland, Oregon. There's a great lineup of chiptune artists involved and at $10 per day or $15 for both days you can't go wrong. And if you do get bored with the music you can always go and play some Galaga.

Day 1:

Covox (Stockholm, Sweden) 1:00am-2:00am

Square Wail (Seattle, WA) 12:05am-12:45am

Two Playa Game (Sacramento, CA) 11:10pm-11:50pm

Starpause (San Francisco, CA) 10:05pm-10:40pm

Trash80 (San Diego, CA) 9:15pm-9:50pm

Harbour (San Francisco, CA) 8:25pm-9:00pm

Wyatt Gurp (San Francisco, CA) 7:25pm-7:55pm

Fighter X (Everett, WA) 6:40pm-7:10pm

Kids Get Hit By Buses (Everett, WA) 5:55pm-6:25pm

DJ Moonchild is going to kick things off at 5:00pm and will be spinning in-between all of the sets.

Day 2:

8 Bit Weapon (Los Angeles, CA) 1:00am-2:00am

ComputeHer (Los Angeles, CA) 11:50pm-12:30am

Leeni (Seattle, WA) 10:55pm-11:35pm

Air Fortress (Portland, OR) 10:00pm-10:40pm

MC Firedrill (Olympia, WA) 8:50pm-9:30pm

Operation Mission (Portland, OR) 7:55pm-8:35pm

Spamtron (Portland, OR) 7:00pm-7:40pm

DJ Moonchild is going to kick things off at 6:00pm and will be spinning in-between all of the sets.

The event is 21+

Check out groundkontrol.com for more info.

A whole bunch of concerts this weekend!

A ton of shows coming up this weekend, all of them awesome. Let's get right into it, and get all the details!

From the Minibosses boards we learn that the Minibosses are doing not one, but two free shows around Comic-Con in San Diego. Here's the details.

cover is free, doors should be at 9p or so.
it will be PACKED so show up early. we can't
get anyone in once chasers says it's packed.
if you went to sf or la or any show that's not
phoenix (hahahahah home cities rule when you
play there more than once a month), you know
to show up EARLY. i'm talking 9p at this one.
10p may be too late. this place is smaller than
the smell.

Also around Comic-Con is another show by the amazing band The Megas, here are the details for this free show!

July, 26 2008 at The Keating Hotel - Minus One Lounge
432 F St., San Diego, California 92101
Cost : Free

Head over and check us out after Comic-Con! This is a 21+ show, unfortunately. We’re playing sometime between 7 and 9 pm, most likely right around 8. See you there!

Now for some non-Comic-Con shows! The first is with 8 Bit Weapon, and chip-hop group Super Barrio Brothers in Pasadena, Ca. Here's all the info for this one.

July, 25 2008 at FEEL GOOD FUSION at The Terrace
443 East Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, California 91101

8 bit weapon
Super Barrio Brothers
8 bit bandit ( RARE DJ SET)

Cost: Free admission with RSVP or $5 at the door! (tough choice eh?) - Official Site: http://www.myspace.com/feelgoodfusion - For the month of July, FEEL GOOD FUSION will be paying tribute to one of the most Feel Good activities of all time...PLAYING VIDEO GAMES. - All of the ART, MUSIC, and ACTIVITIES that we will be featuring this month will be somehow related to video games!!! - As a part of the full multimedia experience, we will have a setup for everyone to play all the classic 8-bit games on the projector and watch as some GTA IV masters put on some exhibitions!! All the videogame footage will be mixed and broadcasted by our very own VJ, GREG THE DUDE.

And finally, outside of California, in Texas actually, we have the Bible Belt Bitfest, which has been months in the making thanks to Hotdog Storm! If you are in Texas it's pretty obvious you have to go to this show!

8-Bit Weapon - Reset Generation Soundtrack album release

So, I imagine some folks may be wondering what California native chiptune artist 8-Bit Weapon has been up to lately. Well he's recently let me know! He's been hard at work creating the soundtrack to forthcoming title Reset Generation, a cool little game about video games! Here's the email he just sent my way explaining a bit about it.

Hi Folks @ GM4A,

Nokia releases chiptune soundtrack to their forthcoming PC/mobile game "Reset Generation"!

RESET GENERATION is the title of the forthcoming multiplayer Cell/PC game from Nokia & Redlynx! Reset Generation will be released for FREE this summer for PC players, and will cost approx. $10 for Cell phone users.

IGN says, "Inviting to play and unfairly addictive, this fast-paced, multiplayer puzzle game is designed to be a dream come true for game fans: it's a videogame about videogames!"

Download the ENTIRE chiptune soundtrack by 8 Bit Weapon here for FREE.


-- Seth :)

So there you have it! Go download the new soundtrack, and grab the game when it drops, it looks like it should be some old school style fun.

