genoboost reviews the Final Fantasy VII commercial

genoboost reviews the Final Fantasy VII commercial

I hate Final Fantasy VII.

Well, I love Final Fantasy VII, but don't tell Final Fantasy VII I said that. FFVII doesn't deserve my love, but I often find myself thinking about all the good times we had together. It's such a toxic relationship.

It's going to take a few more therapy sessions before I'm comfortable digging into all that though. Today I simply want to discuss a small portion of the very rich meal that is Final Fantasy VII. There are a lot of layers to this RPG onion, and I want to focus solely on the dry skin, slowly fading under the produce section lights. I'll be dissecting Square's game changing game commercial which appeared on US television ahead of the games stateside release.

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Listen to SUBCON podcast 16 - The most thug party members in FFVII

The only video game hip hop podcast

The latest SUBCON features new tracks from 2 Mello, Andre Martel, Bona El-Zee, and an OCReMix rap collab. In another Video Game Based Lyrics Corner, I decide which FFVII characters don't give a f-, using Sean Paul and J Bo of YoungBloodz as my guide. Then I go as hard as a PBS telethon as I reveal the SUBCON Patreon plan!

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2 Mello drops a meteor of funk in the mashup album PLANET ROCK EP

Sure shot

I hope 2 Mello has insurance, because I just burst into flames while listening to this album. It's hot. The album, it's hot, is what I'm trying to say. On my first listen I am marking out hard on the matches Mello sets up in his mashup arena.. 

Mello digs deep to find some hard hitting mashups. Though the beat source is far from new territory, the fresh raps and Mello's style bring it all together to stand apart from not just other mashup albums, but other FFVII mashup albums.

The album starts off with the titular remix of Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force. The nostalgia of Final Fantasy and classic funk is an almost deadly fusion. If you can survive the intro though, you can hear more hot bangers like my secret favorite FFVII track, Cosmos Canyon, combined with Youngbloodz for the heavy hitting jam, "Cosmos Be Damned." This track is the perfect theme for a crazy band powerful rebels preparing to take on the entire world (including the ocean).

This album also marks the first time 2 Mello has set Biggie to one of his beats. It works. If "Dream From the Struggle" was the theme for Barret Wallac... aaaah crap I just realized that the B.I.G. and Barret have the same last name! They even both have first born daughters. Oh man oh man, this rabbit hole is growing by the second. Time to do some research!

But first, this album. So, if your mind hasn't melted from the growing Notorious Barret theory, then you can enjoy the track, which is really good. and 2 Mello means free album, so download it now.

(Side note, I also love the brevity of this album. Seven songs is perfect. Anyone thinking of mashing up the entire FFVII soundtrack, please do not do that.)

Then help me bug Mello to drop his next rap album. We are waiting Mr. professional musician now.

Projet J.E.N.O.V.A. debut music Demo 2014


I flip flopped in my consideration of Projet J.E.N.O.V.A.s three track debut. Is three tracks enough for an album post, especially one that is clearly labeled as a demo. Then again, how often do I get the chance to check out the very first sounds a band has committed to recording?

The only sign I needed, was some good liner notes, and Projet J delivers with the confession,

"not perfect, but played with passion"

My favorite type of music! 

Listen to Final Fantasy VII hip hop mashup 'Aerith's Airplanes' by Tovarisch!

Some mashups just fit the mood of both the original song and game so well, and much of the music from Tovarisch! is just that. Aerith's Airplanes is a mix of B.o.B.'s nostalgic track Airplanes along with the somber music of Aerith's Theme from Final Fantasy VII from the PSX.

Watch Schematist perform piano arrangement of Final Fantasy 7's Cosmo Canyon


There are some songs I can listen to forever, and the beautiful and relaxing music of Cosmo Canyon from PSX classic Final Fantasy VII is certainly one of them. 

Watch Schematist perform a moving, somber arrangement of the beloved theme originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

This arrangement was heavily inspired by Overclocked Remix and Reuben Kee's piece titled "Ascension to Cosmo Canyon (rest in peace Reuben). I feel this is one of the most touching pieces in the game, I hope you enjoy it. originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu. Arranged by Calbert Warner

Listen to Laina_Me's Final Fantasy VII JENOVA Theme Remix

Get your lifestream moving with this heavy hip hop beat. 

An excellent jam by Laina_Me. By all rights I should be sick of Final Fantasy music by now, but the things musicians and remixers do with the soundtracks time and time again. I am simply, always ready to hear another great FF remix, and Laina_Me's definitely hits the spot with this hip hop inspired FFVII tribute.

Brian Cubria's Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1 available to purchase


Incredible piano arrangements from a variety of games, all rearranged with great care in Brian Cubria's Video Game Piano Arrangements Vol. 1. Little flourishes and references in each song will warrant intense repeated listening for fans of games such as Final Fantasy VII, Shadow of the Colossus, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and personal favorite, the intro stage theme from Mega Man X.

I do have to admit, my favorite track just tends to be the one I'm listening to, since they are all so impressive.

The album is available for $50 MXN (according to Bandcamp, about $4 USD) and is definitely worth the price. You can also find more of Brian Roke's music via his SoundCloud page.

