Eclectic video game remixes and arrangements in GameLark Records Volume 1

Anything and everyone goes. 

The folks over at GameLark Records have recently dropped a collection of remixes, covering both well tread classics and sneaky good niche titles. Metroid and CastleVania get their time in the spotlight, along with some of that new age retro like Kingdom Hearts, Shovel Knight, and Banjo-Tooie. Even relatively recent games such as Shovel Knight and Dark Souls get rearranged in this eclectic collection of VGM.

GameLark Records Volume 1 presents a listening experience like no other. Some of the most unique artists in the video game music community gathered together to provide a sampling from every genre imagineable. Listeners will enjoy pulsing electronic beats, blistering metal solos, soulful jazz compositions, and peaceful orchestral arrangements. This album is as diverse as the community that it represents. No two tracks are the same, but all tracks will delight.

Additional information can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube:

Album artwork by Don Corgi:

A special thanks goes to all of the artists on GameLark Records, but especially Ro Panuganti (my guru) for all of his help with the album.
— GameLark Remixes