Blipfest 2006 the Movie

Good pals 2 Player Productions have done some work with MTV and released a short, but still quite informative video of the insanely huge Blip Festival held back in Nov.-Dec. 2006. Unfortunately for all lazy people visiting this site, the video is not embeddable so you will have to make the trek over to for the fantastic footage from the festival. Hit up this link,, and check out all the diversity and awesomeness that is chiptunes and gameboy music.

Also, 2 Player Productions is having a private screening in NYC for the Blipfest movie on the 29th of this month. After the premiere screening, the movie is off to the glamorous movie festival circuit so we can get some mainstream recognition up in this piece! We'll try to get more info on the private screening and festival showings as soon as possible! Hope the MTV footage can hold you folks over until then!