REFORMAT THE PLANET chiptune documentary DVD release

After several years, and tons of work, I am finally happy to announce that the folks of 2 Player Productions have finally released the highly anticipated REFORMAT THE PLANET on DVD! Watching as this film slowly took shop, to the production, release on pitchfork, and subsequent screenings at places like SXSW was a heartening thing for many in the chiptune and VG inspired music communities. This is because the folks in 2PP have a true respect and love for chiptunes as fans and friends of the sea of people who make up this 'movement' if you will. That love shines through all the scenes through out the movie, and is an encouraging thing to see. Enough about the movie though, as I will be reviewing it in due time. I just have to say that, the movie is out, and includes not only the film, in an all new director's cut mode, but also bonus interviews, discussions, and audio commentary. Not to mention music videos, chiptune making tutorials, and a brand new RTP 1.5 mini documentary following up the original! Needless to say you should be ordering at least the basic package already.

What's that? Basic package you say? That's right. 2PP has teamed up with the folks at Fangamer (the awesome folks who make all that Earthbound/Mother 3 apparel) and created a whole suite of awesome things to show your love for chiptunes and RTP. Just check it out.

We've got everything here. Posters, pins, stickers, and even more DVDs and CDs as well for assorted price points. So remember to head over to the appropriate page and order a copy and then some. Afterwards definitely stop by the newly revamped and let the folks behind the cameras know what you think.

Also, I should definitely mention that, for those who have not had the chance to see the original film at their screenings or back on pitchfork for that amazing week, you can view the main movie, right now in its entirety, over at Penny Arcade TV.

PAX 2009 DVD with Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi and more, available now

For those who, like me, have not had the chance to attend PAX in person, or those who are attending the brand new East coast iteration (like me also) and want to do the proper research before diving in. Good news. Penny Arcade brings us an insanely sized six disc behemoth of PAX 2009. The package is available for $39.99 over at the proper PA merch page, and recorded fully and lovingly by the folks behind REFORMAT THE PLANET and other VG inspired music endeavors, 2 Player Productions.

The album not only covers the several days and tons of events at PAX, but also includes plenty of behind the scenes footage. Not to mention more 2 Player Productions produced material like the pilot episodes of Penny Arcade: The Series, and two fully made documentaries Omegathon 2009 and The PAX Experience. Most importantly to folks who read this site I imagine though, is the amazing recordings of the nightly concerts by incredible performers such as Metroid Metal, MC Frontalot, Anamanaguchi, and more!

Check out a preview of the footage from the DVD below.

Blip Festival 2009 Event Schedule finalized, Gaijin/Robotube video game design Battle of the Brands

Blip Festival 2009 logo

With only a few weeks left before Blip Festival, possibly the largest gathering of chiptune performers from all over the globe, the organizers of said event have finally released the full schedule of concerts and events that will be taking place from December 17th-19th at the bell house in Brooklyn, NY. Tickets are available with full three day tickets at $40 and one day passes for $15. There will be several great workships as well throughout the event, with prices ranging from free for movies and chiptune making tutorials to a $65 A_SID Synth Workshop that will have you going home with your very own "working usb controllable breadboard A_SID Synth, and the knowledge to begin using it."

Battle of the Brands Not only this, but also good pals at Gaijin Games have announced that they, alongside fellow chiptune loving game developers Robotube Games are having the first ever Battle of the Brands! A collaborative battle to the death to release a brand new game in one day during Blipfest! Throughout the day of the battle both companies will be constantly updating their sites, facebooks, twitters, etc to keep everyone on top of the latest happenings.

Why are they doing this? Well Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games states, "We can do whatever we want!  It’s our freakin’ deal, so shut up if you feel like it!" Oh, and the rules? There are no rules! Well except these ones.

