RT9: Rhyme Torrents 9 Compilation

RT9 is now out! 3 discs filled with possibly new Nerdcore tracks that may get you singing along or moving on to the next song.  It's been a crazy year and it's that time for Nerdcore folk of RT to rise up and give us a preview of what's to come.   We got artists like The Ranger, MC Loki, Fatty Goodness, EPP, Tongue Mother, Neally & DJ Dig Dug, and plenty of other fellow nerds/geeks.

Now I enjoyed all 3 discs pretty well.  The first disc was my personal favorite but disc 2 and disc 3 had their shining moments as well.  The ones on disc 1 that caught my eye were "That's so Nerdcore" by MC Loki, "Bromantic Comedy" by Da Silky Slimz, and "IMA GOOF" by EPP (ft Rappy Mcrapperson, ZombieK, and Shamus Oddish).  Having "That's so Nerdcore" was a great way to open up to the first track of RT9.   It has a hook that you'll end up singing (rapping) to yourself as you play DnD near a blacklight  or have a cypher online.  MC Loki has my thanks for giving me a track that is on constant play in my head.  The next track that caught my, and I'm sure it will catch yours, is "Bromantic Comedy".  Fatty Goodness and Cumfucius are the masterminds behind Da Silky Slimz and this track to me truely stands out!  If you were ever in search of a song that could explain the deep connection you may feel towards your "bro"...but really you're not gay...then this song is for you.  With a catchy beat, hilarous lyrics, with a questionable ending has made this song the cat's pajamas!  Now lastly, "IMA GOOF" by EPP (Emergency Pizza Party).  This song is silly, which is why I absolutely adore it.  I will say my favorite part is the chorus, that really kept the song together and going.

Now on to disc 2.  Now my favorites here are "Go With the Flow" by The Ranger (ft Kabuto the Python and Fatty Goodness), "Friendly-Fire" by TYT (ft Quartz Relic), and "Firebrand" by Fatty Goodness.   "Go With the Flow" was great to listen to.  Legit rappers, good flow, and a very interesting beat.   Though there isn't a hook, it doesn't need one!   It's an example of what a good beat can do to a track.  Now if you love shooter-games, then you should definitely listen to "Friendly-Fire" by TYT (ft. Quartz Relic).  This song though I wasn't sure on at first eventually grew on me.  It raps on exactly what it's called, friendly-fire!  So if you gamers out there, and I'm assuming most, have played a game where you've been shot at by your own team (or vice versa) then this is a track to check out.   My dear Fatty Goodness, you are just all over RT9 (almost).  This artist shows what he has to offer and it's definitely something that perks our interest.   "Firebrand" does nothing but gets me pumped for whats to come.  I'm keeping my eye out for more from him; His talent can only get better and better.

Although disc 3 was my least favorite, there were a couple that caught my interest.  The first one I have to point out is "Ivory Tower(Untested Methods Remix)" by The Bloodclan.  I love this beat! It's fantastic and definitely sets the mood of the track.   Creepy? Check.  Madness? Check.  Twas a pleasure to listen to.  Lastly, "WYSIWYG (DV's funkified Mix)" by OG Don Vito (ft. Epic-1, Krhym3.574r.0n3, and Lloyd Popp).  Crazy mix! but I dig it.  All the artists showed what they can do in this track, and they are some of the best.  Featuring some of my favorite artists along with an awesome beat it was a good choice for it to  be one of the last tracks of RT9.

Nerdcore at it's highs and some lows, it's a definitely worth it.   Various artists banding together to create a great compilation and it's free! Download this 3 discs filled with keyboard cats, goomba stomping, goofs and a dash of bromance.   Here they are! Click on each album cover, album art done by the very talented Danger Aaron from RT, to download each disc.

"Game Over"-Karmageddon

Mr. Xbox Live, Mr. Game Over, Karmageddon. These are names that will be known across the internet and you lovely readers will help with this conquest. I went in downloading knowing of Karmageddon and his skills but this just pushed my expectations to an incredible level. Pride in Nerdcore is fired up on this album with hot tracks like "Doin Me", "Let it Rock", "All Hail the Kings" and "Game Over". Featuring artists Billy the Fridge, Untested Methods, Hairetsu, Ronald Hagen, Deafinition, Dr. Awkward, Pops Ghostly, King Pheenix, Dirty Jenkins and Kabuto the Python, this all equals win.

1.The Story So Far[Intro]
2.Future Sight [Feat.Billy The Fridge]
3.Grew Up A Screw Up [Remix]
4,Doin' Me
5.Error 404 [Remix]
6.9MM [Remix]
7.Amazin' [Remix]
8.Hold My Head Down [Remix Ft.Untested Methods]
9.Let It Rock [Remix Ft. Hairetsu]
10.I Can Transform Ya Verse
11.Like Whoa [Remix Ft.Ronald Hagen]
12.Mr.XBOX LIVE verse
13.LOL WUTCHA SAYS? [Whatcha Say Remix]
14.Talking To Myself [Feat. Deafinition]
15.Some Dissasembly Required
16.Quantum Leaps [Ft. Doc Awkward]
17.For The Swarm [Moby Flower Remix]
18.The Move Meant [Ft.Pops Ghostly]
19.Out Here Grindin Verse
20.All Hail The Kings [Ft.King Pheenix]
22.Game Over[Ft.Dirty Jerkins and Kabuto The Python]

Nerdcore Artists from Geekamigo and Rhymetorrents plus rockin' remixes how can anyone say no? Download this now and get pumped up like you've never been before!

