Tron Tribute EP - 8 Bit Weapon

Tron Tribute
A new EP has just been released by the great 8 Bit Weapon (and ComputeHer, of course) featuring 5 tracks all in homage of the classic 1982 science fiction film "Tron". You get to hear Wendy Carlos's scores redone in a 8bit remix version that still carrys the intense, nostalgic, climatic feeling.  The 5 tracks feature three different mixes called Tron Scherzo and two mixes of the Theme + Ending.  Each mix are named after the characters from the movie.  My personal favorites go out to Sark's Revenge Mix and Flynn's Fare.

The Tracks are...

1) Tron Scherzo(Sark's Revenge Mix)

2) Tron Theme & Ending (Flynn's Fare)

3) Tron Scherzo (Solar Sailor Mix)

4) Tron Them & Ending (Yori's Game)

5) Tron Scherzo (Clu's Game Boy Mix)

With the help of a Commodore 64, Nintendo NES, Nintendo Game Boy, Apple II, and Atari 2600, you are now able to hear the quirky remixes and get pumped for the new Tron: Legacy film which will be released on Dec. 17th.  Download this now and get sucked into a system of 8bit signals that will trigger nothing but the feeling of content all around you.

(Also: Don't forget! They are still doing their Disko Apocolapse Tour and fundraiser! Check it out and donate some cash to help these two out! MCP...that stands for "More Chiptune Music!" right??)

HD Ninja "Killer Particles"

From the bad-ass EMPulse Records, HD Ninja has released their debut EP, "Killer Particles"! Now I have to be honest with you, folks. I haven't really heard much of their music...but now I think "How did I not!?". There isn't a single track on this EP that I didn't listen to again for a 2nd, 3rd, or a 4th time! The group consists of two guys, TCP the ninja and 1080IP, and boy do they have attitude! You definitely don't wanna mess with these guys. They're lyrically armed and will sneak attack you with their sick beats and brutal flow. "Killer Particles" consist of 5 tracks:

1. Carformer 2. Dragons 3. Fighting 4. No Love Song 5. Funktafreshness

Whether you're laughing to No Love Song, getting pumped to Fighting, or rocking out (in your car uhh I mean..."carformer") to Carformer, there is no doubt you'll thoroughly be enjoying yourself. So get this now and give a warm welcome to HD Ninja's EP for it's a great first impression!

"117% Complete" EP - Alex Day

So on my usual wanderings on Kotaku, I came across a post that linked me to this video, "Pokemon, what happened to you?".    It's a video of man called Alex Day singing about old Pokemon games and old memories of them. This simply made my evening. After listening/watching this I had to see if Alex had anything else like this. Surely enough, he did, a recent release of an EP called "117% Complete" with a total of 3 tracks. Hopefully, this a start of possibly more nerd-esqe music from Mr. Day.

Each track covers over a video game classic, Mario, Pokemon, and Sonic.  It's electronic, chiptune, upbeat music fits right in with the feel of these tracks.  Nostalgia fills the room when "Sonic Doesn't Need A Story" plays going over all the various Sonic games and just why the speedy blue hedgehog is awesome!  You'll also get a kick out of "I Hate Mario Kart Wii".  Going through different events that can happen in a race with Donkey Kong, Mario, Peach, etc.   Getting hit with a blue shell or sliding over a banana setting you back a few places, all the reasons you can think of just why you get utterly frustrated every time you play Mario Kart Wii (or the other Mario Kart games).  The song that led me to this finding, "Pokemon, What Happened To You", will bring a smile on your face (possibly a tear) and have you wondering as well what happened to all those classic Gameboy games that had you stay up in the late hours of the night obtaining all the badges.

"117% Complete" is quirky, fun, and will have you singing along sitting/standing/hovering/etc wishing for a 4th track.   I hope that Alex will do more of this and if so, you can bet I'll get my hands on it asap.  It's only $2.97 on iTunes or you could get the CD bundle which comes with buttons and a t-shirt!  Get this EP, we need to encourage Alex that his lovely listeners needs more!!!! (please)