The Placenta Compilation Vol. 2 release

Turbodaze sent me this info a few days ago, but with so much happening, I am a bit late on the news. But I'm getting it to you folks none the less. This album is 2 discs full of music. Here's the info, straight from Turbodaze, one of the many musicians on this enormous compilation!

The Placenta Compilation Vol. 2 Discs Out Now!

Disc 1 Download Link! Download It Tonight For Free!

  • CD-R Version will be released mid 2008.

-Jay Watson, Placenta Recordings

The Placenta Compilation Vol. 2 Disc 1
2008 Placenta Recordings / Dadaist Audio

Concept, Organizing, Mixing, Contacting, Art, Design,
By Jay Watson AKA Dental Work,
Placenta Recordings 2008

For more info and the full track listing, be sure to check out the Placenta Recordings myspace blog.

Update: The second disc is now up, changed wording to reflect that!