The Official Duck Hunt HD Remix Soundtrack release

The grass is green, the sun is out, and just in time for duck season, ThaSauce and crew have revealed and released the brand new Duck Hunt HD album, which has taken the dozens of varied and memorable themes from the Duck Hunt HD game and lovingly remixed them all into an incredible array of well polished tracks. You can download the entire soundtrack free at the official album website right now!

The album has taken every single song from the Duck Hunt HD Soundtrack, an incredible task in it's own right, and the result is 32 tracks from a who's who of the remix, vgm, and nerdcore scenes. With a ton of artists like the famed halp0, DJQuetzl, and even Children of the Washing Machine, and personal favorite Nykskryp just to name a few. This is possibly one of the best Duck Hunt remix albums ever to come out and is worth every penny!So head over to <A href="">the official site</A> and download it now!

Check out the full roster of artists after the break. 1. My Very First Laser Gun [ TH3HT ] 2. 2 Happy 2 Dux [ talc ] 3. Modular 69 [ Orgasmic Alliance ] 4. Dakuhantu [ molto pene ] 5. Du ckHunt [ Chozo Ninpo ] 6. Dunk the Duck [ WillRock ] 7. Acous-Duck Mu-suck [ Joseph Bell ] 8. Goof Hunt [ Funky49 ] 9. A Monentary Intercession... [ CotMM ] 10. Duck Meatl [ Piglett ] 11. DH [ jmr ] 12. Duck Hunt Confession [ B-Type ] 13. There Will Be No Pause [ T. S. Roflutionary ] 14. Duck Devil [ zorkin ] 15. Tales of Dog WTF??? [ Dogasample ] 16. A Fowl Medley [ just64helpin ]

disc 2

1. Ronaldinho Duck Killer Quintet [ halp0 ] 2. SAD DUCK [ Quartz Relic ] 3. Code Behind the Code [ CotMM ] 4. Nadia Puede Hacerio Mejor [ djquetzl ] 5. A Subtle Dissection... [ CotMM vs injury ] 6. Duck Trouble [ Projekt Zero and Chark ] 7. Duckata in Fowl Minor [ A Bad Ass ] 8. Donald Duck Hunt 2k3 [ Nykskryp ] 9. It's a Duck Hunt [ Long Dao ] 10. There's Dust in the Catridge! [ swordofdestiny ] 11. Integral Anatidae [ Children of the Washing Machine ] 12. Old School Shit [ Clah and Billcock ] 13. Duckin' Hardk0re (fapmix) [ DJ Buttzlunar ] 14. Terrahunt [ Me Fight Monster ] 15. Thanks!

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 2/08 – 2/21

Unfortunately I missed last week's Week in VGIM but oddly enough it was quite the slow week for VGM news and wasn't too tough playing catch up this week. I do hope I did not miss anything though! Up above we have some fantastic artwork by GaryStorkamp aptly named The King of Kong. Also there are plenty new podcasts out from the past two weeks, as well as a good couple interviews and more. GM4A also had it's very awesome second chiptune show, Pizza and Chips 2, which was a pretty rousing success, and a great show was given by all the performers involved. Watch out for a bigger update on that soon. Now for the links!



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VIDEO The video today is one I recorded myself, and is from our recent Pizza and Chips 2 show which was held February 18th in Rosemead, California. This is a performance by Wizwars of his awesome track "Intergalactic Disko Dance Party' from his Handheld Heroes release of Gameboy Rock!!.

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Week in Video Game Inspired Music 2/01 – 2/07

Tons of new things this week. Two of which involve me and my voice. First, I would like to announce that the Letters VS Numbers podcast is back after a lengthy hiatus! Secondly, I have started a new podcast endeavor called This Week in VGM. A new 10-15 minute podcast covering the past week in VG inspired music news. You might be wondering what game the awesome sprites up above are from, and the answer is none. The sprites are original creations via Nino (who also did this site's artwork), which she calls the Film Noir Set and you can get to know the full cast of characters at Also there seems to be a ton of big stories happening lately. I highly suggest you take the time to read all the linked stories today as they are very interesting. Most specifically the Sound Current for Comic Market 77. Also be sure to check out the list of performers who will be at PAX East! Now the news.



