"Bleach'd Out"-Maja

Soul Society has a new member on the rise. He's a lyrical Shinigami and has a Bankai that gives Hollows a new beat. Maja's new album,"Bleach'd Out", will bring Bleach fans out in the open. He covers it all, going through everything that makes up series and uses actual music from the series. He's not your average rapper, he lights up the mic and clearly has a certain passion that's hard to find. Through songs like "Bring It!" and "Shinigami" he puts you in a scenario just as if you were watching an episode of Bleach. Taking down Hollows, being in Soul Society and saving loved ones. This album gives an example of the greatness of Bleach.

If you dig hip-hop and a mix of anime characters with big swords and fighting off corrupted souls, then "Bleach'd Out" is definitely the way to go. You can get his new album here and also check out Maja's MySpace to see his other songs as well (like a personal favorite of course, Final Fantasy). So come to the other side and get "Bleach'd Out".

01. Intro-2:45
02. Bring It!-3:36
03. Never Stop-5:00
04. Bankai(Interlude)-4:10
05. Shinigami-3:20
06. Outro-1:46
07. Hip Hop Daikou-4:22
08. Bring It!(Remix)-3:36