An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective


Covering the music of the Metroid series is very hit or miss. Stray too far from the source material and it can be too different from the ambient sounds of planet Zebes, or SR388, etc. Play it too close to the source material and now it's too ambient and ominous to be true listening music. Well the Pixel Quemado crew has a handle on the fickle music of Metroid and so they have dropped over a dozen tracks in a variety of styles, and all dedicated to possibly the best damn game ever made.

Our second chilean VGM compilation is here! Includes a vast tribute to the music from Super Metroid! We really hope you like it!

Includes music by YZYX, ThePlasmas, Pokérus, Satou, Ludópatas de la Seducción, Jazztick, Thennecan, Matías Castro, Fernando Kahs and DarkSness.
— Pixel Quemado