Move that Dope: Rap duo Marcus & Rome drop Rated 'D' For Dope EP

Light it up. 

Technically sound, extra catchy, lyrically smart, AND with heart. Been looking forward to reviewing this album, because that means I get to call listening to this album 'work.'  The Maryland born, Philly based rap duo drop an eight track EP that burns hot straight through. This is the sort of album I created SUBCON to showcase. You can bet M&R will make an appearance on the show soon (like, the next episode soon). 

M&R lay it all out as soon as the album starts with an autobiographical account most retrogamers have lived in the Yoshi based, Bknapp produced opener, "Press Start." 

SHVKVZULU's glitched beats crack the album open, and quickly takes a dark turn to fit the mood.  The shot firing "HM02 as Fuck" may already got my new vote for best Pokemon rap ever (No, the official Pokemon rap does not even make top five).

"Ice Cap/Aquatic Mine drops the duo in the back to back sonic beats. The flow gets out of control before switching into a smooth, low key closer.

I review the track Gorrila Tactics on an upcoming episode of SUBCON. Get hyped!

"Hero of Rhyme" is another banger over fan favorite Legend of Zelda theme Gerudo Valley. Judging by the love shown at the end of this track, I believe more LoZ based M&R is on the way. Sounds like they got enough memories in them to go full Zelda on the next release. I say all this because the track is a teasingly short minute long without the closing speech.

"Ring Out" may be the  sneaky best track on the album. They bring back the grime, constantly dropping rings and some of the best lines on the album. So many replays for hip hop heads, with the fast pace and surprising rhymes. 

The duo go clutch and kill it on the finale. "No Johns Freestyle" is dedicated to all the smash players, even 'filthy casuals" like me.

Rated 'D' For Dope is stuck in my rotation as I write this. If you hit play, it can easily infest your music player as well. Keep your finger on the rewind button for this one.

‘D’ For Dope content is generally suitable for gamers, hip-hop heads, and/or filthy casuals. May contain suggestive rhyme schemes, immature humor, partial nudity, use of drugs, and/or frequent use of strong bars.
— Marcus & Rome

Press Start: An 8-bit Childhood- bumping video game based beats by Voodoo Lion

This is ridiculous, every time I think I 'get' the song, and get ready to skip to the next one (this is an initial listen mind you, and I seriously have a lot of albums to go through) but I CAN'T skip any tracks, because Voodoo Lion keeps switching things up on me. Tracks can progress to whole new places through the span of these short beats. 

I can definitely use more of this. Some of these beats are simply mesmerizing. Especially the Metroid based beats, which invoke the ominous and lonely mood of the series, while still making you bob your head. The Metroid series tends to be my barometer of how 'hot' a video game based artist is, and Voodoo Lion nails it. The suffocating feeling in The Hatchling, which definitely invokes the parallels between Metroid and the Alien movie series. The immersion into the game world is complete with well timed sound effects. Contrast that with the angelic tones of The Mother. This track takes a simple but important of music from the game, and build an entire world around it.

Then we get to the Castlevania track. "Mallory Kane (Bomb the Banquet)" takes it's inspiration from Simon's Quest and murders more people than Dracula with this track. It makes me yearn for a full Castlevania remix album from this guy (and many other artists)

The vibe flowing through the entire beattape shows that this, uh, lion, is very familiar with the source material. 

Video game pop mashup mixtape 'Critical Hits' by Swordmaster Bluff


Half hour of genre spanning VGM mashups

Now this is exactly what I want to find when I'm on soundcloud searching for video game inspired music. I definitely feel inspired when I listen to this mix. I hope the Swordmaster is sharpening his blade because it's been a while since this release and I hope he ain't finished yet.

A half-hour mash-up of video game music and pop music!
— Swordmaster Bluff

BeatmakerKelz' collection of video game beats 'Video Game Flips' available now

Bumping beats from classic games

I am on a mission to spread the gospel of this album full of one of a kind video game beats. BeatmakerKelz redefines tracks from Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Country, Shadow of the Colossus and so many more. Seventeen tracks in all, running through several eras of gaming.

Clearly I'm partial to the Culex beat from Super Mario RPG, and anything Zelda always gets turned up.

This is a beat tape full of video game sample beats I’ve done over the years. Some I’ve just recently finished. A couple of them are cover beats (no sample). Enjoy!
— BeatmakerKelz

Listen to International Dub Ambassadors live performance of Donkey Kong Country's Main Theme

One of my favorite groups, the International Dub Ambassadors, are so for the reason of this very song. An incredible live rendition of the memorable and beloved music of the original Donkey Kong Country. Nothing quite had the impact of the very first DKC game.

Once Cranky gets it with the bomb barrel, my whole childhood changed.

The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for December 8-14, 2014

This week has been the calm before the storm. Expect not one, but two sweet updates from GM4A this week! I've been hard at work mustering up the time and energy to take on more projects, and soon you dear reader shall reap the rewards!

