CrunchyCo Records - Lo-Tek Resistance Compilation release

A few months ago chiptune label Crunchyco Records organized a free compilation called Lo-Tek Resistance. This album showcases many of the amazing musicians on the label including personal favorite Spamtron and many others. The reasoning for the name goes as such.

"Inspired by the renegade chiptune street shows of the same name, the Lo-Tek Resistance Compilation showcases a diverse mix of tracks by locals from around the Pacific Northwest, home of CrunchyCo. Check out ten killer tunes and look out for these guys on the streets!"

Check out the track list of amazing chiptunists below and be sure to check out for a ton of other amazing releases!

01. Lo Intro by Fighter X
02. Lo-Tek Resistance by Fighter X
03. Disco Tripper by Circles
04. Obamatron by Spamtron
05. Slangtag by McFiredrill
06. MYWIVES by Oven Rake
07. Valley Heights by Plain Flavored
08. Jungle Runner by SeanBad
09. SYZYGY by Lunar Synthetic
10. Gesar Says by Infradead
11. Foam by Deepearth.void

Leeni - Labyrinth album release on CrunchyCo

Much like Spamtron's newest release, the amazing singer/songwriter/chiptuner Leeni has also released a new album recently through CrunchyCo. The new album Labyrinth is eight tracks of soft old school chiptune harmonies along with Leeni's always soothing vocals. You can purchase the album through the CrunchyCo Shop for $9.99 now. It is definitely a nice relaxing album that reminds a person of classic NES dungeon crawler type games. It has a haunting underground vibe throughout the album, and is certainly worth a listen.

Spamtron releases Never Say Die through CrunchyCo

Spamtron has just released his first ever CD over at the CrunchyCo shop, entitled Never Say Die. It's available to purchase for $9.99 and comes with some badass pixel art, as seen below. The release contains 18 tracks, and you can listen to samples of each one before you buy as well as download some of the tracks for free. Go check it all out now!

P.S. Happy New Year everyone!