Check out the Earthbound inspired hip hop album Phone Call To Dad from the Earthbound Rejects

Sometimes I'm late, but sometimes I am really pretty late. Luckily the internet never forgets, or else I would have never heard of this 2013 album by a group I dug up on datpiff. A down home rap album straight out of Onett, from a crew inspired by Earthbound, Persona, among many other things. This album is like finding an oasis in the desert. Lots of Stand out tracks, including Persona 420, A New Day, Earth, man just listen to this one. 

So I am imagining that this crew came together around the Onett arcade and just starting kicking raps together ever since. 

There doesn't seem to be a proper Earthbound Rejects albums since, so this may just be a sudden, Earthbound infused moment on the internet. I am definitely appreciating these beats and flows though. If you're an Earthbound fan, you will as well.

NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO STREAM. (check out the album page on

First mixtape from the Earthbound Rejects coming straight outta Onett! Consisting of Mic-E the Storyteller, Rac Ray, McShaddy, Mastermind, Panda Flakes and God’s Touch, the Earthbound Rejects has a very versatile and unique style that any hip-hop fan would take a liking to.
— Earthbound Rejects