Tovarisch! - Mo Gil Mo Problems a Final Fantasy VII mashup album

Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" is infinitely better if it is about Cloud Strife as heard in the opening sequence of mashup FFVII hip hop album Mo Gil Mo Problems. I also listened to plenty of "Motorcycle Sabotage, Bitch" during the intense chase scenes of Need for Speed Rivals and Mario Kart 8.

"I've taken some of the most memorable tracks from the iconic Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and overlaid well-known popular songs that I felt complemented not only the music itself but also the context of the video game’s storyline."

- Tovarisch!

Perhaps, with albums such as 2Mello's Nastlevania leading the way, artists who mashup video games with hip hop, rock, and pop music have gone a bit more meta, using the lyrics of the songs themselves to draw a portrait of the game or game's protagonist in a way that you may not have thought about before.