Gamewave Podcast release heavy metal special episode with Norrin_Radd interview

Anomaly front cover Chiptune podcast, the Gamewave Podcast have just released Episode 70: Metal Special. This show features music from the heaviest chiptune artists around including Rainbowdragoneyes, NESMETAL, HORSE the band and Next Life, and there's an exclusive interview with Norrin_Radd, who talks about the making of his chiptune death metal masterpiece, Anomaly. We also hear from Heosphoros (host of the Heossentials radio show) as he brings us his Top 3 Chip Metal Tracks. On top of that there's banter about the new Pokémon games, the Earthbound series and Danimal Cannon's TED talk, adding up to a 2-hour long episode!

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You can also hear the full, unabridged interview with Norrin_Radd here: