The GM4A Weekly VGM Recap for December 8-14, 2014

This week has been the calm before the storm. Expect not one, but two sweet updates from GM4A this week! I've been hard at work mustering up the time and energy to take on more projects, and soon you dear reader shall reap the rewards!

Keep checking back with Game Music 4 All this week for tons of news! 

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Last Week's Stories

All star VG musicians pay tribute to the Donkey Kong Country series in the DKC Mix't Ape '94 / December 8, 2014

Listen to Crazy Crakaz NSFW R&B remix of Animal Crossing in "7am (feat. Chico Ray)" / December 9, 2014

Jackson Improv performs piano cover of Final Fantasy XI's 'The Grand Duchy of Jeuno' / December 9, 2014

A pair of spacey chiptune tracks by Eight Bit Battle Cat / December 10, 2014

Watch video for Baba Yetu - Civilization IV Theme Cover by Peter Hollens feat. Malukah / December 10, 2014

Full length funk rock album from Mutherpluckin' B - The Mushroom Variety Show / December 11, 2014

Listen to classic Year 200X metal Legend of Zelda medley "Zelda II (Title - Battle - Fairy - Palace)" / December 12, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Listen to new NESMETAL track 'Let the Heart Awake' / December 12, 2014