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VIDEO Though I did consider being a little self serving and link to one of my own recent videos for my new podcast This Week in VGM that I mentioned earlier. I decided against it so I can bring you this weeks video. The video comes via old pal 8 Bit Duane and his new project Action Adventure World. The video is his new song about the often overlooked classic Super Mario Land for the original Game Boy. Here's to hoping he does SML2, one of my personal favorite games!

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Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/18 - 1/24

Look up above, today's art is not a painting, but a very cool clay sculpture done by artist unicornstrike, and simply entitled Roselia. Be sure to check out more of her impressive video game inspired sculptures as well!

In GM4A news, if you look over to your left, you will see an advertisement for our next concert! It is called Pizza and Chips 2, and will feature amazing music by several great VG inspired musicians. More info for that on the event page.

That is about it from me this week, except for the unrelated but very sad news that Conan O'Brien has walked away from the Tonight Show, but hopefully he will be popping up soon with something new and awesome. Anyway, check out the links below for this week's news! NEWS

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VIDEO This weeks video comes courtesy of the one and only MAGFest. This year's series of performers really outdid itself with tons of amazing songs, and performances. This is but the smallest of highlights below. Armcannon covers the amazing Chrono Trigger soundtrack with their arrangement of Zeal, orginally from Bad Dudes' Chronotorious album. Also be sure to see one of their latest debuts in their amazing F-Zero medley, which came very very close to being this weeks video, considering my endless love for the music from F-Zero. In the end though, the amazing guitar solos in the below video just edged it out for video of the week.

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Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/11 - 1/17

I am finally back with the first This Week in VGIM of the new year, and decade, and millenium (depending on where you start counting). Up above we have some incredible artwork by zgul-osr1113 and goes by the name Like Jazz Zora band Indigogos. This piece definitely has video game music written...ahem...drawn all over it! Well in site related news I have to reiterate that we have our second release. This time it's some ambient space tunes courtesy of Doug Leinen and his new album Songs to Sing in Space (download here). I have been away for a bit due to unforeseen circumstances that were mentioned before, so there is a huge list of remixes this time around. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty of the news.



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VIDEO Video this week is pretty crazy, but hard not to enjoy, and comes our way via Nobuooo and Tiny Cartridge. The song is “Star Soldier - Soul of the 16 Shot” by Takahashi Meijin and IOSYS and Tiny Cartridge has this to say about it, "This wondrous music video comes from Takahashi Meijin Legend: Soul of the 16-Shot, an upcoming album remixing songs from classic Hudson titles like Lode Runner, Challenger, and Milon’s Secret Castle."

It definitely sounds like this should be one catchy, album of some of the more overlooked classic themes of the NES era. Enjoy, and don't get your mind blown too much.

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Week in Video Game Inspired Music 11/30-12/06

Galaga by Rocco D Commisso

This week in VGIM, the biggest thing, IS OUR OBVIOUS REDESIGN! Did you not notice!? We got us some nice forums as well too! Well besides that we have some cool news stories, even an in-depth look at the history of chiptunes. Also a few new podcasts and a couple great remixes (Link's Awakening anyone?). Up top we have some fantastic art by Rocco D Commisso who you might know from the great Megas inspired art we featured last year. "Galaga" is the simple name of this great pin-up piece. Also congrats to good pal jmr for his first piece published on OCReMix!



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VIDEO This weeks video is of disasterPEACE (is he still spelling it that way?) performing Sober Colony live in Massachusetts at BOSTON8BIT Presents: Chiptune #2. Although if you liked last week's video, now they have an even cooler version of it running on a Gameboy!

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This Week in Video Game Inspired Music

I have decided to start a brand new weekly section. Every Sunday I shall bring together the smaller links I dig up every week and introduce them to you in this segment. As well as update you on the latest releases out of Remix: Tha Sauce and OverClocked ReMix. I also hope to toss up some random art to kick off every article, like this awesome painting above by funnelbc.

As with any other article or news, if you have a good link to send my way for this article, definitely get in touch!

