Rhyme Torrents 8 compilation. All 3 discs released.

Seminal nerdcore forums (and home of the GM4A forums too!) RhymeTorrents.org have basically gathered up every musician in the forums and together have released Not one, not two, but a three disc compilation of music from a ton of nerdcore rappers. This compilation marks the eighth entry in the Rhyme Torrents compilation series, which is a series of CD's showing both nerdcore mainstays as well as newcomers to the genre. Rhyme Torrents 8 looks to be a shining example of that with the amazing list of artists on display, both new and old. The three discs are available as free downloads at the links below. And while you are there why not join the forums and get to know some of these amazing artists from the largest nerdcore community on the web!

Disc 1 available through this link

Disc 2 available through this link

Disc 3 available through this link