Massive chilled out remix album Playing Video Games by Magicxbeats


Not one, not two, but over two dozen laid back beats from music producer Magicxbeats. Get your fix of chill remixes ranging from tons of VGM new and old. From Chrono Cross to Final Fantasy XIII-2, from Mortal Kombat 3 to Marvel vs Capcom 2, with dozens of tracks in between. Nearly every system from the past twenty-something years is represented in this massive collection of amazing tunes. 

With this many tracks, I've got to point out some of my favorites, including the video game sampled intro that really sets the tone for the full album. The aforementioned MvC2 gets a lovely remix of the famous Clock Tower theme. A nearly six minute remix of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time's Windmill Hut is a hypnotic track to light up to. Despite the nostalgia permeating the aforementioned tracks, my absolute favorite has emerged as the stirring remix of Pokemon Black & White track "Emotion"

I also can't forget the outro, which is simply, and appropriately, the audio of one of my favorite sketches from The Chapelle's Show.

You can have the entire collection for a mere $5 via Magicxbeats bandcamp site.

Marvel VS Capcom 2 Mix Tape release

After a lengthy wait since the first leak of the album, we are finally graced with the highly anticipated release of Marvel VS Capcom 2 Mix Tape. Free to download online and via PSN, the album includes ten all new tracks from some of underground hip hop's finest. A particularly amazing track is from nerdcore hip hop star Random AKA Mega Ran. The Remainder is One is that track and features Blaze Rock and Storyville. The song is laid over a catchy jazz beat and is the perfect song to get pumped up for some epic clashes in MVC2. The rest of the songs are no slouches either, and a full listen through of the albums is definitely recommended, and needless to say these tracks make some great music to enjoy during your own fighting game tournaments.

Check out the tracklisting below.
1. "Super Heroes" by Planet Asia and DJ Toure
2. "Number One" by Havoc and Nyce
3. "Terrorize" by Raekwon and Oh No
4. "The Remainder is One" by Random, Blaze Rock and Storyville
5. "Reinforcements" by DJ Qbert
6. "Take U 4 A Ryde" by Talib Kweli and Oh No
7. "Battle Drum" by Hieroglyphics
8. "Fight the Good Fight" by The Grouch and Eligh
9. "They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To" by E40 and Droopy
10. "Power Up" by MC Supernatural

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Mix Tape upcoming release and music video

The ever fan loving company, Capcom, announced work on a Marvel VS Capcom 2 hip hop mixtape to be included with the games release on Xbox Live and PSN later this year. They have recently released the first track as a music video to promote the mixtape. The music video is Fight the Good Fight by The Grouch and Eligh. Along with this amazing underground duo, other bands on the mixtape will include Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Hieroglyphics, E40, DJ Qbert, Planet Asia, MC Supernatural, Havoc from Mobb Deep, Oh No, DJ Toure and last but not least, our good pal Random AKA Mega Ran. Word has it that there will also be some giveaways of a fancy limited edition vinyl copy of the mixtape being given away at Capcom's Comic-Con booth this weekend. Anyway this definitely looks like it should be one impressive collection of music. Now watch below for the new music video and enjoy!