Jay Tholen crafts eclectic new indie OST 'Dropsy: Eternal Hug EP'

Dropsy like it's hot

With the full release of Jay Tholen's largest game developed to date, the textless text adventure Dropsy, comes the wonderfully weird soundtrack to the game, which is also composed by Jay Tholen.

Long time readers of the site will know my love and affinity for the music of Jay Tholen, from his original chiptune EPs, through his ever increasing experimental productions and high concept story albums, I have been continuously amazed at the artistic creations this man can meld together. Along with the game, the album showcases Jay Tholen at his best, using a wide variety of instruments and effects that paint the vibrant, surreal world of the titular clown.

Current favorite track is the ballad of Dropsy known as "Eternal Hug Pt. 2." I hadn't realized how long it has been since I heard new music as performed by Jay Tholen's unique vocal stylings. Some of my favorite albums of Tholen's are one's in which he picks up the mic, so I'm glad to see him do the same for his new game.

Kid Dropsy Dream feat. Omri Loved Celadon is a juxtaposition of styles that work wonderfully together. Island synths, gritty guitar work and a hard hitting dose of drums create a some very catchy cognitive dissonance.

You can grab the album now over at Jay Tholen's official Bandcamp page, and also download Dropsy at dropsytheclown.com.

The Eternal Hug EP consists of tracks created or remixed by Jay Tholen for Dropsy.
— Jay Tholen