Dot.AY Interviews 8 Bit Weapon

Great friend, musician, and writer, Dot.AY interviewed California musician 8 Bit Weapon a few months back. This is the first in a fantastic five part series of interviews Dot.Ay has done, and allowed us to host on our site. So check out the first of five interviews with this 8 Bit Weapon Interview and enjoy!-------

1. What equipment do you use to create your music?

2 PC's for sequencing and recording, some old 8-bit computers such as the Commodore Vic-20, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Amiga 500, and the Apple II, as well as game consoles such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Atari 2600, Intellivision synthesizer, acoustic drum kits, various vintage synths and drum machines.

2. Does this differ between live and composing context?

Yes, live gear is simplified. We (ComputeHer, MelBot, and myself) aren’t a huge act like the rolling stones, so we still get the standard/sub-standard 30 seconds to set up and tear down at gigs. For this reason we can only afford to bring the minimum, which is: C64, C128, Nintendo Gameboy classic, Yamaha DD5 drum trigger pads & Ensoniqe Mirage Sampler combo, and a Microkorg Vocoder. The music backing tracks is run off an old laptop. We usually bring our own mixer too, since most clubs we play are rock band oriented and want to EQ our c64 like a Gibson guitar. lol so we send them a stereo pair from our board and I mix the sounds during sound check. That is, if we get one...lol

3. Can you outline your compositional process?

I usually meditate for a moment and go to my safe place. Then I contact my spiritual animal guide, my guide is a duck. Then I shoot it and prepare it in a cherry glaze sauce and eat it. J/K! lol I start by programming a beat in the style of song I’m going after. For instance, if I'm going for a disco number, I throw down a 4 on the floor bass kick and some fun hats with a quirky vintage set. From there I almost always hit the ground running with a fresh bassline. Then I build a lead melody. Depending on how much I like the new melody, or if I think I can do a better one later in the song, determines if that segment is going to be the Chorus or just a verse. So if I decide it’s a chorus, then I try and do something with the same vibe, but toned down to become a verse. Once I have both a Chorus and a verse, I do my bridge. In the bridges I build (also known as a middle 8) I like to take the song somewhere new for a bit then bring it home again. I can then choose a formula for my songs overall structure. SO do I want to do "Intro" +"Chorus" +"Verse" +"Chorus" +"Verse" +"Bridge" +"Chorus" like my song "One Last Mission"? Or do I want to go "Intro" +"Verse"+"Chorus" +"Verse" +"Bridge" +"Chorus" like my song "Sk8 Bit"...so many options. I even do weird combos like my one of my new songs "FUNDAnalogue" that has "Intro"+"Chorus" +"Bridge" +"Chorus"!

4. Does the technology used affect this?

Not at all.

5. Do you post-produce, mix and master your own recordings?

I mix and produce my own music, but I outsource my mastering.

6. What is your musical and technical background?

I took one semester of Piano in College in 1993. Then in 1994 I took fundamentals of music. I got an A in both. Then I taught myself everything else like Midi, Sequencing, trackers, various performance techniques, and recording and production techniques.

7. What music other than chip tunes, if any, have you been involved in?

I have done Rap music, Classical, Jazz, Techno, Drum n Bass, Trance, Punk, Rock, New Age, World music, IDM and others. I like to do whatever I feel like at the moment of inspiration. If you listen to any of my albums, not just the chiptune ones, you will hear many different styles on each of them.

8. Why do you think you compose chiptunes instead of some other form of music?

I have done the others forms, but I get the most pleasure out of Chiptunes, personally. Even really heavy dark chiptunes have a warm friendly vibe at the base of it, imo.

9. Do you feel particular loyalty to the chiptune community?

I do to the Micromusic.net part of the scene, but not to chiptunes in general. The only people that have stood behind what I do, for the most part, are my friends from micromusic.net. Friends like ComputeHer, FirestARTer, Poke aka The C-men, MelBot, and a few others are true friends for life. I do what I do because I love music, all of it, period.

10. Do you feel there is a 'generation gap' between the demo/mod scene and new artists who don't program/hack?

not at all. Just different levels of experience and style.

11. What in your opinion makes a good chiptune?

same as any music. Does it sound good or does it sound bad...that’s my high-tech equation. lol I think you just need a bit of structure, a key to play inside of, and that's it. Doesn't matter if you made a song with an Atari 2600 sound chip tied to your nipple while taking a shower with your finger in a power socket..if that sounds good to you, then it’s good. Doesn't matter what anyone else thinks.

Thank you.

My pleasure, you have asked some of the best questions I've ever been asked! -Seth :)

About the Artist: 8 Bit Weapon is Seth, ComputeHer, and MelBot. This trio has performed across two continents and have a number of high quality commercial releases. Often seen outside the Chip scene appearing at gaming conventions, the I Am 8bit art show and everywhere in between. They are currently on the Nerdcore 2007 International Tour.


This interview was performed by Alex Yabsley (Dot.AY).