1. Try to make a game in one day while at Blip Festival 2009 all the way over in New York City 2. Drink lots of coffee 3. Release the end product to the public, even if we fail miserably

Of course, the main reason to be at Blipfest is the tons of amazing artists and visualists that are just far too numerous to mention. But if you head past the break or go over to you can check out the entire list of scheduled events and concerts taking place. Concert Schedule

Dec 17 Thursday 8:00 Silent Requiem With visuals by Jean Y. Kim 8:40 failotron With visuals by Paris 9:20 Leeni With visuals by VBLANK 10:00 minusbaby With visuals by Enso 10:40 Chromix With visuals by The C-Men 11:20 Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours With visuals by NO CARRIER 12:00 Albino Ghost Monkey With visuals by outpt 12:40 Eat Rabbit With visuals by Rosa Menkman

Dec 18 Friday 8:00 Disasterpeace With visuals by Enso 8:40 Starscream With visuals by Jean Y. Kim 9:20 Fighter X With visuals by outpt 10:00 little-scale With visuals by Rosa Menkman 10:40 I, Cactus With visuals by VBLANK 11:20 Nullsleep With visuals by Rosa Menkman & Paris 12:00 Rainbowdragoneyes With visuals by The C-Men 12:40 Patric C With visuals by NO CARRIER

Dec19 Saturday 8:00 The J. Arthur Keenes Band With visuals by Rosa Menkman & Enso 8:40 tRash cAn maN With visuals by Jean Y. Kim & Paris 9:20 Bubblyfish With visuals by NO CARRIER & outpt 10:00 The Hunters 10:40 glomag With visuals by The C-Men & VBLANK 11:20 Bit Shifter With visuals by outpt & Enso 12:00 David Sugar With visuals by NO CARRIER & VBLANK 12:40 Psilodump With visuals by Paris & The C-Men

Workshops & Daytime Events

Film Screening - Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet * Date: Friday, Dec 18th, 1pm-3pm * Location: Main Room, The Bell House * Price: $5 at the door

A_SID Synth Workshop: A usb/serial controllable chip based C64 SID chip emulator * Date: Friday, Dec 18th, 2pm-5pm * Location: Front Lounge, The Bell House * Price: $65 (includes materials & necessary tools)

Film Screening - Reformat the Planet 1.5 and Curated Music Videos from 2 Player Productions * Date: Saturday, Dec 19th, 1pm * Location: Main Room, The Bell House * Price: Free

From Classic Sound Chips to Virtual Instruments with David Viens of Plogue * Date: Saturday, Dec 19th, 2pm * Location: Front Lounge, The Bell House * Price: Free

Open source solutions for live visuals - presented by Don Miller / NO CARRIER * Date: Saturday, Dec 19th, 3pm * Location: Front Lounge, The Bell House * Price: Free

Penny Arcade:The Series launches

As some of you may know, 2 Player Productions was on board at the recently passed Penny Arcade Expo doing plenty of filming, and just this past Monday we are beginning to see the fruits of their labor with Penny Arcade:The Series.

Not only this, but 2 Player Productions, in line with their other amazing videos, have seen fit to include plenty of chiptune and vg inspired artists into the documentary. You can watch the two part pilot over at to learn more about what goes into creating Penny Arcade and the annual PAX convention. Also be on the look out for musical spots from PAX mainstays like Anamanaguchi and MC Frontalot, not to mention chiptune greats like Alex Mauer, Random, Cheap Dinosaurs, and Neil Voss. If you are a Penny Arcade fan like me it is well worth watching, and afterwards check out some great music from these artists!

Also for more info, check out the interview with 2PP at GameSetWatch or simply refer to this comic.

Blip Festival 2009 trailer from 2 Player Productions

BLIP FESTIVAL 2009 from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

The ever craftful folks of 2 Player Productions have unleashed the official promo video for Blipfest 2009, which is taking place December 17-19 in New York. Find the huge list of performing artists on their site, and even check out the new blipfest blog for info and interviews with many of the performing artists!

Trash-bin symphonies and ray-chasing pixel pushers herald the explosive return of Blip Festival New York City. The three-day music and arts festival returns to Brooklyn's Bell House December 17th, 18th, and 19th and is presented by Manhattan arts organization The Tank, in partnership with NYC artist collective 8bitpeoples.

Entering its 4th year of celebrating the best and brightest from the realm of chipmusic and its related disciplines, the festival showcases the use of the former heavyweights of computing such as the Commodore 64 and Amiga, the Atari ST and 2600, and the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy to create arresting music and visual art.

Music: Random - "Sitges Savepoint"

8bitpeoples 100th album - Blip Festival 2008 compilation release

It seems like just recently superstar netlabel 8bitpeoples was celebrating their momentous 50th album release, but lo and behold here we are at release 100! To celebrate this huge event, 8bitpeoples, with production from 2 Player Productions of REFORMAT THE PLANET fame have worked together to bring us the live double disc set Blip Festival 2008 compilation. 32 live tracks from artists all in attendance last year at the seminal Blip Festival which takes place in New York every year. The album is available for the price f $15 for the amazingly well done physical copy. You can also purchase it as well as hear it in it's entirety over at

This is another huge milestone not just for 8bitpeoples, but for the fans and chiptune community at large as well. These days it is just amazing step after step with chiptunes and I couldn't be more excited! Here is the official word from the 8bitpeoples site concerning the album, including full tracklisting and artists!

Official Blip Festival 2008 live performance double-CD compilation. Produced by 2 Player Productions, and featuring one track from each of the festival's 32 musical performers. Professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered; the phenomenon of live chipmusic has never before been so pristinely captured.

From the liner notes:
"For a scene and a subculture not known to put a great emphasis on the physicality of an album or an EP, a scene which thrives and prides itself on the free exchange of digital music, this is the right record to make tangible. Milestones should be marked by monuments, and this is the second time 8bitpeoples have done so: with the 2xCD 8BP50 CD after the first Blip Festival, and now with this; 8BP100 — so you can see just how far it's all come. Now take this artifact in your hands, press play on your system, inspect the pretty parcel it came in until you've unlocked its every secret, then turn up the volume, close your eyes, and picture yourself there."
- Nathaniel Adams

Disc 01:
1. noteNdo: Spelling Numbers (Live)
2. Graffiti Monsters: Letter B (Live)
3. IAYD: Acute Monocular Beam (Live)
4. zabutom: Endroll (Live)
5. Tonylight: Happy End (Live)
6. M-.-n: Mangash (Live)
7. Sidabitball: Kids On Acid (Live)
8. Unicorn Dream Attack: 4l0n3 (Live)
9. Animal Style: 2 of 9 (Live)
10. Low-Gain: Summer Fun (Live)
11. Cheap Dinosaurs: Hot Plate (Live)
12. Role Model: Pop5 (Live)
13. glomag: 4shame (Live)
14. Bit Shifter: Easy Prey (Live)
15. minusbaby: Minha Caipirinha É Ótima (Very, Very) (Live)
16. Meneo: Fica La Figa (Live)

Disc 02:
1. Jellica: Man Two (Waves Of Fear) (Live)
2. Mr. Spastic: FXLP (Live)
3. Bubblyfish: Metaphysical Dreams (Live)
4. Sulumi: Sweetly (Live)
5. Cow'p: Stush Boy (Live)
6. Nullsleep: Limit Break (Live)
7. STu: Singing Robot / mYMelody (Live)
8. Dubmood: Saturé Nights Part.1 (Live)
9. Starscream: Andrew Jackson (Live)
10. Lissajou: Blibdoolpoolp (Excerpt) (Live)
11. Syphus: Pennies / Fuelship (Live)
12. nordloef: The Ugliest Boy In The Class (Timebomb) (Live)
13. Ikuma: Jealous (Live)
14. Anamanaguchi: Dawn Metropolis (Live)
15. USK: Boot Up (Live)
16. Trash80: Missing You (Live)

IAYD full concert set at Pulsewave - shot by 2 Player Productions

Found this amazing footage via Nobuoooo and posted at Offworld. On 06/27/09 IAYD (I Am Your Destruction) played at Pulsewave in New York, and REFORMAT THE PLANET filmmakers 2 Player Productions were there to film it all. So check out the footage over at the 2PP Vimeo page or just watch the embedded video below.

