The latest from VGM band Rare Candy, "Finally"

10 classic tracks. 

only posting this a year late, so the titular 'Finally" can also apply to this blog post. Incredible renditions of classic music from Mario Kart, Sonic, Metroid, Chrono Trigger, Castlevania, and more!

Baltimore VGM Tribute band Rare Candy has released their second album, FINALLY.
— Rare Candy

Eclectic video game remixes and arrangements in GameLark Records Volume 1

Anything and everyone goes. 

The folks over at GameLark Records have recently dropped a collection of remixes, covering both well tread classics and sneaky good niche titles. Metroid and CastleVania get their time in the spotlight, along with some of that new age retro like Kingdom Hearts, Shovel Knight, and Banjo-Tooie. Even relatively recent games such as Shovel Knight and Dark Souls get rearranged in this eclectic collection of VGM.

GameLark Records Volume 1 presents a listening experience like no other. Some of the most unique artists in the video game music community gathered together to provide a sampling from every genre imagineable. Listeners will enjoy pulsing electronic beats, blistering metal solos, soulful jazz compositions, and peaceful orchestral arrangements. This album is as diverse as the community that it represents. No two tracks are the same, but all tracks will delight.

Additional information can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube:

Album artwork by Don Corgi:

A special thanks goes to all of the artists on GameLark Records, but especially Ro Panuganti (my guru) for all of his help with the album.
— GameLark Remixes

Metroid inspired original album 'Child of the Chozo' by Will Brueggemann


One-half of the Super Marcato Bros reveals the lost legacy of Metroid.

Will Brueggemann, better known as Super Marcato Bros when he voltron's with his brother Karl, has created an 'inspired by' tribute to the entirety of the Metroid games. Series composers Kenji Yamamoto, Hirokazu Tanaka, and Minako Hamano are all paid tribute to over the course of nearly two dozen tracks. From the NES original and the SNES classic, through the multitude handheld outings, and even into Wii/GCN territory with some tributes to the Metroid Prime series.

Grab the full album for $5 on the Super Marcato Bros' Bandcamp page for Child of the Chozo.

Virt Week ends with 'Crystal Flash' a 20 minute Super Metroid mega medley


With a catalogue of music the size of Jake 'virt' Kaufman's, it is no small task to decide on the best one. What is much easier, is to choose one of the earliest songs I had ever heard from Virt. That honor goes to the ten year old Dwelling of Duels champion, "Crystal Flash." The track is over twenty minutes of music from the Super Metroid soundtrack. Nearly every song from the foreboding collection is represented in this arrangement. 

I have said many times that it takes a real musician to make a Metroid cover. Well Virt takes that notion, freezes it, then blasts it with a super missile. An entire soundtrack rearranged and performed in one month, and the result is a brilliant track unmatched even ten years later? Sounds like a real musician to me

Happy birthday to Jake 'virt' Kaufman, and thank you Virt for all the wonderful video game soundtracks, arrangements, and performances!

Rumor has it that virt was on the short list of composers to be contracted to write the score to Retro Studios' Metroid Prime, unfortunately such a partnership never came to be. Every time I hear my beloved MP soundtrack, I can't help but wonder what could have been.

What are some of your favorite virt memories or music? Share them in the comments below.

Check out this drawing of Samus Aran by Tony Losoya

Samus Aran by Tony Losoya 

I'm always a fan of short haired heroines (Kumatora comes swiftly to mind) so I am a big fan of this interpretation of Metroid's Samus Aran with a more practical haircut. I hadn't considered it before now, but all that hair inside that helmet can't be comfortable. Then again, perhaps the Chozo have long since mastered the ability to keep long hair out of their face.

Listen to metal Super Metroid tribute Intergalactic Warrior by Hyde209

Possibly my favorite track from the 2013 release Super Metroid Memories. The album is a must have for any Super Metroid fan, there's nothing more to say than that. Just bang your head to this metal monstrosity.

Jesse Jace Thomas presents remix album Space Pirate Collection I


An eclectic journey through classic game & movie sounds.

A haunting tribute through a variety of films and video games. Remixes of Metroid and FInal Fantasy VII fit perfectly alongside mashups of the Akira and Star Wars films. The full result is a nostalgic, intense trip through classic fictional worlds. I can definitely see some space pirates blasting this album as they traverse the cold reaches of space in search of their next bounty.

The album opens with a varied rendition of music from the classic Metroid soundtrack. "Ripper Zoomer Zeb" hops between industrial, ambient, and even dubstep. This contrasts sharply with the hard rocking synth sounds of Long Live the Red Falcon, a bass heavy tribute to the music of Contra.

The body of the album features an impressive remix of Akira that will impress fans of the classic anime film, as well as tributes to Life Force and The Guardian Legend. I could never forgive myself for not mentioning the other two Metroid tracks as well. "Red Soil" a remix of music from Super Metroid, is a bass heavy industrial tribute to Kenji Yamamoto's music from the classic SNES soundtrack. On the other hand, "Gamet Geruta Holtz" another remix from the original Metroid, is much more playful, though not without its darker moments.

The final track is the relatively recent game Street Fighter IV. Thomas' remix is a funky take on the SFIV theme 'The Next Door' by Exile combined with a variety of sounds from the Capcom fighting game. This final track ends the album on a much brighter tone than some of the instrumentals haunting segments of the album. This makes for a roller coaster experience as you take in the moods and mashups of the full album.

Grab Space Pirate Collection 1 via Thomas' bandcamp page. I hope that part 2 is already underway.

Dj CUTMAN & Sammus collab for Nerdcore Instrumentals 2, an album of hip hop beats


Fresh off the release of Sammus' deep dark hip hop album Another M, she has combined production skills with Dj CUTMAN to bring you an instrumental package based on that album.

The original beats Sammus rocked on Another M get a fresh coat of paint to make these instrumentals really bounce. This is more than a simple instrumental version of the album, as each song adds and changes things in new ways. since the lack of vocals gives these beats more room to grow an move. I praised the beats in my article on Another M, so I'm definitely glad Nerdcore Instrumentals 2 is here to shine a light on these great productions.

Download the album free via Dj Cutman's bandcamp page.

The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for November 10-16, 2014

Smash Bros for Wii U comes out this week! This week, Smash Bros for Wii U comes out! I already broke the circle pad on my 3DS, so I am amped up to lay fools out with a trusty GCN controller and my dozens of custom made Mii fighters.

As anyone who reads this site could easily assume, I am also excited for the litany of rearrangements of classic gaming themes that will appear in the upcoming Smash Bros. Brawl had a ridiculous amount of music, but the Wii U version looks to dwarf that by a fair amount.

Be sure to grab all your hype battle music right here for the coming Smash gatherings!

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Music video debut 'Rocket Shoes' from chiptune rock duo Please Lose Battle / November 14, 2014

Watch the new music video for Pokerus' "Atsui Kodou" (feat. Iris) from Rival Schools / November 14, 2014

Listen to Destroy Metroid (feat. Amanda Lepre) by Professor Shyguy

Amazing collaboration between Professor Shyguy and the always amazing Amanda Lepre in tribute to the greatest game series ever, Metroid.

It's like chiptune pop metal and I love it. 

Weekly Recap September 15-21, 2014

Today is the day that comments are now reactivated on this blog! Feel free to comment and share your thoughts on new stories in the section below. 

The holidays are fast approaching and with it, the usual glut of must have titles. Most of these games people like you and I have been salivating for since E3 back in June. Those beautiful trailers and bold claims will be held to the harsh light of reality, and I can't wait. I'm sure my productivity will take a hit beginning with Hyrule Warriors, which releases on September 26. Will your own bold plans and brave adventures fall apart so you can sit around the house with your 3DS, and play Azure Striker Gunvolt or the circle pad destroying Smash Bros Demo?

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Last Week's Stories

Watch the trailer for Metroid Cinematica, a symphonic Metroid album by Sam Dillard coming in October

A full-length fan album composed by Sam Dillard which envisions the music of the Metroid series as a film score, blending symphonic and electronic elements into a rich cinematic soundscape, from the classics on NES and Super Nintendo to the recent Prime trilogy. Return to planet Zebes and beyond in the definitive "epic" score inspired by the legendary music from "Hip" Tanaka and Kenji Yamamoto's Metroid soundtracks!

Available October 2014 on Loudr, iTunes, and more

Metroid Metal - Other Album available now

Metroid Metal. Listen to this band to know the definition of those two words. Of course, my favorites on Other Album are the Super Metroid tracks, with "Maridia (SM)" taking a huge lead in my own playlists.

Whenever someone asks me about the best bands creating video game music arrangements, my mind always turns immediately to the math metal stylings of Metroid Metal. Ever since Stemage belted out tunes solo under the guise, I've been enamored with the lovingly rearranged music contorted into headbanging tracks that would have had my teenage metalhead self crying in ecstasy.

Download it on Bandcamp for $6 or grab the digipack for an extra $2.

Sammus - Another M album of Metroid inspired Hip Hop

Sammus has upgraded her armor and unleashed Another M, a new album of Metroid based Hip Hop. Clever rhymes and an adventurous story are fitting for one of the best video game series in history. Next time I play Metroid: Other M, I'll just play Sammus' Another M during the cut scenes.

I can't get enough of the smooth rhymes of tracks like "Brinstar" and album closer "That Feeling (Beat the Game)". Although it's the heavy hitting tracks like "Power-Ups" and "Smash Bruhs" that solidify the album into an epic adventure.

The well produced album really takes things to another level. The deep dark beats lurking beneath Sammus' rhymes and the impeccable use of Metroid sound effects provide a lonely depth to the album, and do Hip Tanaka and Kenji Yamamoto proud. 

It's clear that Sammus understands the aesthetics of the Metroid series and those who have produced music for it (much like my beloved Metriod Metal, now if only they could collaborate somehow...). I certainly hope we get another Another M from Sammus in the future.

I personally recommend you download the album for $6 or grab a physical CD for $8, both via Bandcamp.

MC Larny - Project Nightroid album

Take a little Metroid toss it in a pot, now toss in a little jazz, sit back and watch. After the sonic masterpiece that was Samus the Jazz Queen, MC Larny is giving the people what they want! MC Larny lays it down smooth with the ambient jazz tones of the Metroid series in Project Nightroid. If you want some of the realest of Metroid covers (straight Metroid Metal real Metroid son), you see MC Larny.

City of Thieves - New Game + album

Been rocking this album with mad swag as I hustle and grind. While I am trying to get mine, you should get this album. City of Thieves mashes up Himself of Shadowrunners' swaggering lyrics against some wild video game beats. Max out that swag to 100% and start a New Game +.

The Electric Witch - NEScapism album release

Escape with The Electric Witch into a world where NES games are always playing, and their music breezes across your ears like a soft wind. There is a word for that feeling, and The Electric Witch calls it NEScapism. Listen to this album when you are driving alone at night, or as your life is flashing across your eyes.