An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective

An eclectic tribute to the music of Super Metroid, 'C A Z A D O R A' from the Pixel Quemado collective

Covering the music of the Metroid series is very hit or miss. Stray too far from the source material and it can be too different from the ambient sounds of planet Zebes, or SR388, etc. Play it too close to the source material and now it's too ambient and ominous to be true listening music. Well the Pixel Quemado crew has a handle on the fickle music of Metroid and so they have dropped over a dozen tracks in a variety of styles, and all dedicated to possibly the best damn game ever made.

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Re-release of early temp sound solutions release 'the triforce ep'

It's Temp Sound Solutions Tuesday here and this month let's listen to one of the earliest AFX releases, the Triforce EP.

Collection of video game remixes and more in one of the earliest AFX releases from temp sound solutions. 

An early 6-track ep of tss’ escapades in vgm and chiptune. This is AFX 25.
— temp sound solutions

K-Murdock returns with Hero Muzik Vol. II, an album of video game hip hop

The Hero returns! K-Murdock is back with a crew of the best emcees in nerdcore and underground hip hop. Readers of this blog will be familiar with names like Sammus, Mega Ran, and SkyBlew, and should come to know names like EyeQ, Kadesh Flow, and the rest of the artists on Hero Muzik Vol II.

I hit play and Murdock is already killing it with those stereo CT sounds, changed up just enough to get your head nodding. That beat flows through the entire album. Layered underneath some great verses from incredible emcees like Sammus, Mega Ran, Doug Funnie, and so many more. This is not an album to be slept on. Don't shut down like robo and let hundreds of years pass before you get down to this album.

Hero Muzik 2 is the second installment of K-Murdock’s “Hero Muzik” series which features K remixing music from his favorite role-playing games growing up; Volume 2 focuses on the ever-present SNES classic RPG Chrono Trigger. This album was a labor of love that took K over 2 years to complete and it was initially intended, like its predecessor, to be an instrumental album, BUT at the advice of his business partner/frequent collaborator Mega Ran, Hero Muzik 2 turned into a full-scale production project that prominently features various artists from the Nerdy People Of Color Collective (NPCC), which Ran & K are members of as well. Though this album boasts an assortment of features, much like the diverse cast of characters in the actual game, the underlying goal in Hero Muzik 2 is showcasing the breadth of amazing music from Chrono Trigger, which composers Yasunori Mitsuda & Nobuo Uematsu originally created, via K putting his signature “neo-sonic” touch on!

Feel free to check out/revisit Hero Muzik Vol. 1 at:
— K-Murdock

Listen to Zimbolt remix Earthbound - Winters White (Zimbolt Edit)


Damn near every quality Earthbound remix I hear, I have to pass along to the fine purveyors of this website. This short but catchy remix of Winters White from Mother 2 by Zimbolt.

For years I was constantly harangued to check out this weird little RPG called Earthbound. Eventually I relented, and my life was changed. As a relatively new convert (about 4-5 years ago now?) to this amazing game, it is now also my quest to bother you until you play it!

Are you playing it now? Have you begun the requisite steps to acquire this game? If not, I'll mention it again next time some Earthbound hits the site.

Watch First Level History Lesson - Super Mario Bros


"A look at the the classic Famicom/NES title Super Mario Bros. Apologies if anything is mispronounced. 

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Mario, Wario, Kirby, Star Fox, and Zelda all owned by Nintendo
SNK vs Capcom owned by SNK and Capcom (go figure)"

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Attention Pokemon X/Y fans - Fancy Pattern Vivillon available to download


Serebii reports that the latest pattern for the colorful new Pokemon Vivillon. Fancy Pattern Vivillon is available to download now as a mystery gift in Pokemon X and Y due to the Pokemon GTS reaching over 100 million trades. If I grab one with some quality stats (at least 3 max IV please) I might take the time to get one as battle ready as I can muster. Will you be downloading the latest Pokemon mystery gift?