GM4A Records presents - Beats of Rage debut self titled album

Comptroller - Challenge! Beats of Rage has seen the future, and robbed the past. All in an effort to destroy the present. As the head of their label I have received several transmissions from them along with their new album available to download here.

The official Beats of Rage release page

The first message contained the following,

"Beats of Rage have spent the last few months compiling and arranging noises spanning three decades of aggressive performance terror.

The work was not easy but the results are satisfying. Finally, a digital work has been produced that adequately summarises our activities and threats, and can be enjoyed on most circa-2010 audio devices. Please note, Quanta-3 content will not be accessable to the average listener until the proliferation of appropriate hardware in 2014."

This was followed by a subsequent missive, to tell the people of our time.

"This is it. The album is here and it is for you. Listen. You must do your best. Beats of Rage have done their work, and now it is up to you."