A loving tribute to Pokemon with 'PokéMemories Vol.02' by Pokérus

A loving tribute to Pokemon with 'PokéMemories Vol.02' by Pokérus

Another heartfelt tribute to the infectious and nostalgic themes of the Pokemon series. No one does tributes the best selling Nintendo RPG quite like Pokerus. Clearly, from the name, you can tell Pokerus' music is quite intertwined with Pokemon. As such the attention and style of this album is quite impressive, and a great listen for Pokemon fans of any generation.

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From Guardia With Love, Richie Branson's hard hitting hip hop tribute to Chrono Trigger and more

From Guardia With Love, Richie Branson's hard hitting hip hop tribute to Chrono Trigger and more

I had the chance to catch Richie Branson perform at MAGWest a couple months back, and what a performance it was. Definitely got to catch this guy live, if you have the opportunity. This is his album from 2013, and also happens to be the album Branson sold to me, and then signed for me at MAGWest. It was the only album he had on him, but still, sold! It's not often I hear an album on CD.

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Vibrant chiptune melodies in Metal Case Mental Case by Vidboy

Eclectic chiptune compositions. 

Quality chiptune album from 2013 that I failed to post about.

This album is a love letter to old video game and computer sounds. Beep boop.
— Vidboy

The latest hard rock release from Yes, Mayhem, 'Molly'

No, this is not technically anywhere near video game music per se, but when your band has talent like members of Metroid Metal, Xoc, Viking Guitar and more on your project, it doesn't really matter what music results, It's going to be fantastic and I'm going to talk about it.

I don't go talking about every non VGM album I hear, but I damn well will with this one. The tracks are so infectious, and speak to me on a primal level. the 90's is strong here, and I can't escape it. It's like a black hole of the exact sounds, instruments, tones, you name it. I'm sold. 

Some of my favorite tracks aren't even on the album proper. You better download this album right now to hear some Dope-Ass Owls.

Answering the question, “can a band be a band when they’re not all in the same area code or even time zone?” for the third time.
— Yes, Mayhem

Stirring orchestral tribute to Skyrim by Rozen 'Keizaal: Journey to Skyrim'

An enticing trip through the sounds of Skyrim thanks to Rozen and the Materia Collective. Such perfect Winter music. This is the type of album I have to keep in my back pocket for when the desert heat rises to temperatures so high that the only respite is trying to think as cold as possible.

Let the chilling winds of Skyrim take you back to where the snow is thick and dragons abound. From musical storyteller Rozen comes an experience out of the coldest corner of Tamriel, awaiting your discovery in this orchestral and cinematic rendition of some of Jeremy Soule’s masterpieces.

Discover more at keizaal.com

Full credits: www.materiacollective.com/music/keizaal-journey-to-skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and related Skyrim properties are © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC. Materia Collective and Rozen are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Bethesda. Musical compositions are © 2011 Bethesda Softworks LLC and are used with the permission of ZeniMax Media Inc & PEN Music Group, Inc.
— Rozen

Listen to chiptune ballad 'Okay' by The J. Arthur Keenes Band

Maybe one of my favorite tracks ever? Definitely one of the best from The J. Arthur Keenes Band if you asked me. Even if you don't ask, since I'm telling you anyway. This track is from the wonderful 'World's Smallest Violin' EP

Master Sword release Legend of Zelda inspired debut EP 'Epoch'

Lyrics please!

“Epoch” is the culmination of 2 years of work building a band from scratch with a unique idea in mind: celebrate Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda in a way no one else ever has. Instead of simply playing the original songs in a different style, Master Sword has crafted tracks which capture the spirit of the games and molded that spirit into 4 progressive/power metal works of art.

To compliment this, we enlisted the help of some of the DC area’s best vocalists. Nina Osegueda (A Sound of Thunder), Rob Bradley (Aries), and Chad Keyser (Fair Skies/Wild Storm) all lend their distinctive talents. They’re joined by the “Goddess Choir” of Lauren Kuhn, Melanie Kurstin, and Mary Patton who bring their beauty and power to the closing song “Legends.”
— Master Sword

Guilty Gear turns 17! Get in that fighting mood with these hard rock vocal arrangements

A live recording of Guilty Gear music performed in Los Angeles

Epic fighting game metal, with lyrics! Talk about my kind of jam. Of course I know the words to all these songs, and of course I sing them when playing Guilty Gear.

This music always gets me pumped up for whatever minor tasks take up my day. Conveniently, it is also available on iTunes

Are you a fan of Guilty Gear and the series music by Daisuke Ishitawari? Share some of your favorite tracks and guilty gear memories with us!

SEGA exclusive VG rock band The Blast Processors release first full length album, Genesis


It's up for debate who won the sixteen bit era of video games, but there is no doubt who is now winning the war of video game rock. The Sega exclusive video game cover band The Blast Processors have begun their journey, much like Sega, with their debut full length album, Genesis.

Vocal VG covers much in the vein of groups such as The Megas, thanks to the game universe vocals and catchy riffs. Toronto's (wait, didn't we just talk about Toronto based VGM?) Blast Processors have a sound all their own though, thanks to the growling vocals and FM chip influenced arena metal. Perhaps that is the blast processing at work?

Grab the album from bandcamp now, starting at about $7.