The Creators Project talks hardware w/ Comptroller, Environmental Sound Collapse, and A vs B

In the first of a three part series of interviews, The Creators Project talks with members of the Datathrash netlabel, looking at different set ups and styles of performing live chiptune music. The article even leads off with good pal Comptroller, and I am ecstatic to say that he uses a GP2X in his set up! I also had that strange, possibly illegal game system. I bought it instead of a PSP.

8 Bit Party 01/12/08 @ theARThousePARTY in Minneapolis, MN

Environmental Sound Collapse, Unicorn Dream Attack, LameBoy, Nonfinite, Albino Ghost Monkey, DJ Turbodaze, Sir_Vixx, Fuckstorm are all playing a concert this weekend, and it looks to be very amazing. If you are near Minneapolis, MN you must go! On top of all the awesome bands there will also be five artists in attendance. For more info check out the website.

[UPDATE] one of my personal favorite chiptune artists SquareWail has now joined the concert as well!

Updated Band Listing 7/19/2007

Finally we have a small update to the band list here at GM4A. Just four bands have been added but great bands none the less. Check them out below!

Anne Amelie - Electronic/Low-Tech MIDI - Fayetteville, AR, US

environmental sound collapse - Experimental/Electronica - Schaumburg, Illinois, US

Glomag - 8 Bit/Pop/Chiptune - New York, NY

Shirobon- Chiptune/electro - London, United Kingdom, England

Also, ultra apologies (or ultrapologies) to Tanooki Rebirth for not updating his info sooner!