Keep checking back with Game Music 4 All this week for tons of news! 

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All star VG musicians pay tribute to the Donkey Kong Country series in the DKC Mix't Ape '94

Nearly 3 Dozen tracks honor 20 years of superb video game music.

Over a dozen VGM musicians contribute to a celebration of a Gorilla, who once, along with a few sidekicks, beat up a bunch of reptiles. 35 tracks of music from the original Donkey Kong Country trilogy for SNES. Hours of high quality listening that I couldn't even begin to cover, so I'm not even going to try. The album speaks for itself, with the all star gathering of VGM talent, along with the source material by David Wise.

Grab the album completely free at the official Bandcamp page for the DKC Mix't Ape '94.

The full list of contributors, which I feel compelled to provide, are Cory Johnson, Grant "Stemage" Henry, Marshall Art, Super Guitar Bros, Droidekka, missingNO, James Moats, William Reyes, MegaBeardo, PokeMatt, Lucio Baldomero, Dave ReardonJosh EdgintonJoe CorbettWild GunmenThe World is RareEight Bit DisasterDJ SonikBusterJohn WeibleJer RoqueJoshua CorteseAdam HenryJustin Taylor, Codename Trigger Thumb, and The Nate Horsfall Experience.

Can't wait for the next oneThanks to Big Mat for curating the release, I am very excited for the next compilation in 2015, which will be curated by Nate Horsfall.

Listen to 2 Mello's new single 'Take It To The Treehouse (Donkey Kong Country 2 and Trick Daddy Mashup)'

Donkey Kong goes clubbin'

Check out this hip hop remix by 2 Mello. Considering Mello chose my personal favorite track from the Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, this track has quickly moved to the front of my current playlist. 

"A new mashup for my ongoing album "Dom P Kong" in which I remix club songs using classic tracks from the three Donkey Kong Country SNES games. This is Trick Daddy & Slip N' Slide's "Take It To The House" mixed with David Wise's "Disco Train" from DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest."

- 2 Mello

Laughed the Boy releases Bits and Bytes, an album of Nintendo rock rearrangements

Toronto seems to be host to Canada's own litany of video game cover bands. Well looks like one more can be added to the list. Laughed The Boy has released their first album of video game rearrangements, known as Bits and Bytes.

The group pays special attention to Nintendo produced games, including classics like Donkey Kong Country 2 and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of TIme.

My personal favorite on the album so far have been the aforementioned DKC2 remix known as "Forest Interlude." Though the relaxed guitar style present on "Dire Dire Docks (Mario 64)" comes in a very close second.

Find your own favorites on the full album, which is available for free download via bandcamp.

Listen to Nintendo Water Levels Megamix! by Neku ネク

Ambient electronic medley of some of Nintendo's finest water levels, including songs from Super Mario 3, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong Country and Ocarina of Time. 

The perfect soothing cool tunes for these obscenely hot summer months.

Lucas King releases full length piano medley "Best Of Super Nintendo Music"


Incredible full length piano medley featuring classic music from 14 different sixteen bit masterpieces. Class up the joint with these somber renditions of Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, Street Fighter II, and even Mortal Kombat. The sixteen bit journey if a full length 40 minute medley that is worth every note.

Sidenote: I love that a Super Famicom controller is used on the image for this "Super Nintendo" music album, but of course, i'm a bit of a nerd for such minor details.

Absolute Terror drops the Terror Days [Full Mixtape]

A Memphis hip hop fueled trek through a variety of well known game soundtracks such as Professor Layton and the legendary sounds of the Donkey Kong Country 2 and Final Fantasy. The moment the sounds of DKC hit your ears in the opening moments of the Terror Days Mixtape, you're already wrapped up in the deep bass and rhythmic beats of the album.

Ultimate chill album of low frequency beats to get you through those sweltering summer days. I can't express how much I appreciate albums like this during the eight or so sweltering months in the California desert. Keep that terror coming.

Listen to the album now on Soundcloud.

CRW drops album Video Game Remixes full of hip hop beats


An album full of decadent video game beats to bump on your travels. CRW drops remixes to several classic games in the straightforwardly titled album Video Game Remixes.

For fans of sixteen bit masterpieces, the SNES gets quite a bit of love on the album with catchy renditions of music from games such as Secret of Mana, Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Listen to the latest VG inspired chillwave from Crystal Tokyo - Aeroplane


I should have more on Crystal Tokyo soon. I am really digging the spacious, relaxed tone of the full album, but have to take it all in a bit more before then.

Give a listen to "Aeroplane" by Moreno Valley, California based  from his latest, self-titled album. Haunting hip hop beats that fall somewhere between the "The Song of Unhealing" from Ben Drowned and the creepier levels of classic DKC. Currently my favorite track on the album. Hope this guy makes a Halloween album, hope this guy plays shows.