Week in Video Game Inspired Music 4/19 - 4/25

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Welcome to another edition of Week in VGIM round up. Plenty has happened this week, as will be covered in the round up. We also have another comic from the one and only Neally of Neally & DJ Dig Dug. Also don't forget to join up in our forums to discuss all these awesome comics, sweet topics and more!


Week in Video Game Inspired Music 1/25 – 1/31

Another productive week comes to an end. Not to mention a ton of great albums discussed this week like The Smash Brothers and little-scale (who also happened to win artist of the year over at TCTD). Up above we have some amazing piece 'Super Smash Bros Brawl' by speedking, who you may remember as the artist for Temp Sound Solutions' Now Your Playing With Powar 7. So be sure to check out some more of his great VG inspired work as well! Now the news!



REMIXES Latest Remix:ThaSauce releases

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Other singles and releases

VIDEO This weeks video is courtesy of iPhone developer Tag Games who recently announced their newest app, B-Boy Beats. This game will feature a list of nerdcore artists the likes of MC Frontalot, Optimus Rhyme, Id Obelus, Ultraklystron, Rai and Magitek. You can read a preview of the game via iPhone Reviews and it seems the game will be released sometime in February. Check out the trailer below featuring one of my favorite songs by the experimental nerdcore hip hop groups Magitek.

Remember to leave a comment with awesome articles, songs, videos, art, etc. for next weeks round up as well!

Week in Video Game Inspired Music 12/07 - 12/13

Awakening by MOOMANiBE

Another week ended in VGIM and we find ourselves with over 10 new OCReMix tracks to celebrate ten years online. One of which is from good friend XMark who appeared on our second mixtape. Also with the release of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (which is awesome by the way) for the Wii this week, news comes that Akira Yamaoka has left Konami, making this possibly the final SH soundtrack by him. Finally, up above we have some interesting FF6 (or 3) artwork called Awakening by MOOMANiBE which looks at one part of the game from another perspective. You can check out more of his work on his DeviantArt. Along with last week's picture these may be getting a tad risque, but this is just the awesome stuff I come across. We shall see if next week continues this streak or not.



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VIDEO This week we have an awesome video of a performance by Random, AKA Mega Ran. This was from a show I was lucky enough to attend in Los Angeles this past November 27th. Mega Ran put on a great performance, and this is my particular favorite. This was recorded by Jeriaska of Nobuooo.com and you can see the rest of the concert through here. Although if last weeks live chiptunes footage is more up your alley, then check out BOSTON8BIT's youtube page for more footage from that concert!

Mega Ran in LA - Splash Woman from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Also, thanks to Doc Pop for linking some news to me last week! Remember to leave a comment with awesome articles, songs, videos, art, etc. for next weeks round up as well!


Week in Video Game Inspired Music 11/30-12/06

Galaga by Rocco D Commisso

This week in VGIM, the biggest thing, IS OUR OBVIOUS REDESIGN! Did you not notice!? We got us some nice forums as well too! Well besides that we have some cool news stories, even an in-depth look at the history of chiptunes. Also a few new podcasts and a couple great remixes (Link's Awakening anyone?). Up top we have some fantastic art by Rocco D Commisso who you might know from the great Megas inspired art we featured last year. "Galaga" is the simple name of this great pin-up piece. Also congrats to good pal jmr for his first piece published on OCReMix!



REMIXES Latest OCReMix releases

Other singles and releases

VIDEO This weeks video is of disasterPEACE (is he still spelling it that way?) performing Sober Colony live in Massachusetts at BOSTON8BIT Presents: Chiptune #2. Although if you liked last week's video, now they have an even cooler version of it running on a Gameboy!

Remember to get any awesome new articles, songs/singles, videos, etc. to me for next week as well!

This Week in Video Game Inspired Music

I have decided to start a brand new weekly section. Every Sunday I shall bring together the smaller links I dig up every week and introduce them to you in this segment. As well as update you on the latest releases out of Remix: Tha Sauce and OverClocked ReMix. I also hope to toss up some random art to kick off every article, like this awesome painting above by funnelbc.