IAYD @ Pulsewave in NYC, 06.27.09 :COMPLETE SET: (1/2) from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

IAYD @ Pulsewave in NYC, 06.27.09 ::COMPLETE 40m SET:: (2/2) from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Blip Festival 2008 full schedule announced

I recently received an email outlining the artists and set times for the biggest chiptunes festival anywhere ever, Blip Festival. Watch the awesome Blipfest 2008 trailer below then check out the insane amount of bands and when they are performing. If you are anywhere near New York, like say, Earth, then you have to go!

Blip Festival 2008: The Promo from Richard Alexander Caraballo on Vimeo
Thursday-Sunday, December 4-7, 2008 - $15/night
The Tank @ The Bell House at 149 7th St. Brooklyn, NY 11215

About the Show:
Archaic game and home computer hardware is recast into the unlikely role of musical instrument and motion graphics workstation in the BLIP FESTIVAL 2008, a four-day event showcasing nearly 40 musicians and visual artists occupying the international low-res cutting edge. The Blip Festival takes place DECEMBER 4—7, 2008 at The Bell House, and is presented by Manhattan art organization THE TANK and NYC artist collective 8BITPEOPLES.

Thursday December 4th - Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8pm, $15, All Ages
Mark DeNardo and the Graffiti Monsters
Unicorn Dream Attack

Friday December 5th - Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8pm, $15, All Ages
Animal Style
Mesu Kasumai
Role Model
Bit Shifter

Saturday December 6th - Doors @ 7pm, Show @ 8pm, $15, All Ages
Mr. Spastic

Sunday December 7th - Doors @ 5pm, Show @ 6pm, $15, All Ages

Entter (ES)
The C-Men (NL)
Notendo (US)
Paris Treantafeles (US)

Saturday December 6th
12pm-3pm: Make Your Own Visualist – electronics building workshop
This 3 hour workshop will allow participants to build their own 8x8 pixel motion graphics device. The project will center around a portable 64 pixel LED array and microcontroller that can be carried or worn. Participants will learn the basics of soldering and kit-building, and will build their own programmable LED device. The battery powered device can be worn and programmed via buttons to make simple changing graphics. This is a beginner electronic workshop. All tools are provided, and kits are included in the workshop fee.

12pm - 1pm: Surrealtime 2: 8-bit Demo Show
Phoenix (MindCandy DVD, Hornet PC demo archive) returns to showcase the latest and greatest demos on Atari 8-bit, C64, Vic-20, ZX Spectrum, and more. New this year will be demos made on homebrew 8-bit hardware and the DTV joystick, delving a little into the "circuit bending" phenomenon. You'll be amazed by the visual effects and music that can be wrestled out of primitive hardware.

1pm - 2pm: 2A03 Workshop - Crash Course in FamiTracker with Baron Knoxburry
A one hour adventure through FamiTracker's abilities to program the Nintendo Entertainment System's 2a03 audio chip. Baron Knoxburry shall expound upon the qualities and limitations of each voice, how to build instruments, explore all the effects commands, and try to maintain an open forum for discussion in the process. And for anyone
who thinks they know it all already -- there will be a one hour competition starting 10 minutes before this workshop begins, so you can compete with the Baron of Knoxburry as he tries to teach a class! These fresh tracks, programmed within an hour, will be played back during the final 10 minutes so we can hear a variety of different

2pm - 3pm: Beyond Vegavox: NES albums and music on real hardware
Presented by NO CARRIER (Don Miller)
In 2007 Alex Mauer released Vegavox, the first NES music album distributed on actual carts and made for playback on the classic Nintendo console. The man behind the code was NO CARRIER, or Don Miller. Others have followed, releasing their music in NES rom format via the internet. Now NO CARRIER will teach you how to take it to the next level, moving beyond your PC to the authentic sounds of the NES. This workshop will focus on a brief intro to NES audio, various methods of creating NES music, playing it back on hardware, and even creating cart-based albums of your own. After this workshop you'll delete your emulators and VST's and settle for no less than the real thing!

