JKLOL's tribute to chiptunes, 'Awestruck'

Remixes, covers, collabs, and more. 

It's been quite a while since this album officially dropped, but there is a lot more to this album than a quick glance would suggest. It's like an inversion, or prism type album. JKLOL drops a ton of new beats, clearly inspired by some well known names for chiptune fans and readers of this blog. The second half of the album does the exact opposite, with a variety of fantastic composers and chip musicians spinning classic JKLOL tracks in their own distinct ways.

With the variety of tracks and styles on display, giving the album a quick glance would hardly do it justice. That's why I had to dig deep, and in so doing, destroyed the timeliness of this post. 

This album is a shit ton more than just silly looking titles. It’s pretty much my ‘’Thank You’’ album, to those who have been there with me up until now, and to those who had inspired me to create something new, something that fucking ROCKS. But enough beating off on the original tracks, lets talk about the second half of the album. The sickass remixes!

During Mid-Summer, I asked a bunch a people to apply their skills of bringing their funk to the album. And let me tell you, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. A whole bunch of musical styles is featured here, and when you got RAVERTOOTH fame Graz with CHIPWIN fame Twelfth Chromatic on the same album, I can guarantee even your eardrums will need a cigarette after all the musical foreplay!

Oh? What is the price you ask? ABSOLUTELY FREE! (Feel free to donate though ;) )

I hope you all love this album, because a lot of love, along with blood, oil, sweat and robotic digital tears went into making this album.

See you in 8-bit Crusades: Multiverse!