As with any other article or news, if you have a good link to send my way for this article, definitely get in touch!

Sound Current: 2 Player Productions - Reformatting PAX for DVD from GameSetWatch

An audience with Video Games Live’s Tommy Tallarico from geeks.co.uk

Designers Announced for Exclusive Visualist T-Shirts from Blip Festival

Shows & Podcasts
Digital Ensemble #207 and #208 with Special Guests!
A bicycle built for three
Alphabutt Soup

Podcast: NLFM Episode 1 - Open For Business! from Nintendo Life

Latest Remix: Tha Sauce songs
Battle in the Ancient Temple (Zelda: Majora's Mask) by Liquid Wind

Altar Perception (Tales of Symphonia) by Monobrow

Autumn in Yesteryear Guardia (Chrono Trigger) by Protricity

Smithy is Going Down (Super Mario RPG) by NintenJoe 64

Smoothe Criminals (Xenogears) by The Vagrance

Meteorites and Rabbits (Super Mario Galaxy) by jmr

Tryst With the Enemy (Metroid Fusion) by Protricity

Worm Grinder (Super Metroid) by Liquid Wind

Pangaea's Onomotapoeia (Secret of Evermore) by Meteo Xavier

Crepuscle Results (Sonic 2) by Xenon Odyssey

Investigating Outer Heaven (Metal Gear) by Mutherpluckin' B

Latest OCReMix releases
Berinstar (Super Metroid) by 8 Bit Instrumental

The Masked Man (Street Fighter II: The World Warrior) by Nutritious

A Mighty Enemy on the Battlefield (Lost Odyssey) by The Dual Dragons

Minibadass (Aquaria) by Daniel Baranowsky

Ravaging Reptile (Mega Man 3) by AeroZ

Psi Piano Omega (EarthBound) by Shnabubula

BTMNTBAMLOL (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project) by Danimal Cannon, KBart, Stemage

And finally, we end with this recent video from dntsje called Bad Apple!! on LCD Screen 128x64 pixels.

Chiptuned Rockman composer interviews

Rockin' In the Bleep World - Musicians on Chiptuning Mega Man from Jeriaska on Vimeo.

Just recently Jeriaska of nobuooo.com uploaded the above video from the recent Tokyo Game Show in where a handful of the remixers from the Chiptuned Rockman album, which was released at TGS, discuss their work on the album. The album is an amazing collection of Megaman (Rockman in japan of course) tracks remixed in classic NES style from both VG composers as well as chiptune musicians like Virt, Saskrotch, and chibi-tech. If you can hunt down the album, it is definitely worth a listen!

Also for more music news that came out of TGS this year, check out Jeriaska's post from earlier this month on GameSetWatch.

Game Set Watch interview with Hiroyuki Iwatsuki

Recently Jeriaska of nobuooo.com wrote a lengthy and in depth interview with Hiroyuki Iwatsuki for Game Set Watch. Read the interview and learn about a very interesting game composer who has created music on a variety of titles from the NES and Gameboy all the way to the Xbox 360. He has also done many cult classic game titles like Wild Guns and Pocky and Rocky to Chaos World and Ninja Warriors. Definitely a good read to learn about an often overlooked figure in game music.

Dot.AY and Ten Thousand Freemen and Their Families interview with GameSetWatch

There was an article recently from GameSetWatch which had an interview with two great Australian Chiptune Artists, and grand chiptune artists in general, Alex Yabsley AKA Dot.AY and Thomas Gilmore AKA Ten Thousand Freemen & Their Families.

It's a really interesting read about these two fine artists, as well as a look at how the crusade for chiptunes is going in the oft-overlooked land of Australia. In the interview they do poke a bit of fun at us Americans, I would be offended but that would make me fall right into their trap of being a "dead serious American."

The article, by Drew Taylor, can be read at gamesetwatch.com