Halloween Hip Hop: In Transylvania by Neally and DJ Dig Dug & Rhyme Torrents Halloween v4

Not content to do just one song, nerdcore duo Neally and DJ Dig Dug saw fit to make an entire Halloween EP. In Transylvania is that EP, containing six songs full of scary samples, awesome raps, and rocking beats. I Now Say kicks things off featuring the requisite tribute to Dracula filled with ridiculous lyrics and classic vampire clips. Warped sounds bring us into Soda Pop Rocks, which, as the title indicates, has to do with the horrors of drinking Soda with Pop Rocks. The winding lo-fi tune works great for this short and clever tune. Definitely a stand out track on this EP.

The third track, Autumn Moon takes another twist, opening with some haunting vocals, setting up the werewolf fueled premise of this song. The song then switches to a rapping style, and does a great job making sure the switch offs between the somber singing and more in your face rapping run together very well. The music side of the song is on the simple side, using mostly drums and synths, but interspercing it with howls and haunting violins to great effect. This brings us to my favorite track on the album, My Zombie Girlfriend (featuring Lakeside). Starting out with a soft rocking guitar, drums, vocals combo, the song then shifts to an electronic chorus which continues to hold in the harder rocking second verse. The song itself is a surprisingly love filled track about a man and his girlfriend. Zombies as a metaphor for whatever else people want to inject in it's place is a well known movie idea. Neally and DJ Dig Dug along with female vocalist Lakeside use this idea to their advantage to create a nerdy romantic song that keeps from easily treading into cliche territory.

The album steps back into the more ridiculous with Nymphomancer. With a chorus of "I'm a level ninety-nine mother fuckin' nymphomancer / Before you ask your questions I can give you all the answers." the song plays up the angle of the necromancing playboy. The album comes to an end with the title track In Transylvania which gives a hard rocking hip hop historical tour of Dracula's home town. The song build and builds, spiraling into a rauckus track, which peters out at the very and brings the EP to a close.

This album has been getting quite a few plays in my iTunes lately and I very much suggest you check it out. You can download the album free at Neally and DJ Dig Dug's website neallydjdigdug.com.

That's not it for the Halloween festivities though, We also have...

For the fourth Halloween in a row the Rhymetorrents community has saw fit to combine their nerdy with all things evil and supernatural and bring us Rhyme Torrents Halloween v4, which is of course free to download. The compilation features some great new tracks from some of the RT communities best, and about everything from zombies and vampires, to horror novels, and yes, survival horror video games.

Once there you might also notice that RT has gone over one big redesign, so why not use this as a great opportunity to sign up and be part of the liveliest nerdcore hip hop community on the web!

Full tracklist, including tons of awesome collaborations below.
01 – Killer Nocturne – Magitek
02 – House o’ Terror – Spandex Moose
03 – Zombie Evolution (feat. Madface) – D20
04 – My Server is Down – Antisoc
05 – Thanks for the Add (Antisoc Industrial Remix) – Brad Sucks
06 – Caught in the Grip of the Silent Hill Madness – Character Battle Excellent All Star Super Team featuring Luigi, Blanka, and Tails
07 – Lavender Town – Fanatical, B-Type & B0wlman
08 – Three Wolves Howling at the Moon – Shamus Oddish, Mister B-Type, MC Wreckshin & Chozo Ninpo
09 – Rhyme Your Own Adventure – jprime & Legendary Wizard
10 – Jigsaw – Billy the Fridge
11 – Sexy Supervillian – Fanatical
12 – The Dead – MERCER
13 – Serial Killer – Sir-Up
14 – The Cauld Lad of Hylton – B-Type
15 – Meowlori – Emperor Pilaf
16 – Haunting You – Thugmasta J & MC Wreckshin
17 – Perfect White Knight – Ultraklystron

Epic-1 "Good Enuff"


[Update: album available at the Nerdcore Hip Hop Archives] Epic-1 has done it again. As a rising hip-hop artist from EMPulse Records he knows how to bring you to the edge of your seat and be begging for more. Since his hot album "1", Epic-1 knows how to impress his fans and have complete take over. Well be prepared to be conquered once again. His newest release,"Good Enuff", is stronger, hits harder, and doesn't disappoint.

My personal favorites definitely go out to "Nina", "It Feels like", and "Lvl99". "Nina" is a crazy non-stop ride that goes into stories about females that aren't all who you think they are. "It Feels Like" questions oneself and what exactly are you doing in today's world while "Lvl99" uses game references talks about reaching a dead end.

