capitalSTEPS changes name, Now square wail

Let's allow Mathew Kenall, formerly of the one man group capitalSTEPS explain the name change.

"The political satire group, The Capitol Steps, asked me to change my name. They were concerned that the close similarity in our names was causing confusion amongst fans. After talking with my label Go midnight Records and Elaina from The Capitol Steps we realized we didn't have much choice but to change.

So I am changing my name from capitalSTEPS to square wail.

Matthew Kenall
square wail"

So there you have it. capitalSTEPS is now square wail. I personally love the new name, but it's unfair that the name change came out at such an inconvenient time, with his album just dropping and all. Either way, Different name, same great gameboy sounds! You can find square wail at Good luck to Matthew Kenall with his endeavors as square wail, and RIP capitalSTEPS.