Sound Current: 2 Player Productions - Reformatting PAX for DVD from GameSetWatch

An audience with Video Games Live’s Tommy Tallarico from

Designers Announced for Exclusive Visualist T-Shirts from Blip Festival

Shows & Podcasts
Digital Ensemble #207 and #208 with Special Guests!
A bicycle built for three
Alphabutt Soup

Podcast: NLFM Episode 1 - Open For Business! from Nintendo Life

Latest Remix: Tha Sauce songs
Battle in the Ancient Temple (Zelda: Majora's Mask) by Liquid Wind

Altar Perception (Tales of Symphonia) by Monobrow

Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia (Chrono Trigger) by Protricity

Smithy is Going Down (Super Mario RPG) by NintenJoe 64

Smoothe Criminals (Xenogears) by The Vagrance

Meteorites and Rabbits (Super Mario Galaxy) by jmr

Tryst With the Enemy (Metroid Fusion) by Protricity

Worm Grinder (Super Metroid) by Liquid Wind

Pangaea's Onomotapoeia (Secret of Evermore) by Meteo Xavier

Crepuscle Results (Sonic 2) by Xenon Odyssey

Investigating Outer Heaven (Metal Gear) by Mutherpluckin' B

Latest OCReMix releases
Berinstar (Super Metroid) by 8 Bit Instrumental

The Masked Man (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior) by Nutritious

A Mighty Enemy on the Battlefield (Lost Odyssey) by The Dual Dragons

Minibadass (Aquaria) by Daniel Baranowsky

Ravaging Reptile (Mega Man 3) by AeroZ

Psi Piano Omega (EarthBound) by Shnabubula

BTMNTBAMLOL (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project) by Danimal Cannon, KBart, Stemage

And finally, we end with this recent video from dntsje called Bad Apple!! on LCD Screen 128x64 pixels.

Doubles' Dash 2 Compo Results

Just this past weekend musician extraordinaire Shael Riley, along with sgtrama and ThaSauce hosted a one of a kind event in the Doubles' Dash compo. The contest included Nerdcore and VG remixing's finest in Shael Riley, ProjektZero, injury, Jiggin Jon T, sgtrama, and Suzumebachi all breaking into teams of two and having only three hours to write an entire song together. You can grab the tracks for listening from the recent ThaSauce post about the compo. I will let Shael recount how the competition went down.

Holy shit! I just hosted the second teams-of-two three-hour pop song writing party/contest, and the results were absolutely impressive. I encourage you to check these three songs out.

DJ Projekt Zero as Team Super Sloppy Double Dare - Shael's Going to Fuck Me Up the Ass With No Lube and It's Going to Hurt

You have to hand it to DJ Projekt Zero, whose partner petered out halfway through the contest, leaving him with half the time and half the manpower to finish his song. Zero drew titular inspiration from a threat made following his partner's forfeiture midway through the contest, regarding what would happen were he to not finish his track.

Shael Riley and Jiggin Jon T as Team Taking a Year Off to Travel - Pros and Cons

Just like I said I would be, after wearing the producer hat last time, I'm in the lyricist/vocalist role on this collaboration with JJT, who produced an excellent instrumental. When I produced Injury, I wrote a melody for her to write words to, but Jon just gave me a chord structure, leaving me to write the melody too; that was cool, because it gave me some wiggle room with my lyrics. Drawing inspiration from a conversation I had with tracerbullet earlier in the day, I decided to write a song in-character, taking a tip from the Randy Newman school of songwriting.

Injury, Sgt Rama, and Suzumebachi as Team Bisquick - Percent Caret Open Parenthesis

These motherfuckers. Not only did they cheat, by secretly adding Doug "Sgt. Rama" Arely to their team, but they parodied Snow Love and Sludge, the undisputed worst song off of my first solo album. Fuck you, cocksuckers. You are not invited to my contests anymore.

Actually, they did a really good job. Starla's T-pain'd vox are stunningly hooky.

So there you have it! three new awesome songs brought to you in three hours by some awesome talent! Be sure to check out the songs and stay tuned for future ass kicking compo's out of these fine folks!

Super Mario Land 2: Tremendous Achievement compilation release

Just got wind of this thanks to the other epic VGM bloggers over at VG Frequency. Looks like a remix album for what I consider to be one of the most under-appreciated classic Mario games ever made, Super Mario Land 2 for the Game Boy.

The album was put together by members of Remix ThaSauce, and can be downloaded in it's entirety through this link! The music is great, and the game is a classic. If you have not played it, you are only hurting yourself!