Sunday December 7th
1pm - 3pm: Screening: "Blip Festival:Reformat the Planet"
BLIP FESTIVAL: REFORMAT THE PLANET is a feature length documentary which delves into the movement known as chiptunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware. Familiar devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System are pushed in new directions with startling results.

Using New York as a microcosm for a larger global movement, "...Reformat the Planet" maps out the genesis of the first annual Blip Festival, a four day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit video game consoles. With floor-stomping rhythms and fist-waving melodies, trailblazers of the chiptune idiom descend upon Manhattan to pen a new chapter in the history of electronic music.

Watch REFORMAT THE PLANET free for one week!

I think it is highly, if not completely important that you head over to THIS LINK HERE to view the chiptune music documentary, REFORMAT THE PLANET in it's entirety. BUT ONLY FOR ONE WEEK! This is both an awesome viewing for those who love chiptunes as well as those who are completely new to the very idea of music playing Gameboys and circuit bending. After viewing definitely head over to our good pals 2 Player Productions website and grab the Blipfest 2006 DVD to show your support and gratitude! They are amazing folks and definitely deserve it.

Also, If you are attending the Penny Arcade Expo (I know a lot of you are) then be sure to check out the official west coast premiere of the film, I'll keep you informed on dates and times as best I can!


REFORMAT THE PLANET trailer from 2 Player Productions on Vimeo.

Trailer for BLIP FESTIVAL: REFORMAT THE PLANET, debuting at the South by Southwest Film Festival in March of 2008.

The SXSW screening of REFORMAT THE PLANET will be supplemented by a showcase performance of chip musicians from around the world, featuring:

Nullsleep, Bitshifter, Anamanaguchi, Mark DeNardo, Tristan Perich, Treewave, Receptors, Bud Melvin, and Aonami, with Voltage Controlled handling visuals.

BLIP FESTIVAL: REFORMAT THE PLANET is a feature length documentary which delves into the movement known as ChipTunes, a vibrant underground scene based around creating new, original music using old video game hardware. Familiar devices such as the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Entertainment System are pushed in new directions with startling results.
Using New York as a microcosm for a larger global movement, "Reformat the Planet" maps out the genesis of the first annual Blip Festival, a four day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit video game consoles. With floor-stomping rhythms and fist-waving melodies, trailblazers of the ChipTune idiom descend upon Manhattan to pen a new chapter in the history of electronic music.

The trailer features music by Nullsleep ("Salvation for a Broken Heart", "On Target"), Martin Galway ("The Neverending Story"), and Random ("Micawber's Moan"), all composed on classic video game consoles.

Not much more to add really. This looks like an amazing film by our pals 2 Player Productions. If you are attending SXSW in Texas this March, do not miss this film!

Blip Fest 2006/2007 Videos from 2 Player Productions

I just got word that 2 Player Productions has hooked up with cool new video hosting site Vimeo and threw down a ton of footage from the last two Blip Festivals. The footage is very high quality too. Widescreen, some HD, all that good stuff! In case you don't understand, you HAVE TO see these amazing videos! Here are the links to check them out!

Blip Festival 2006 Videos

Blip Festival 2007 Videos

Here is one of my personal favorites from the collection of beautiful footage. THough I have yet to watch them all. Enjoy!

Depreciation Guild // Blip Festival 2006: The Videos from Paul Levering on Vimeo.

