Listen to Tetrimino's jazz arrangement of 'Inside the Castle Walls' from Super Mario 64

The low key lobby music gets a grand five minute tribute

Check out our new Tetrimino performance "Inside the Castle Walls" from Super Mario 64 on the N64! Our jazz fusion remix does the unthinkable-- expands the simple song into a 5 minute jazzy piece!

This is our contribution to the “Operation: 1-UP” video game music cover album. All proceeds will go to John Means, a young teenager who is currently suffering from kidney failure. The money raised will help cover the cost of John’s medical expenses, including the dialysis treatments and kidney transplant.

Because the title of the album is called "Operation: 1-UP", we decided to cover another song from Super Mario 64. We chose a song that's not often covered, but we're sure you'll remember "Inside the Castle Walls"!

Even though this song is meant to be subtle background music, we created an arrangement to be much more dynamic. We incorporated viola to cover the lower harmonic notes, making more space for the piano. Add some groovy bass and upbeat drums, and you have a full-fledged arrangement of the music that you hear inside Princess Peach's castle!

We hope you enjoy the nostalgia!