Micropalooza '08 - Ground Kontrol

Nerdapalooza isn't the only awesome nerdy music festival with 'palooza' in its title you know! Micropalooza is taking place over the 7th and 8th of August this year at the Ground Kontrol arcade/bar in Portland, Oregon. There's a great lineup of chiptune artists involved and at $10 per day or $15 for both days you can't go wrong. And if you do get bored with the music you can always go and play some Galaga.

Day 1:

Covox (Stockholm, Sweden) 1:00am-2:00am

Square Wail (Seattle, WA) 12:05am-12:45am

Two Playa Game (Sacramento, CA) 11:10pm-11:50pm

Starpause (San Francisco, CA) 10:05pm-10:40pm

Trash80 (San Diego, CA) 9:15pm-9:50pm

Harbour (San Francisco, CA) 8:25pm-9:00pm

Wyatt Gurp (San Francisco, CA) 7:25pm-7:55pm

Fighter X (Everett, WA) 6:40pm-7:10pm

Kids Get Hit By Buses (Everett, WA) 5:55pm-6:25pm

DJ Moonchild is going to kick things off at 5:00pm and will be spinning in-between all of the sets.

Day 2:

8 Bit Weapon (Los Angeles, CA) 1:00am-2:00am

ComputeHer (Los Angeles, CA) 11:50pm-12:30am

Leeni (Seattle, WA) 10:55pm-11:35pm

Air Fortress (Portland, OR) 10:00pm-10:40pm

MC Firedrill (Olympia, WA) 8:50pm-9:30pm

Operation Mission (Portland, OR) 7:55pm-8:35pm

Spamtron (Portland, OR) 7:00pm-7:40pm

DJ Moonchild is going to kick things off at 6:00pm and will be spinning in-between all of the sets.

The event is 21+

Check out groundkontrol.com for more info.

CHIPFEST - Seattle - April 12th

harsh presents a night of 8 bit noise/ break-core/ glitch featuring live sets by :



April 12th at the Hanta Haus
4750 Airport Way South
$10 solo $5 per person for groups of 2+ people!
all ages doors 7pm

See the website for the above information in pink text and a crazy flash animation!

La Rock Inc. Records announces Necker Cube 2 compilation

Awesome new pals at La Rock Inc. Records announced a while back an EPIC compilation known as Necker Cube 2 which will see release April 8th. An album with an array of amazing and eclectic artists that just has to be seen, though just to name drop a few, Leeni, Dual Core, Square Wail, and of course Johnny La Rock and Mush Mouth. Well they have even more news about this highly anticipated compilation, just read the words straight from La Rock himself.

We're only a month away from the release of La Rock Inc. Records Necker Cube 2 compilation CD! Each week, from here until the release, we'll add a new batch of tunes from the disc to our Myspace Music Player. These tracks won't be available to download, just to listen to.

Batch One - which is up NOW - includes:

Ceschi & David Ramos "You Killed Rock & Roll"
MC Homeless "The Winter Song"
Johnny La Rock "Reincarnation"
FURFACE "Krime & Justice"
Deaf By Arms F/ Johnny La Rock & Mush Mouth "Sleazy's Cut"
Swordplay F/ Domer "Teletelevision"

To hear these songs now, visit MYSPACE. COM/LAROCKINCRECORDS

If you like what you hear, be sure to pass the word along! Remember, they're only up for a week at a time - so keep checking back to hear the next round.

You heard him! Listen to these very awesome tracks. Seriously, I am hooked on each and every one of them. SO, listen to the songs on their myspace page right now! Then go spread the word!

8 Bit Party 01/12/08 @ theARThousePARTY in Minneapolis, MN

Environmental Sound Collapse, Unicorn Dream Attack, LameBoy, Nonfinite, Albino Ghost Monkey, DJ Turbodaze, Sir_Vixx, Fuckstorm are all playing a concert this weekend, and it looks to be very amazing. If you are near Minneapolis, MN you must go! On top of all the awesome bands there will also be five artists in attendance. For more info check out the website.

[UPDATE] one of my personal favorite chiptune artists SquareWail has now joined the concert as well!

capitalSTEPS changes name, Now square wail

Let's allow Mathew Kenall, formerly of the one man group capitalSTEPS explain the name change.

"The political satire group, The Capitol Steps, asked me to change my name. They were concerned that the close similarity in our names was causing confusion amongst fans. After talking with my label Go midnight Records and Elaina from The Capitol Steps we realized we didn't have much choice but to change.

So I am changing my name from capitalSTEPS to square wail.

Matthew Kenall
square wail"

So there you have it. capitalSTEPS is now square wail. I personally love the new name, but it's unfair that the name change came out at such an inconvenient time, with his album just dropping and all. Either way, Different name, same great gameboy sounds! You can find square wail at myspace.com/squarewail. Good luck to Matthew Kenall with his endeavors as square wail, and RIP capitalSTEPS.