Blip Festival 2006: The Videos Teaser Trailer

Our friends in 2 Player Productions have released a trailer for their latest DVD entitled Blip Festival 2006: The Videos. The DVD was released on November 29th, this year, at Blipfest 2007, with online purchasing coming soon. Check out the press release and trailer below.

In December of 2006, Manhattan art space The Tank and New York artist collective 8bitpeoples gave birth to the Blip Festival, a four-day celebration of over 30 international artists exploring the untapped potential of low-bit videogame consoles and home computers used as creative musical tools.

2 Player Productions is proud to present "Blip Festival 2006: The Videos," a comprehensive collection featuring one video for each of the festival's 32 performances. The DVD also features a commemorative poster, a number of photo galleries, and bonus videos of moments from the New York chiptune scene that have since passed into legend.

Blip Festival 2006 Video Collection Teaser

Blipfest 2006 the Movie

Good pals 2 Player Productions have done some work with MTV and released a short, but still quite informative video of the insanely huge Blip Festival held back in Nov.-Dec. 2006. Unfortunately for all lazy people visiting this site, the video is not embeddable so you will have to make the trek over to for the fantastic footage from the festival. Hit up this link,, and check out all the diversity and awesomeness that is chiptunes and gameboy music.

Also, 2 Player Productions is having a private screening in NYC for the Blipfest movie on the 29th of this month. After the premiere screening, the movie is off to the glamorous movie festival circuit so we can get some mainstream recognition up in this piece! We'll try to get more info on the private screening and festival showings as soon as possible! Hope the MTV footage can hold you folks over until then!


Entertainment System has some live music from the big 8 Bit Genocide show they did last month. head over to their page to listen in. You can also check out some live 8 Bit Genocide footage in our media section which was done by 2 Player Productions for their upcoming VGM documentary. Even more about 8 Bit Gencoide can be found on the VGDJ podcast episode #45.
Tin Soldier Empire has a great shirt deal going on until the 10th of this month where in if you purchase the TSE shirt for $15 you also get 10 stickers, an autographed TSE show flyer, as well as a copy of their “Don’t Be a Dick” album all free. so be sure to check out their site and take advantage of this great offer!

(choose from these two shirt designs)

Transmitting End has some new tunes in the works so we’ll keep you up to date on that.
And finally, new show, tonight, free, is 8-Bit playing at Mr. T’s Bowl in Los Angeles, CA. So if you are looking for something to do tonight, there it is.


So after a brief vacation we are all back. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th here in the states. Lots of news to catch up on. Most importantly the Chipcache label has had to dissolve itself sadly, due to financial and legal problems. We wish the creators of chipcache all the luck in the world in their future endeavors, as well as all the bands residing on that label.


So much other stuff to get into as well. Let us get all the new songs out of the way first. Dolegay, Geek Beat King, pIENESS: THE HARD CORPS, and Tin Soldier Empire all have new songs up on their respective pages.Push Start covers some Super Mario Sunshine and a Super Mario medley while Super Nintechno ably covers The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s Song of Storms. Temp Sound Solutions has a song from his last live show for your enjoyment. capitalSTEPS has 2 brand new remixes up. Finally, 2 new songs from the forthcoming album, March of Fatima, from The Flight Orchestra. Hope you enjoy all that good stuff.
San Antonio, Texas based Premium Games are hard at work on a free compilation CD and now have a myspace page dedicated to that fact. Their compilation includes bands and artists such as Spheres of Chaos, Tin Soldier Empire, XOC, Push Start, and The Minibosses. Check out their page for the full line up.
Just had to mention that Dataage has a new logo that I am definitely digging. Check it out.

We have a new affiliate in 2 Player Productions. These guys are hard at work on a VGM documentary. They are great folks and you should definitely check out their site.
Radio Sega now has an all Sonic radio channel running all summer to celebrate Sonic’s 15th Anniversary
Lastly, 8 Bit Weapon has announced that he is working on new material as well as producing ComputeHer’s forthcoming album.

P.S. Gamewave Podcast has a third episode up so tune in!