He uses the element of video games but the subjects ride on the serious side. Whether it's about women, world issues, or everyday life, the variety will either get you thinking or laughing in agreement. Songs featuring artists TCP, Shinobi Onibocho, kRhym35t4r0n3, and Entity, you know this something you can't miss. It dabbles in sweet-sour, a definite treat for your ears. You can get it for free at RhymeTorrents right here. "Good Enuff" is so much more than good. It is transcendent.

A Quick Update from Rhymetorrents : Stevie Kincade and Untested Methods

Lots of new hip-hop/nerdcore music has been popping up on RT (Rhymetorrents.org). Check out Kincade’s new album, “Six-Slug Singles”, and Untested Methods new remix of the Final Fantasy 1 soundtrack called “Black Mage’s Boombox”. Great music/beats you should get it now!

-Chibi Ma

ps. Also! Major kudos to Kyle Mistry, our new artist/photographer, for doing the Six-Slug Singles cover art!

Rhyme Torrents 8 compilation. All 3 discs released.

Seminal nerdcore forums (and home of the GM4A forums too!) RhymeTorrents.org have basically gathered up every musician in the forums and together have released Not one, not two, but a three disc compilation of music from a ton of nerdcore rappers. This compilation marks the eighth entry in the Rhyme Torrents compilation series, which is a series of CD's showing both nerdcore mainstays as well as newcomers to the genre. Rhyme Torrents 8 looks to be a shining example of that with the amazing list of artists on display, both new and old. The three discs are available as free downloads at the links below. And while you are there why not join the forums and get to know some of these amazing artists from the largest nerdcore community on the web!

Disc 1 available through this link

Disc 2 available through this link

Disc 3 available through this link

Rhyme Torrents 7 compilation release

So with much revelry I am happy to finally introduce Rhyme Torrents 7. The first compilation released under the new Rhyme Torrents Dot Org. It is an epic two disc compilation from some of the RT regulars as well as quite a few others. New tracks, remixed tracks, and exclusive tracks all make up this compilation, which is more then worth checking out! Head over to the official announcement to grab the download free!

Here's a bit more info from the RT release post.

CD 1
Kabuto the Python - RHYME TORRENTS 7 INTRO
MC RSI - Remember the Geek
MagiTek - Gold Teef (For Err Body)
Don Vito - Welcome Back to the Web (ft The Ranger, T.Y.T. & MC Gigahertz)
funky49 - Starblazer
Shinigami - It's Gone
Antisoc - Guitar Hero
Random - Inbox (Remix ft The Ranger & Jermicide)
Desmond Fox - Lady Indie
Ham-STAR - Dump Stat
IllGill - Poser (D20 Mix)
ZeaLouS1 - Til We Die (ft RandomBeats)
Kabuto the Python - Da Ill Shit (ft Poopyhands)
2Thirteen - The Anthem (What Should Have Been ft High C, Ham-STAR & T.Y.T.)

CD 2
Id Obelus - Gangster?
Able-X - What If
Interstellar Dwellars - No Others
MAD DPS - Juggernaut
Whoremoans - Operation British
MC_Loki - Hymn of the Ahroun
D-Form - Nerdastedicz (ft Polkcounty Killa & Projekt Zero)
Reverend Badger - The Rage
nYgel - Rap Fanatic (ft The Ranger, Jesse Dangerously & Logic One)
MC COOL WHIP - Party at the Cawdor Castle
Geek Funk Records - Bumpin These Geeksta Rhymes (ft T.Y.T., MC_Loki & Mfk)
Teh_Rhymerer - Girl Named Nerdcore (D-Form Remix)
The Ranger - The Rhyme Spit (ft Whoremoans, T.Y.T. & Kabuto)
PoP Stick - The Hamster Song

The Ranger & Grandmaster Pink - We Alright
Tres Walsh - Thank You

This compilation was proudly mastered by The HT at EMPulse Records Studio 6, Port Orange, FL
Contact: http://www.EMPulseRecords.com

News from the Nerdcore Hip-Hop Front: MC CHRIS!

We got one of the biggest names in Nerdcore Hip-Hop, mc chris a short while back said that he would be doing a show in Eugene, Oregon on July third. In a move that literally shocked the Nerdcore community, chris made an open call to all Nerdcore rappers that might be interested in opening for him. Historically not the most supportive of the Nerdcore community, he was nonetheless welcomed with open arms.

Now, a little more than a month away from the event, chris made a much anticipated reappearance on the Rhyme Torrents forums, the common hangout for most of the underground Nerdcore rappers. While some community members had been skeptical that he was sincere in this offer, chris stated that there would be spots for five twenty minute acts before his show. Two spots were immediately given to Nursehella and Karl Olson, two well established rappers. However, it looks as though Olsen will not be able to attend. The last four spots are now being contended between MC Tanuki and TG 2005, ZeaLouS1, Beefy, MC Gigahertz, funky49, Rappy Mcrapperson , Dr. Strangelove, and the Stunt Junkies.

You can follow all of the developments yourself on the particular thread on the Rhyme Torrents forum. Keep ya updated as stuff develops or vote on who should go on mc chris' blog!