Tovarisch! - Mo Gil Mo Problems a Final Fantasy VII mashup album

Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" is infinitely better if it is about Cloud Strife as heard in the opening sequence of mashup FFVII hip hop album Mo Gil Mo Problems. I also listened to plenty of "Motorcycle Sabotage, Bitch" during the intense chase scenes of Need for Speed Rivals and Mario Kart 8.

"I've taken some of the most memorable tracks from the iconic Final Fantasy VII soundtrack and overlaid well-known popular songs that I felt complemented not only the music itself but also the context of the video game’s storyline."

- Tovarisch!

Perhaps, with albums such as 2Mello's Nastlevania leading the way, artists who mashup video games with hip hop, rock, and pop music have gone a bit more meta, using the lyrics of the songs themselves to draw a portrait of the game or game's protagonist in a way that you may not have thought about before. 

Listen to album length megamix GRIMECRAFT ETERNAL - E3 2014 by GRIMECRAFT


I'm loving every minute of this monster mashup mix Grimecraft made in honor of E3 2014. Maybe if I heard these epic remixes and mashups of games like Final Fantasy VII and Katamari Damacy I would have been enthused enough to make the trek to this most recent E3 in Los Angeles. 

Sweet Valley - Jenova

Like some kind of electronic babel fish, Sweet Valley has quickly burrowed through my ear and deep into my psyche. Simply put, these are some of the most intriguing instrumental sounds I have had the pleasure of hearing over the past year.

Perhaps it is the litany of samples (upwards of 140 according to Sweet Valley themselves) that barely prick your eardrum before disappearing in a maelstrom of other sounds. Maybe it's the Final-Fantasy-VII-esque undertones that get my mind racing with alternate Cloud-based realities.

No matter what the reason Sweet Valley music pulls me in like Scorpion, Jenova is far and away worth a listen. Easily a top five album from 2012.

GM4A Records presents Vernian Process - The Cries of the Planet: An Orchestral Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy VII

Hot on the heels of the very well received release of Sonic Symphony (which you can download free over at the link on the right side) comes Vernian Process and his second release in the Retro Gaming Retrospective series. This time we move things up to the 32 Bit era with a tribute to the RPG defining epic Final Fantasy VII. This album is over 20 tracks of amazing Final Fantasy orchestrations, including several bonus tracks from other classic Final Fantasies. The album is available to downlod for free right now through...

The official The Cries of the Planet: An Orchestral Tribute to the music of Final Fantasy VII release page

From the soft melodies of Prelude, to the windswept Valley of the Fallen Star, and the intensity of J-E-N-O-V-A, the album boasts plenty of amazing arrangements. Even including a personal favorite in Terra's theme from Final Fantasy 6!

Team Teamwork-"Vinyl Fantasy 7"

The ones behind The Ocarina of Rhyme are at again, this time with the world filled with magic powered crystals, men in suits, and men with large-pointy hair. Remixing various hip-hop tracks with FFVII (Final Fantasy VII) tracks you get about 40 minutes of bad-ass mash-ups that you never thought of before.

Featuring Artists like Jay-Z, MF DOOM, Outkast, and Ghostface Killah, this album is clash of top of the line composed work (done by Nobuo Uematsu of course) and some of the most well known hip-hop artists out there. How well these tracks go together will just blow your mind. For example, hearing Outkast's(ft. Raekwon) "Royal Flush" match up to "Sailing from Junon" was, in my opinion, one of the gleaming gems off this album.  This album is nothing but, what I would call, magical!  Especially if you enjoy hip-hop and video game music.

Waking up to find this was indeed a good start of a day.  There is no minimum in donating but you really should anyway because Team Teamwork is awesome!  Download it now and check out what crazy mixes they have created this time!

Editors Note: Sadly the Bandcamp page for this album has been taken down, but you can find the album over at Team Teamwork's tumblr page.

Into The Score 26 - All’s Fair in Strife and Crisis

It's high time for another amazing look into the art, history, and sheer awesomeness of video game music with Kenley Kristofferson. That is right! Time for Into The Score 26 - All’s Fair in Strife and Crisis. As the name suggests, this episode Kenley delves into the music from recent Square PSP title Crisis Core, as well as looking at the broader topic of FFVII and it's legacy. The episode is also filled to the brim with plenty of special guests, including David "DJ Pretzel" Lloyd and Larry "Liontamer" Oji from OverClocked ReMix, as well as Kyle Wynen and Laren McFadden from the FXN Final Fantasy XIII podcast.

As always the show is insightful and informative and worth every second to listen to. As always I have to give a huge amount of respect to Kenley for going out of his way to pay tribute to video game music in such detail like no one else does. Kenley is definitely a stand out person in the VGM community and deserves all the praise he gets. I have learned a ton about both music and VGM history from him and his podcast so I for one definitely owe him thanks.


Cody Walton - F1N4LF4NT4S7Z3R0 remix album release

Released a while back was an interesting remix/mash up album taking the disparate musical worlds of Nine Inch Nails and Final Fantasy and throwing them together in an intriguing and new way. The album is a free download from the artist Cody Walton AKA HALO_ZERO and can be found at A definite download for anyone who likes either one or both NIN and FF7.

Also have to mention that it is heartily endorsed by Hex of Nerdapalooza fame.