HD Ninja "Killer Particles"

From the bad-ass EMPulse Records, HD Ninja has released their debut EP, "Killer Particles"! Now I have to be honest with you, folks. I haven't really heard much of their music...but now I think "How did I not!?". There isn't a single track on this EP that I didn't listen to again for a 2nd, 3rd, or a 4th time! The group consists of two guys, TCP the ninja and 1080IP, and boy do they have attitude! You definitely don't wanna mess with these guys. They're lyrically armed and will sneak attack you with their sick beats and brutal flow. "Killer Particles" consist of 5 tracks:

1. Carformer 2. Dragons 3. Fighting 4. No Love Song 5. Funktafreshness

Whether you're laughing to No Love Song, getting pumped to Fighting, or rocking out (in your car uhh I mean..."carformer") to Carformer, there is no doubt you'll thoroughly be enjoying yourself. So get this now and give a warm welcome to HD Ninja's EP for it's a great first impression!