Ballad of the Wind Fish Halloween Special on Arecibo Radio

As you may be aware by now, I have been broadcasting an internet radio show for the past few weeks. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 12-2 PM PST (3-5 EST) over at you can tune in to Ballad of the Wind Fish! And today we are having a special Halloween episode filled with plenty of classic fear inducing tunes so listen in.

UPDATE: You can listen to or download the recording here.


If you listen in while we are airing live be sure to join the Arecibo live chat (no password needed, only username required) to request songs and talk music and video games with your host as well as other great like minded people. Today we will even be discussing some of our scariest gaming moments.

Also, the fantastic artwork for BotWF is brought to you by Nyno, so check out her work right now!