Nerdcore International Tour 2007

This coming Friday May 4th, in Glendale, CA at The Scene Bar will be the start of the Nerdcore International Tour. This very ambitious tour is rocking it's way throughout the US and Europe. This first show will be kicking off with the likes of 8-Bit, Bark Bark Bark, ComputeHer (Performing her own opening set plus performing with 8 Bit Weapon), 8 Bit Weapon (w/ComputeHer and Melbot)and possibly even more to be announced! If this isn't a concert I don't know what is. You can find more info about the concert at any of the bands respective sites or at totallynerdcore.com.

EDIT: Fixed an error in bands performing.

Hidden Fortress Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Select, Remix" Volume 1 (September 18, 2006)


“After working on several remixes of chiptune-esque artists and working closely with Pixelh8 in producing his upcoming album "Videogames Ruined My Life" we decided to contact a few of our myspace friends "Stochastic" and "Air Fortress", we also stumbled upon "Game Music 4 All" and their myspace page which linked in a few others, we found the music of "Bubblyfish" on the end credits of a circuit bending documentary on Youtube.com and was blown away,and when we managed to convince "Aleksi Eeben" and "8 Bit Weapon" who we are a huge fans of, we were over the moon, we then slowly convinced and built up a list of very impressive artists, who were willing to take part in the project.

8 Bit Weapon, Stochastic, Pixelh8, Air Fortress, GOTO80, Aonami, Atarimatt, Sabrepulse, Bubblyfish, Burnkit2600 KPLECRAFT, 8 Bit Betty, Sm@rth, Makkina, Hi Score, Tree Wave, Action Adventure, Kidd Video, MSX Crew, Aleksi Eeben & more

The project then became so big, and due to our now hectic schedule, and to not keep you waiting for too long. We decided to divide into two volumes and so here is volume 1.

1) Kidd Video - "I Need A Quarter" remix of "25 Cents"

2) Msx Crew - "Blitz Pixel" remix of "Pixel Addict"

3) Pixelh8 - "Baby Buggy" remix of "Baby Carrier"

4) Makkina - "And I Will Listen" remix of "Speak To Me"

5) Sm@rth - "Creepy Castle" remix of "Castle Freak"

6) GOTO80- "For N To Equal 80" remix of "Stag 3"

7) Stochastic - "Hexidecimalover" remix of "The Binary Walls Between Us"

8) HiScore - "Hyper Score" remix of "CX2600"

9) Air Fortress - "I Am Looking For You" remix of "Secret Spacestation"

10) Bubblyfish - "Opacity" remix of "Translucent"

11) Burnkit2600 - "Feel The Burn" remix of "Loafyness"

12) Tree Wave - "I Am Someone" remix of "May Banners"

13) Aleksi Eeben - "No Point Of Reference" remix of "Space Man Far Away From Home"

14) 8 Bit betty - "Immobilizer" remix of "And I Know That You're Happy"

The sounds of videogames/chips/circuit bending always cheers me up, the usually upbeat cheery melodies made the project even more fun, we hope you enjoy the outcome, check out the artists and their pages. Our main aim was to bring the wonderful and varied sounds of chiptune to our friends and to further connect the world of chiptune artists with each other. I would sincerely like to thank all of those who have taken part, this project is free to download so more of you can hear and enjoy it.

Lots Of Love, Matthew & Junko”

Awesome mention from them. Anyway, their album can be found here or through Hidden Fortress’s myspace page.


8 Bit Weapon has released his album, Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0, in Amoeba Records in Hollywood for $9.99. So if you are in Hollywood, stop by Amoeba Records and pick it up.
New tracks coming down the pipe from typeA and Super Dracula, head on over to their sites to listen in.
Canadian chiptunist Lutin also has a new track, At the Bottom of the Lake, up from his forthcoming album being released October 6th on Megatwerp. Lutin also has a split EP in the works with artist WHARF. Lutin says about the upcoming split, “it looks to be an epic audio battle for the ages: think cotton-candy chiptune pop meets circuit bent land mines. ” The split is being released through magic swamp and will be available on CDR mini.


Chiptune artists 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer are currently working on starting a new chiptunes label/ video game company named “Floppypop” and even plan on releasing a new game for the commodore 64 next year!
VGM label Megatwerp are currently working on new albums and CDR’s. More news on that to come.

Artist The Skeleton has released a new album entitled “I Want To Eat My Pikachu” and you can go to his site and contact him to order.
Track listing is as follows:

1. I Want To Eat My Pikachu
2. Robotron
3. Skate or Die!!
4. Dead Baby (In My Laundry Basket)
5. Jolt Party!!!!
6. Katamari Damacy
7. Fruit Snack Attack!!
8. Double Dragon
9. Can’t Get Up
10. Ramen

And finally, Artist Syntax Cataract has a new song up entitled “Gilles de Rais” on his site, so head over there and check that out.