S02E12: Super Sonic Season Finale!

The sound of speed

Another season is over, and we celebrate with an hour long mega episode tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog! I play Sonic raps and remixes both new and old. I discuss at length, my love for various Sonic games, and my lack of love for various other Sonic games. I also go over the history of the Sega Genesis as well as the Sega / Nintendo 16-bit console wars in the US.


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"Green Kush Zone" by Virus Oprstu from 50 Rings

"Chemical Plant Zone II" by Virus Oprstu from 50 Rings

"*50 Rings*" by Virus Oprstu from 50 Rings

"Sonic Boom (Sonic CD)" by Mustin & William Reyes from The Very Best of SEGA

"Sonic" by EBS from 6 Jeux in 1

"Knuckles' Unknown from M.C. by Jose the Bronx Rican via OverClocked ReMix

"Ring Out [Prod. by Shag]" by Marcus & Rome from Rated 'D' for Dope

"Raisin' Me Up' by Hideki Naganuma from Sonic Rush