Rhyme Torrents 7 compilation release

So with much revelry I am happy to finally introduce Rhyme Torrents 7. The first compilation released under the new Rhyme Torrents Dot Org. It is an epic two disc compilation from some of the RT regulars as well as quite a few others. New tracks, remixed tracks, and exclusive tracks all make up this compilation, which is more then worth checking out! Head over to the official announcement to grab the download free!

Here's a bit more info from the RT release post.

CD 1
Kabuto the Python - RHYME TORRENTS 7 INTRO
MC RSI - Remember the Geek
MagiTek - Gold Teef (For Err Body)
Don Vito - Welcome Back to the Web (ft The Ranger, T.Y.T. & MC Gigahertz)
funky49 - Starblazer
Shinigami - It's Gone
Antisoc - Guitar Hero
Random - Inbox (Remix ft The Ranger & Jermicide)
Desmond Fox - Lady Indie
Ham-STAR - Dump Stat
IllGill - Poser (D20 Mix)
ZeaLouS1 - Til We Die (ft RandomBeats)
Kabuto the Python - Da Ill Shit (ft Poopyhands)
2Thirteen - The Anthem (What Should Have Been ft High C, Ham-STAR & T.Y.T.)

CD 2
Id Obelus - Gangster?
Able-X - What If
Interstellar Dwellars - No Others
MAD DPS - Juggernaut
Whoremoans - Operation British
MC_Loki - Hymn of the Ahroun
D-Form - Nerdastedicz (ft Polkcounty Killa & Projekt Zero)
Reverend Badger - The Rage
nYgel - Rap Fanatic (ft The Ranger, Jesse Dangerously & Logic One)
MC COOL WHIP - Party at the Cawdor Castle
Geek Funk Records - Bumpin These Geeksta Rhymes (ft T.Y.T., MC_Loki & Mfk)
Teh_Rhymerer - Girl Named Nerdcore (D-Form Remix)
The Ranger - The Rhyme Spit (ft Whoremoans, T.Y.T. & Kabuto)
PoP Stick - The Hamster Song

The Ranger & Grandmaster Pink - We Alright
Tres Walsh - Thank You

This compilation was proudly mastered by The HT at EMPulse Records Studio 6, Port Orange, FL
Contact: http://www.EMPulseRecords.com