Week in Video Game Inspired Music 11/30-12/06

Galaga by Rocco D Commisso

This week in VGIM, the biggest thing, IS OUR OBVIOUS REDESIGN! Did you not notice!? We got us some nice forums as well too! Well besides that we have some cool news stories, even an in-depth look at the history of chiptunes. Also a few new podcasts and a couple great remixes (Link's Awakening anyone?). Up top we have some fantastic art by Rocco D Commisso who you might know from the great Megas inspired art we featured last year. "Galaga" is the simple name of this great pin-up piece. Also congrats to good pal jmr for his first piece published on OCReMix!



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VIDEO This weeks video is of disasterPEACE (is he still spelling it that way?) performing Sober Colony live in Massachusetts at BOSTON8BIT Presents: Chiptune #2. Although if you liked last week's video, now they have an even cooler version of it running on a Gameboy!

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